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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 28 amp 120v Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Compatible With Nutone CV750?

have nutone cv 750 bad board,2 motors,will this work

Our universal board #235L (120v) will work for all 2-motor systems up to 28amps. Please note that unit modifications (such as drilling additional holes) may be required for proper mounting.

CMW Central Vacuum

Dale from Oxford Maryland: I have 3 units. They say cmwvacs on the power units but the owner manuals say md central vacuum systems. Don't know which model I have but the idiot electrician wired all 3 to 220/240 volt when the units are 30 amp 110/120 volt. Needless to say I have 3 fried control panels. The panel I have looks like you're 28 amp model as shown in your site but instead of two 15 amp resets, they are 18 amp resets. You don't list a 30 amp panel. Where can I get one ( or three in this case )? Thanks for your help!

Yes, we made the CMW Central Vacuum. Sorry about the boards getting zapped! The board we use in any 30 amp model is the 110 volt large model found here

Filtex 300 Latching Relay Solution

I have a Fiterx 300 dual moters with a LATCH relay, for low voltage lights , the 115v side of the relay / contacter is burnt , had to switch sides with the other side to keep vac running . But now have lost the inuseindercater lights is this relay still avalable ? where ? or if i have to repace it with newer relays , don't I have to change out the vac door ports and vac hose with contact ring for conection? Help please .

Yes, the latch relay is obsolete. You need to update the circuit board and replace the wall valves. Here is the board

Vacuflo 560 Replacement Circuit Board

I have a Vacuflo 560 Motor and need a circuit board will MD part number 235L work?

For your model you can use the part #235S at This is a generic circuit board so the holes for the reset button will not line up with the original, you will need to drill new holes in the correct position.

Broan CV40 Circuit Board Conversion

I have an old Broam 40CVB, 2 motors. Runs continuously even when low voltage is disconnected, obviously a bad relay. This uses discretes, not a circuit board. I'm debating between just replacing the relay or getting the nice 28A circuit board which would allow for the 10.5 V replacement motors later. I'm wondering about the mounting and hookup inside the unit, though, since it wasn't designed for a board. Will this be a problem that requires drilling holes in the sheet metal, etc to bring the connections out? Thanks, Alex

Yes, you will need to drill new holes in the correct position for the reset button and low voltage connection. Funtionally, this board will work perfectly with your Broan vacuum.

FX900 Board Replacement?

Sam Shelby Township.. I have an AirVac FX900, I have replaced both motors and found that the Relay is bad. It looks like the one above but the 900 is 240v and 13 AMPS. Do you have something that will work?

Actually you need the 240 volt board here

Beam 2900 Board?

I own a BEAM model 2900 and need a relay board replacement this one looks close is it? if not which one?

Hi, you can use this one if your machine is 110 volts but usually the machine is 240 volts which means you can use this generic one here Ask your electrician or call us for more options.

Vacuflo 560 Motor Tests Fine, but is it? Change Board?

I have a 13 year old Vacuflo 560 that just up and quit. I went through the troubleshooting and I am confident the motor is fine(proven with isolated jump cord direct power to motor which ran fine). I also bypassed the reset button and still got no response so I surmise that the board needs to be replaced. It calls for a 30 amp board. Do you recommend just installing the 28 amp? I cannot seem to locate one elsewhere.

Hi, the 28 amp will work fine. But first run the motor(s) for at least 10 minutes. When a motor goes bad it will run fine after it is touched, but it will not continue to run for over 10 or 15 minutes, or so. Slap the motor or outside of the unit and it will run again, and so on. You can continue this until the motor will not run for more than a couple minutes if you wanted to. Also note that not all motors fail this way. Some quit working and slapping them will not help.

240 Volt Two Motor Vacuum Circuit Board

I need a circuit board for a Beam model 2500 B, 220-240 volt. Beam ciruit board # 10053. Do you carry this item? Thanks

Hi, you can use this board here It is made by the same manufacturer and has all the correct connections. The mounting to the machine may be a little different but for the price and convenience it may be well worth any small modifications.

Replace AirVac 2500 Board

Use this board to replace AirVac 2500 Board?

Our 235L board is slightly different but will perform the exact same function and fits in the same holes. Get the 235L to work by removing the extra inner reset breaker and drilling new holes so the 235L will fit. Disconnect the original reset breaker and use the remaining one on the 235L. Remove the original separate low voltage connector harness and use that hole (enlarge it some) for the 235 and drill an additional hole for the reset breaker. Then use the yellow wires to go to the manual switch. There is a ground wire coming off the original PC that is eliminated from this set-up as well as a LED light. Probably a little less work if the 235L was not a 220v set-up.

Replacing All Components

have an older AV550A with a bad relay and was wondering if this circut board replaced most of the components in the vac. if i wanted to replace all of the components in the vac, except the motors, what else would i need. thanks, joe

Hello Joe, this board is all you need. We ask that a qualified technician make the installation.