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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 7 amp 240v Q&A

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Smart Circuit Board

I have a SMART-system central vac. It is not very common I guess. Will this board work? I guess you need more information, but right now I do not have more. It is a single motor vacuum. Regards Dan

Our generic boards will work with any system. There are no connections for any LED light indicators or sensors but will allow the vacuum to operate normally. You may need to make new holes for the reset buttons to stick out of since they will be in different positions than the original board. Be sure to confirm the proper voltage, this board is for 240 volt. The standard 120 volt version can be found here,

117502 Motor, Need Board

Will this circuit board work for M&S ZX8000 240v? Mine will not turn off, isolated the problem to board. Thanks, Billy G - OKC

With the motor pulling 7.3 amps max, it will be better to use one side of this dual motor 16 amp board. That way the load will not pop the mini breaker.

Vacuflo Wiring

I have a model 14, 120 vac, 60 hz, 1 ph, 7 amp vacuflo central vac that does not have a curuit board inside or wires coming out other than a cord and three prong plug. Is there such a box to plug vacuum into so I can have low voltage wires. If so, what is it called and is there a best place other than vacuflo to pick one up?

All central vacuums work on the same principal. Low voltage wires run from the unit all the way to the inlets. The wire may have been removed, or was never installed. Check behind the wall inlets to see if there are wires attached to the back. If there are, then follow them to the end of the wire and connect to the unit. If there are no wires, then the unit was never fully installed.

Dual Motor 240 volt Board?

I have a Filtex central vac. TS-300LR Serial # 66-21556 A/C amp 12.25 and the circuit board has gone bad. The size of the board is 4"X5" and there is not a dealer close here anymore. I need to replace this board and do not know where to order one from. Please help me. thank you. Bonnie Paducah, Ky

Your electrician will be able to use this board as a retrofit and get you up and running in no time. Print out the large photo of the board as reference for wiring. The actual board you need for your two motor 240 volt system is:

Burning Smell at Vacuum Unit

I have a M&S systems Air Vac model ZX8000. I noticed an electrical burning smell coming from the unit and shut it off. When I checked one brush on the motor was burned/melted. I replaced the brushes only to have the same thing happen. Do I need a new motor or circuit board? When I started the vacuum It would start okay and after a few seconds the speed would increase quite a bit and then the burning smell would start. Thank you, Tim

Tim, that is usually the motor(s). The smell always is. Very seldom is the board affected by the motor heating up as it goes out.

Vacuum Trips House Breaker

Hi I have a Eureka CV1801C central vac. When we insert the hose into the inlet the vac trips the electic inthe house do we need a new board or motor. kind regards Alex Ross Bonnie Scotland

Hello Alex, the best educated conclusion would be the motor needs replacing. It is probably on a house 15 amp breaker. The minibreaker in the machine is probably 15 amps too but less sensitive because it is primarily a thermal breaker. Here is the motor,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Eureka+CV1801

Lightning Hit, Need Circuit Board

I have a Nutone CV850 central vac. The hus go hit with lightning and the circuit breaker got flipped off. Now when I turn on the circuit breaker the vacume ges on. The on off switch does not do anything and the reset switch oe not do anything. So the system works. Either it is a new togle (on/off/reset) switch or a new board? Which partswould replace this - it is a 240 volt 10.7 mp two motor system?

Hello, the larger 2-motor board #236M can be make to fit and will work, otherwise you will have to buy a new central vacuum.