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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 15 amp 120v Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Replacement Part or Board?

Hi. I have a filtrex system (m&s systems inc.) model nts300a. One of the two motors does not shut off when the hose is unplugged. I suspect this is the relay. Is this a part that you stock? Thanks

Those original parts are no longer available. It is highly recommended to install this circuit board to replace all the electronics. Follow the wiring diagram on the enlarged photo. It really is that easy. An electrician can do it in under an hour. You may need to drill a hole in the tank while using an existing hole as well. The minibreakers and the black low voltage tower screw on to the outside of the tank.

Airvac 550 Replacement Relay

I have an Air-Vac Model 550 that wont shut off once it is turned on either by the toggel switch on the unit or by the hose inlet. I suspect that it is a bad relay. Can I use one of the new circuit boards you show or do you have a replacement relay that I can use and if so can you provide me the part number. Thank you sincerely Robert from Hemet, California

You can use the replacement circuit board for Dual Motor systems found here, Just click on the picture of the board for the wiring diagram.

Replace Older Relay, etc?

HI I just replace two 119412 motors for my Nutone cv400c.working good now, but the Alco isolation relay when motor switch on and off it had spark inside the relay. can you find me the same relay to replace? I unable found the same relay .can I change with a circuit board 235M(15A) or 235L(28A).would it be better I switch with 28A 235L circuit board looks like more heavy duty may last longer? Thanks!

Switch to this board and you'll be fine for years to come. It really is the best option.

Two Motors, One Cycling....Bad?

My Nutone CV-750 comes on with low suction, then the second motor kicks in after 2-3 seconds with good suction, but then the second motor randomly cycles on and off. Bad motor or relay circuit board? If I by-pass the circuit board and each motor individually works fine I'll assume a bad circuit board and replace it. If I buy the circuit board from you but don't need it ccan it return it? Restocking fee? Thanks!

You can return any items for a full refund within 30 days. It sounds like the motors. Often when you test them they run well because that have been handled. Parts on the board usually just fail, they don't cycle like that. You can replace both motors or one. To find the bad one run them until one shuts off, may take a while.

Two Motors - Lrg or Sm Board?

I need a new board for a Nutone CV450. I'm sure one of these will work but dont know if I need the 15 amp or 28 amp. Al, Knoxville

Hi, your two motor system is under 15 amps so you take the smaller of the two. Thanks for asking.

Electrolux Vacuum Board?

I have an Aerus E130F.The reset switch is recessed and won't release.When the power head is attached, the motor goes on, but suction is non-existent; when the power head is not attached, the unit won't turn on. Do I need a new motor, new circuit board or a new reset switch; or a combo of them? Also, what does "dual motor" refer to? Thanks. Lino, Franklin Square.

Hi, you actually need the single motor board here Read the Reviews and Q&A for Electrolux help installing it. The motor is probably fine.

Nutone CV400 Relay

I have an older Nutone central vac Model # CV400. I need a new isolation relay. The relay on it is Alco # FR110 rated at 10 amps. Where do get a relay or can i use a circuit board? Vince

Hello, sorry, but we do not know where to get the relay you are looking for, however, you can have an electrician switch out all of the electrical components for a circuit board.

For Nutone CV450?

I have a Nutone CV450 and need a new circuit board, where are these available?? Randy Crystal Lake

Hello Randy, you can contact Some have used this board and made it work though.

Older Filtex Models

I have a used filtex dual motor vacum syatem that a person gave to me. The wiring is not hookedup. There is a box with the transformer and switch with wires on it but what is needed to operate the motors that are attached to a heat breaker or a low voltage switch. Do you have a diagram to email me. I is 25 years old and does not have a circuit board? any help will be appreciated. William Holden

They didn't have a circuit board. Here is a general two motor 110v wiring diagram.