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Nutone Hose

I recently sent message requesting which hose we should order to replace our present Nutone. I found the model number on the head of the beater brush and thought that was the system model. I requested info on Model 598; HOWEVERl, the correct model number for this system is CV 450. Please advise if you have replacement hose. Thanks, Robert in Jackson, TN

You can find replacement Nutone hoses here, We carry electric, low voltage, and basic hoses.

Kenmore Model 116.4053180

I need a replacement electric hose for the Kenmore Mod. # 116.4053180. My outlets are !.25". I Need to connect a PowerMate Mod. #1165419081. If I buy your hose for the Kenmore system, does it include the required adapters? Wayne , Fort Worth, TX

Our hoses will work for your system. Just be sure to choose the option for 1.25 inch inlets.

Include Cord?

does the cord channel come with new cord ? my pins have melted from a bad connection it is a electroglide (vacuflo) thanks huggie

You need the lower wand here. The ends are different on these two, as well as the length of the cord, so please take a good look,406HSP.

Electrolux Compatible?

Will this extension wand work with an older Electrolux (Model 1590). We just purchased the home and have the vacuum hose and the handle but no extension wand or brush component for cleaning the floors. It appears to be electric. All of the floors are hardwood. What do you recommend? Thanks. Ashley in Seattle.

Which of these three hoses does it look like? We have wands for them all. Plus, with only having hard floors you can buy a Low Voltage hose and a #406T wand and then any accessories you want. This set up will be better then an older hose that is electric.

Stealth Wand?

Will this upper (and lower) wand fit my Stealth unit purchased in 2001? It uses the angled plug. I am also planning to order your handle switch and cord. The plug and socket are both worn and corroded. The wands do not fit tight and cause the plug to move in the socket.

Yes, this wand is the upper wand replacement for Stealth. You can also buy the #406ST telescopic wand instead of the two wands you currently use. It is a convenient feature.

Fit Nutone Brush to Electric Hose

Tony; Romeo; Mich. Which upper wand cord channel will fit my power brush (nutone ct600) and your Stealth hose assy.?

Tony, you will need this wand,480AC for our Electric Hose. Also get the adapter cord so you know the shape of the cord fits the channel at the top of the wand.

Cracked Plastic Top

I have a PB14"e model that has a broken clip which holds the 2 prong connector which plugs into the pistol grip. The molded prong is Ok it is just the rivited plastic clip on the top section of chrome pipe which is cracked. Do you sell a replacement section of pipe with that clip or the plastic clip I can rivit on? Regards, Dave O.

Hi, what is available is a new upper wand or a complete telescopic wand replacement here,406ST

Kenmore PowerMate Wand?

Hello I own a Kenmore centeral Vac with a Power-Mate Power Nozzel Model 116.34935C. The plastic cord channel broke on the top of the upper metal wand. This part looks just like it "406SU Cord Channel Upper Wand" do you know if this correct replacment part and will it fit my vacum? Thanks Rick

Hello Rick the wand you are looking for, the top wand, would be this one. I put the bottom wand under it for your consideration as well. There are two colors therefore two of each.,406HI,406HS,406HSI

Fit Vacumaid?

The plastic channel on the cord channel upper wand cracked. I have a Vacu-Maid (EB240)central vacuum. Is this part #406SU the correct replacement??

Hello, based on a lot of factors many different upper wands have been used over the years with Vacu-maid. In most instances this wand will not fit. Please call us for more information.

Fit Super Latch System?

Will this cord channel upper wand fit onto a AirVac Super latch sytem wand? Susan, Muenster

Hello Susan, sometimes it will. It depends on somethings that are easier to go over on the phone. Would you mind calling us? Please note our hours.

Fit 3-prong Cord?

will this upper wand fit a Beam Rugmaster Plus with three prong plug?our unit is 12 years old..Thks Leonard Jackson,Ga

Hello Leonard, sorry it will not fit. You'll have to modify your wand to not have the plastic holder at the top, or use a wand without the plastic holder (or buy a new hose. This one will work

Power Mate Cord?


Hello Leah, this cord replaces the L and older cord

Work with 406HS?

Is this part compatible with part #406HS? Thank you! Christine Camp Hill

Hello Christine, yes this part will fit into 406HS but it is made for our Electric Hose not the Hayden Hose. You need to use our Electric Hose and most likely #480AC so the cord fits into the new wand top the way it should.

Kenmore Replacement Hose

I have the Kenmore Model NO. 116.4053280 Built-in Vacuum system. It has the 1.25 inch valve opening. I need to replace the hose. The hose is the type with the electricity to the power head in the hose and the hose head has the electrical connection to the power head built in. All other parts work well. What do I need to order? Thank, Cindy Norman

Hello Cindy, there are two options spelled out here with photos. Please take a look and if you have further questions please let us know or call us toll free. Thanks.

Replace Kenmore Power Hose

I have a Kenmore Model 116.4053482. I need to replace the power hose; my inlet is 1.5". Which hose do I need (I want 35 ft.). I am also ordering a new cord channel upper wand. Thank you

Hello, you will need what we call Hayden on this website (same manufacturer and brush as the PowerMate years ago). You will also need the Hayden upper wand. You can find all that on this Hayden page

1.25 Diameter Inlet

Inlet is 1.25. The old style inlet. Yes there is a cord that runs from the > vac carpet brush up to the electric plug in at the top of the wand. I need > the bottom wand along with a new hose. The top part of the wand is fine but > the bottom has lost it's little button that snaps in the beater brush/hard > floor attachments. Do I need that metal stub tube for the 1.25 inlet? All > else is in good working condition. Thank you so much for your help!

You really should save money and have a system that is flawlessly integrated with itself and your system by ordering a complete Stealth Kit that is make for the 1.25 inch diameter inlets. You can find them here on this link.

Whirlpool Compatible?

Is this unit compatible to the older style whirlpool Model # FB9900XS0? We need wand, vacuum beater and 40' hose replacement. If not, then would you recommend which parts we need. Thank you.

For your Whirlpool Central Vacuum we have hoses that will fit your inlets. What diameter hole is in them? For your carpet brush, does it have an electrical cord coming out the back of it? If not you need a Low Voltage hose. If so, the longest Electrical Hose is 35ft and it may or may not work with your vacuum brush. Does the carpet brush have a name on or under it?

Work with Kenmore

Will this hose work with Kenmore built in vacuum system model #2040521?

Most likely you need a different cord. Older PowerMates will use these parts, Scroll down a bit after you click.

Replace Kenmore Hose

will your hoses fit Kenmore central cvac model 116.4053380? if so, what is the longest hose available and does it have the power plug connector? Thanks

Yes, we have a 35ft replacement hose. Many Kenmore customers are using it with great satisfaction. Please see option 2 on the Kenmore Help Page .

Kenmore Upper Wand?

Is this wand part (Cord Channel Upper Wand) compatible with Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner Model # 116.2245091 (Part # 747264)? Mine is broken, and I'm trying to get a replacement. Thank you, Rich Schroeder

#406H on the Wand Page fits the this and the older PowerMates. The difference is that the 2-pin cord sits lower at the top than on the #406SU.