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Beam Replacement Vacuum Cord?

Will this cord work on Beam Rugmaster Model BM1383? Dave from Niagara Falls, NY

Take a look at this generic cord for less money. Be sure the shape of the end is correct (it is the same shape as the Stealth Replacement Cord), and read the description.

Dust Care PB11 Replacement Cord

dust care power nozzle PB11 will this power cord fit?

Actually, you will need a different cord found here,

Electrolux Cord

We have an electrolux quietclean vacuum head (elux1600) and the power hose is Series XY Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE. Our puppy chewed the powercord on the hose so we need to replace it. What will work? Dan, Elk Grove Village

We don't carry the replacement cords for the Electrolux vacuum heads. You can try the manufacturer at

Frigidaire Replacement?

will this cord work on a fridgidare gallery power head abm1372a

The only replacement cords we sell are here. The main issue is the shape of the end with the two pins. You most likely need one that matches. Take a look at what we have here and let us know what you think.,480CI

AirVac Connection Burning Out

I have an Air Vac central vac system and I am on my second power head and third female receptacle which fits into the gas handle. The prongs that insert into the gas handle from the direct connect hose keep melting for some reason. Can you explain this and offer any recommendations? Is this typically a problem with the hose or the powerhead? Thanks.

Sounds like you need new hose parts too. If the fit is loose at all, then there is constant shorting and it will melt and burn the connection. Replace both for a better fit.,352GS

Hayden Power Head to Model B C F Hose

Have a Hayden Superpack Deluxe Powerhead and wand that once attached to the older style Hayden Superhose. Hose was replaced with a generic hose (Series x y Model b c f 27 bce cce fce 27ce). The powerhead cord does not reach the connection on the handle. Can you tell me which wand would be used to connect to the hose and powerhead?

Hi, yes, you can connect the two using this lower and upper wand here,406SU. The cord on the lower wand is longer and the plug is flared overall and beveled on two sides at the end. The top wand seats the plug 1/2 inch above the metal tubes.

Beam, Frigidaire Replacement?

This will correct one problem, my other question is there a replacement part for the melted piece in the wand, or do I have to buy the kit to do that? I have the Frigidaire BM1393 system by the way....

Hi, the best place to get these parts is from a Beam dealer (they supply your brand). Go to Beam dotcom and search for a local dealer.


Bill Jackson, Canandaigua, NY - Your site said that cord 49054 would fit the Broan power head. It doesn't fit as it is approx. 10" too short. Do you have a longer cord. Thanks for your help. Bill

Hi Bill, the best thing around is this cord to add to the one you have. Please call to place the order We are not familar with such a single long cord.

M&S AirVac?

with this work with an m&s airvac?

Hi, you'll have to decide that based on the hose shape of the pronged cord end. Basically if your's is the same shape then it will work. They use a lot of different cords over the years.

Replace Cord on Any Brush?

I have a Beam Serenity Plus power unit and the cord leading from the brush assembly to the handle where it plugs in has two prongs. The power unit keeps going on and off when in use. When I spread the two prongs a bit they work for a while. Can I use this to replace that cord from the power unit to the handle and fix the problem?

Hello, yes you can use this cord so long as the end has the same tapered plastic. Please take a look at the photo

Replacement on CT14DX Single Cord

I have a Vacumaid, P/N CT14DX. The copper leads to the power cord spanning from the base of the carpet sweeper to the handle that attaches to the hose has degraded and no longer makes contact. Will this power cord fit my vacuum? Mike, Houston

Hello Mike, if the cord is one piece from the unit to the top then yes this cord will work for you.

Work on My Brush?

Like a lot of other posters I have a vacuum hose model BCF 27 BCE and have been having intermittent power issues with the power head(I suspect from "hot swaps" you referred to in other posts). My power head is a Wessel-Werk Type EBK 340 L, can I use this cord to replace the original? BTW, the original is pre terminated with quick-connect terminals, is the one you sell? The original is also partially coiled but I don't see one like it in your catalog. Finally I intend to buy a replacemnet switch assembly 352GS which I belive is compatable with the hose I current have, can you confirm that. Thank you!

Hello, yes, the cord will work on the brush, sorry we don't have the coiled type. The switch replacement should work on the hose, the numbers you provided look like a fit. The electric hose looks like this

Replace Melted Parts?

I have a Beam Rug Master Plus, it smoked and melted the plastic the other day where the prongs go togehter at the handle. Can I just replaced the parts with your 3 prong to 2 prong converter (melted) and a new Stealth power cord?? This is the 2nd time this happened, do you know the root cause???

Hello, the Stealth cord will not fit your wands at the top, will not snap in. The root cause is usually multiple hot swaps. The power switch needs to be off when connecting or disconnecting. We recommend a new electric vacuum kit such as the Stealth II.

Work with Broan?

I have a Broan central cleaning system purchased in 1993. I need to replace the power supply cord to the motorized nozzle. The model for the nozzle is B1396A. The power supply cord part number from the operating instructions is 35970-17. Will this cord work with the B1396A nozzle?

Yes, if the cord is one continuous length then this is the cord you need.

Three Prong Cord and Hose

I'm looking for two parts for a Beam Model #B1500 Central Vac: 1) A new 2-prong female connector that fits into the pistol grip. 2) A new power head cord about 32 inches long with 2-prong male connector on one end that fits in to #1) above and a two-prong female adaptor on the other end. (Actually, both of the female connectors mentioned above are 3-prong, but the male ends are only 2-prong. Thanks

Wow, the three prong are officially obsolete so we are not sure if what you are asking for will work. We suggest a new hose or a new attachment kit.

Fit Frigidaire Central Vacuum BM1193?

Will this part fit my Frigidaire Central Vacuum System, Model No.: BM1193?

Probably not if the end of your cord sits in a plastic channel at the top of your chrome wands. If your, instead, dangles, then yes it will fit. This cord has two prongs, not three as some systems had three not two.

Use with Other Vacuums?

Will this cord work with a Smart central vac? Does it come in white or cream color?

This cord can be used for other electric carpet brushes that terminate in two pins and have a beveled side. It only comes in black.

Work with My System?

Will this cord work on a Frigidaire Model BM1393 vacuum head?

Yes, if you are looking for a 40 inch, two wire cord, that terminates in two pins. If the two pin end snaps in to place, besure the ends have the same footprint.