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Coupling PVC Vacuum Connector Q&A

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Adapter to Small OD?

I have the old pipe 1-13/16" which is no longer made. Are there any couplings available for that size? Or must I use two adapters and a 2" connector and make my own?

The part you need is right here Takes you from your outer diameter to 2 inch OD.

End Caps Available?

Hi. Do you sell End Caps as well? I am remodeling and will have to cap off one run of pipe of an existing budd system.


OD of Female Ends of Fittings

Hi, this is a connection for 2"OD pipe, so it has a 2"ID. Can you tell me the OD of this coupling PVC vacuum connector?

The OD of the standard central vacuum fittings where the two inch OD pipe fits in is 2-5/32 .

Fit Kenmore?

Hi~ My name is Linda Casper from Wisconsin Rapids, WI and we have Model#116-4053280, Serial#D63009597, Sears Central Vacuum that was installed in 1985. We need a coupling for a pipe that is 1.75"OD. Do you make anything for this application? Thanks!

Hello, those fitting are not made any longer but what is made is an adaptor. Use two of these and some industry standard central vacuum pipe to make the best possible connection that will be smooth and not trap debris.

2-inch OD Connection?

i Is this for 2"OD pipe.

Yes, 2 OD pipe fits into the Coupling and other central vacuum elbow and fittings sold here. This is standard industry wide. If you have smaller OD pipe we have adaptors on the installation product page. Sch40 PVC will not fit into these, it is thicker and makes an internal step that causes clogs. Plus Sch40 is not nearly as smooth internally which cuts severly down on effective air movement.