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Tool Compatibility

i am looking for a dust brush to clean ceiling tiles . i will be 1.25 inch and swivel head . The 10 to 12 inch width would be optimum. currently i am using a 2 inch round dust brush on my dayton shop vac 1.25 inch wand. It is slow going at best . Can you advise, please ? thanks

All of our tools will fit any tube with a 1.25" diameter. We do offer a floor tool with a width of 12", but no dusting brush of that size. Take a look at your options here,

Canister Compatibility

Will this attachment fit on a Kenmore model 116.3592/116.35923?

If your connection tube has a diameter of 1.25", then it will fit.

Crevice Tool Soft Bristles?

Hi, Are the bristles soft enough to use on a silk lampshade? Thanks.

Absolutely! Just lightly brush along the surface with the suction on to clean the dust off your lampshades and brighten up your room!

Hayden Hose Compatible?

will this fit the hayden 202 model

Yes, it fits all Hayden Hose models.

For Mini-Blinds?

would this be efficient for mini-blinds as well as wooden ones?

Hi, yes this would be great for Mini-Blind vacuuming, wooden ones too.

Crevice Brush fit Beam?

does it fit Beam central vac?

Yes it does.


What is the inside diameter of the connecting end?

Connecting end recieves a 1-1/4 tube. Brush is 9 inches long with 5 inches of brushes that are 1 inch long. Tapered end goes from 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 . The outer diameter of the end is 1-11/16 but tapers down quickly.

Fit ShopVac?

Will it fit a Shop Vac hose?

Usually not, shopvac hose end is much too large.

Thin Plastic?

Is the part where the bristles are thin?

The plastic is heavy duty and thick in all places.