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Crevice Tool Accessory Q&A

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Overall Length?

What is the overall length of your standard crevice tool? Bill - Half Moon Bay

Our standard crevice tool is 9.15" in length.

Longer, Thjnner?

I am looking for a crevice tool that is about 15" long, but it needs to be only about 1/4" thick at the crevice end. Do you make them that size? Also, it can not be metal as it will be used around electrical eqipment. Thank you, Lynn Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sorry, we have not seen anything like that, especially the 1/4 inch thick.

Slits in Side?

why does the crevice tool have two slit openings on its side?

Hi, the version you see online now has two slits on the side for two reasons. First is to let in some air so the tool doesn't get stuck down on something as easily. Second is to vacuum from the side, for instance, when putting the tool under sofa backs or permanent cushions. The down side is the tool is quite loud. We are working on a version with no slits and a narrower end.

Diameter Fit

I have a XENEX Central vac and need a replacement crevice tool. The diameter of the end of the electric hose is 1 1/8". The other attachements (i.e. brush) is 1 1/4". Will this work?

Yes, this will fit right on. Thanks for asking.

Crevice Tool for Ultra Line 2000

I am looking for a crevice tool that is for a Ultra Line 2000 vacuum. Its about 1.25 to fit the wand and nearly 15" long. Do you have such a thing???

Hello and thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing, Inc! Yes, this tool will work great with your central vacuum system.

Need an Even Smaller Tool

i would like to know if you have a crevice type attachment for much smaller places, the size of this particular crevice tool won't fit where i want to vacuum (in my dryer where the filter allows lint to escape)... the slot is narrower than this tool