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Fit Smaller Hose?

I need a wand that will fit on a hose that requires a screw-on (threaded) end which is only 1 5/8 inches wide OD. Which wand will I need, or will this one work if I wrap the hose with plumber's tape before screwing on this wand?

This product should work fine for your hose measurement.

Part 349 Replacement?

May I know is this model compatible with previous part no#349-Wand with Bleeder / Cuff 1 1/4" Hose? Are their diameter same? Thank you. Regards, Susan.

Yes, it is the replacement to it and compatible.

Bleeder? Sizes?

Is that curved wand have bleeder ? What is the hose fiting dimeter ?

This does not have a bleeder. The diameter for accessories is 32mm. The hose it screws on to is 36mm.

Fit Electric Hose to Convert to Basic?

Will this hose end fit my newer model flexible Beam hose? It now has an end similar to your #352GH "gas pump" end, which is broken, but I am not interested in retaining that style. We are just interested in a basic setup. Thanks, Ken from Emporia, KS.

Hi Ken, yes it will fit your Beam hose, any style. It is only basic as you stated so putting it on a former electric hose will work but not the electric part of it.

Kenmore Hose

will this fit on an old sears/kenmore hose?

Yes, this will fit.

Convert Hose with Switch to Basic Hose

I have 1 1/2 vacuvalve outlet. Existing hose to outlet is Low voltage with switch on hose. End of hose broken. would like to use existing hose with new end. I don\'t care to have the switch feature any more. Aouton by plugging hose in is fine with me. I would like to use existing hose by putting new end on it to receive into wall outlet. Can you advise part for compatibility so I can order? Thanks, Ken Schweizer

Hi Ken, here are two parts for both sides of the hose to convert it to a Basic Hose. The parts screw on counter-clockwise.,302HCR. You can use both or just one.

Replace Button Lock Version?

Hi, This is about my old Kenmore Whole House System's curved wand. The hose became disconnected where it enters the curved wand's screw-in end. The metal part of my wand has no switches and is 1.25 dia. My question is, when I enlarge your picture of the new Curved Wand Vacuum Hose End, it does not show the small button that locks the end onto the extension wand. Will this fit my old wand? Thanks. Bob

Hello Bob, this is not available with the metal nipple for locking. You can remove yours, cut the bad section of hose end off, and reattach your curved wand with its cuff back on. Remember that the threads are reversed.

Clips on to Hose?

I need a new wand that looks like this for my 11 year old Beam vacuum. The original one clips onto the hose, so will this work as a replacement? Thanks!

Hello, this one screws onto the corrugations of the hose, no clips. So it may not be what you are looking for. After 11 years you should replace the hose. A new one is lighter and has more suction flowing through it - 27% more. Let us know if you need help getting the right replacement.

Nutone CV553W- Will This Fit?

I am looking for a Curved Wand Vacuum Hose End with Swivel Cuff that looks like your Part#302WCG for a Nutone model cv-553W. The original had an inside diameter at the threads of 1.675 inches. The hose has a 1.6 inch outside diameter. I purchased a replacement locally which was 1.55 inches and it is too tight for the hose which keeps coming off. Will the above part work on my unit?

Hello, yes the Curved Wand Vacuum Hose End with Swivel Cuff will work for you. Its threaded trough is 1.75 .

Threads to Screw on?

does this adapter have the threads to screw into the hose? the vacuum i have is about 15 years old and need to know if this will work. The adapter that hooks onto the hose that allows the cleaning tools to be used is what i am looking for, can you help lead me in the right direction

What you are looking for would be in the Parts/Hose Parts section. The basic hose end for accessories that screws onto the corrugations of the hose is the Curved Wand End here.

Need Metal Button

The little spring clip that locks the pipe to the hose broke can I get a new one? It looks like a round button

We have a replacement button for the metal tube. Note that this curved wand doesn't have a button as other older ones do. This curved wand uses friction to hold the vacuum tubes on.

How to Remove & Replace

How do I remove the old fitting and then install this on my hose? Thanks, Jack

They thread on and off backwards of normal rotation. You can also pull real hard and it will come apart.