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Cyclonic Pre-Filter Separator Q&A

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Cyclonic Pre-filter Seperator Use For Sawdust?

Does this work well for sawdust?

This will work wonderfuly for a sawdust application. The large collection bin will allow longer use without the need for emptying the collection bin, not to mention a big savings on buying bags!

Pet Fur Seperator?

Would this work to separate out a large volume of pet fur? I am thinking of putting central vac into a veterinary hospital, but am concerned about the number of bags I would need to replace. I thought this might allow me to not fill so many bags with fur. Brian Smithfield, RI

Yes, this would be a great application for hair or fur. It is currently in hair salons and works like a charm, saving bags and is easy to dump.

Traps Dirt?

is this for trapping the dirt before it gets to the vacuum or just a pre-filter? Evan... kingman, AZ

Hi, this traps the majority of the vacuumed debris, about 96% before it gets to the vacuum unit. The fine dust is then trapped by the main filter in the vacuum unit. Works great for applications with a lot of debris.