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Washer on Turbine Shaft?

I am looking for the plastic washer that sits on the shaft connected to the air turbine. This is the part that you slip the belt over to get it onto the shaft. I have been trying to find this part, but I am unable to determine if this is the correct one. Mike, Seattle

Hi Mike, the parts that are available are on the exploded diagram here http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/turbocat-parts.html#expand19.

D Washer Position

What is the correct position of the flat edge on the D-washer? Jack M. West Palm Beach, Florida

The flat edge sides toward the brush.

Rotates the Belt?

I need the black plastic washer which is located in the belt bearing and rotates the belt with the brush roller. Is this the right part?

Hello, the D-washer is in the narrow channel where the belt overlaps itself between the two gears. Not sure what you are looking for based on your description. Please call us for more help. Thanks.