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7453-26 Filter Retainer

I have a centralux serial# C-07352-E I need the part that holds the filter in. the part # is 7453-26

Hello, one suggestion is to buy a large washer and wing nut from a local hardware store. This is the least expensive option and works on the threaded versions of the center rod. Other than that please call us for a reference. Canada call 661-283-7550 M-Th 7-5.

8x7 Inch

we have a model #E130A blue ridged foam filter. We measured it and it is 8" across the top and 7" high. I am only seeing 6"x6" or 8"x8" filter sizes. which one should we order?

You will want the 8x8 size. You can cut it to shape, if needed, with a razor blade. Thanks for asking.

Add Exhaust Filter?

Ed from Hingham, MA, I have the Centralux/Electrolux E130A. I found the replacement filter on your site. Can I put an exhaust filter on the unit? If yes, can you suggest something? Thanks for your help

Hi Ed, yes you can add an exhaust filter. There here is

AirStream Vacuum Filter?

I have an airstream built-in central cleaning system Model #SF765A.What type and part number is required for the foam filter? Is there a usable life time for this filter? Cost of foam filter replacement? Thank you John Victoria BC Canada.

Airstream was bought out by Hayden decades ago. They take a cartridge filter now and we have not heard of models with a foam filter. That said, there are not many foam filters on the market so you should be able to use one of these.,730EXFL

AirVac 110 Need A Bag?

Thank you for your quick response to my previous question. I am ordering the filter from your site. Question two: Do I need a bag for the Air Vac 110? Thanks, Scott

No, your unit is a bagless system. You'll only need to clean out the foam filter every month or so.

AirVac 180

What filter do I need for an AirVac 180? Charlie


AirVac 3500 filter?

What filter do I need for an AirVac 3500?

The AirVac 3500 has a cloth filter that hangs down from the bottom, right? We sell those in two diameter sizes here,711B.

AirVac M and S 212

I have a Air Flow or Music & Sound model 212 central vac. Need to replace the foam filter. Please recommend the correct filter number(s)

Hello, you take the 6 inch or 8 inch wide filter. It appears to be the larger one you need,730EXF.

AirVac VM110 Replacement Filter

Dear Sir, I need a filter for a Model VM110. Please give me the total cost that I might purchase it from you and have it mailed to my home address. Thanking you in advance for your prompt assistance.

You can find the replacement filter for your system with current pricing here,,730EXFC

Beam 2100 Filter?

Hi will these fit on a beam central vac 2100 ?thanks

Are you missing the filter on the vacuum? It usually has a center weighted cloth bag. If it had a foam cylinder then this will work, but that is odd.

Blue Ribbed or Smooth Round?

can i use the blue ribbed filter in electrolux fits fine.or use 6inch round.

Electrolux used these two filters interchangeably over the years. You can use either one, but we only sell the smooth round one.

Blue Version Washable?

Lisa, Ridgefield, CT. I purchased a blue, foam, scalloped filter for my Electrolux central vac. Is the filter washable??

Yes, the blue version is washable. Be sure it is completely air dried before replacing. For future reference, the 6x6 sold here replace it.

Blue vs Cream Foam Filter

i had asked about a foam filter for the electrolux model 1590 central vac.. you said that the readily available replacement (large blue ridged filter)could replace the original even though it was 2x as big. you did, however, mention that it would not be advisable to use the blue one. i can get the blue one a mile from me, but do not want to jeopardize my unit. should i, in fact, order the 6x6 foam filter that matches what was in the vacuum from the beginning? thanks

You can use either one. If the blue one is way too tall you could try to cut it down. But that is not a great idea. Our concern is that if the blue one is bulging because you forced it on, that it will not last as long as one that fits it as it should. Your call.

Broan CV110?

I have recently purchased a new home (built in 1986), the home has a Broan Central Vac system model # CV110. Would this or any other foam filter fit as I cannot find anything suitable in the stores? Please help!

Hi, you are not out of luck. Using your judgement find the one with a height that works for your machine and go with it. You will be fine with that one.

Center Hole Goes Through

I'm looking for a filter for a Vacu Maid Px-120 central vac. My question is: Does the hole in the middle of this filter go part way or completely through? The existing filter in my vacuum has a hole that only goes part way through. Perry, Ottawa, Canada

Hi, the center hole goes all the way through. If your's doesn't then please look for it on the internet again. Thank you.

Centralux 130A Filter

We have a 4 year old Centralux 130A who's filter doesn't look anything like the 2 foam models above. There is no indication which is the correct replacement.

The filter you have is pleated paper or a blue ridged one. Centralux / Electrolux keep rotating the filters they use and they are all compatible - even the foam one here.

Centralux E130A Filter?

We have a Centralux E130A (made by Electrolux). Are bags needed for this unit and if so, what type of bag? Also, what is the appropriate filter for this unit. Becca Glen Allen, VA

CentraLux Model E130G Filter

I have a new CentraLux Model E130G, and want an additional filter, ut do not know which one to purchase. It is a foam filter, of course, with a hole in the center. Please advise. Thanks.

Simply measure your foam filter. Ours is 6x6 with a hole in the center. It fits many models.

Different Type Available?

I have an older AirVac VM110 unit that uses a foam filter (6" x 6"). We have very hairy pets and I'm constantly (at least 1x week) having to clean the pet hair off of the filter and bang the dirt out of the filter. Is there a filter replacement that wouldn't hold onto the hair and dirt?

Sorry, there is not. When your unit goes down, consider a top emptying 12 gallon disposable bag unit such as the SilentMaster.

Dirty Exhaust. Berber Carpet

we have a air vac vm 110 unit , we need the filter . is there a bag for the unit as well ? will that stop the exhaust from coming out the other pipe with dirty air in it ? also what type of replacement is good for the carpets being they are a berber ?

Sorry, no bag is available. There are Exhaust Filters though that are popular. For Berber we sugges the Stealth Kit because it has an infinite height adjustment so you can skim the top of the fibers. Most other vacuums have 1, 2, or 3 settings or none at all.

Electrolux Retainer

I cant find the owners manual for my central vac modle 1590 (electrolux) I emptied the canister and cleaned my filter, but I can't get the filter to stay in place. Am I missing a part? I've gone through the garbage, but cant find anything. How do I put my vac back together? Thanks, Susan, Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi Susan, you need a washer and wing nut to hold the filter in place. It goes on a long metal piece with threads.

Electrolux, Low Suction

I recently bought a home that came with an Electrolux Central Vac, it says ECV 1590A on it as well as Model E117A 120 Volts. I am getting very little suction, the attachments seem to be working, but as soon as I shut them off, the stuff I just vacumed up gets dumped right back on to the floor. I think I need to change the filter, but none of these look like the one that is in it now. Could you please recommend what I should do next? Thanks! Dorci, Farmington, MN

It sounds like a clog. Please use this guide to find the real problem and the solution

Filter Clog Up?

jerry - sioux falls My son just purchased a home with a 1590 electrolux central vac. The motor is bad so am wondering if it would be worth fixing. I have a beam central vac and really like the unit. It has no filter to replace and the filter doesn't plug up - it is inverted and empties itself. Is the electrolux filter going to plug up quickly with dirt and therefore be more of a problem?

Hi, replacing the motor and buying a new filter is the way to go for your son. Both are easy to put in and the filter works really well. It doesn't clog up but only after a long time. It is easy to wash out as well.

Foam Replaces Pleaded

I have an electrolux E130A and need a replacement filter. The original ones don't look anything like the foam filter. When searching for filters I found something called "Electrolux Twin Clean Washable HEPA Filter" - 2 of them for $140. It looks more like the filter I have - pleated. Does the foam filter maintain the HEPA characteristics of the vacuum? Is the HEPA filter preferable? compatible? desirable? Steve - Great Barrington

Hi Steve, the foam filter should fit right in place. It filters quite well. If the unit exhausts into a room you want the least amount of smell in then you may be better off with more expensive filters, but you will still have some odor. If your exhaust vents out of the area then smell is not an issue and you should use the foam filter. In fact, you can pipe the exhaust out yourself if you desired, it is well worth it. Use the pipe and fitting and exhaust vent cap here

Hayden Retainer

I have a Hayden Super Vac 6000+ and need a filter retainer. I don't believe a wing nut and washer will work as there is no threading. Do you sell the replacement part or know in Canada where I can find one. Thank you.

Hi, here is the retainer Hayden is in Canada so you should be able to pick it up there.

How Often to Clean it?

Hi there! We recently purchased a foam filter and I wanted to know how often do you recommend cleaning it? How do I clean it? Just a bit of soap, yes? No bleach or anything else--fabric softener might make it less effective, yes? I do not vacuum NEARLY as much as I should (my son is allergic to dust!) however, if I should at least vacuum once a month....? How often should the foam filter get cleaned up? Thank-you so much for any advice or information you can give me! Deluxe Foam Filter 6x6, Washable P With appreciation, Christine

You should clean it once a year with water and mild soap. It has to be completely dry when reinstalled. Otherwise, bang it out each time you empty the bucket.

How to Determine Size

Hello, we have an old Air Vac model # VM180A serial # J871240 In need of a new foam filter, the one you have says it MAY be used for SOME 180A models? Is there some way to know for sure before ordering? Thank you, Carol, Graham NC

Carol, please meaure your filter's diameter and you will know for sure. If it is around 6 inches then buy the 6 inch filter. If around 8 then buy the 8 inch. If the filter is missing then measure the overall diameter of the interior of the cavity the filter sits. There has to at least about 2 inches of space between the walls and the filter. You can also measure the rod the filter slides over. If it is just over 6 inches then you need the 6 inch filter.

M & S 110 Filter?

We just purchased a home with an M&S 110. There is no filter or bag inside the canister, just a plastic funnel. I see a threaded stud on the bottom of the motor which I assume must hold a filter in place. What should I order: a bag? a filter? a piece to hold the filter? Thanks

We have the filter referenced here about 10 rows down under AirVac 110 AirVac is M&S and the 6x6 foam is the correct filter. You will need a large washer of some sort from the hardware store along with the threaded nut to keep the filter on. We have a lot of great items for this vacuum so you can keep your new home as clean as can be.

Missing Plastic Washer for Filter

Lost the plastic washer and wing nut to hold the filter in place. It was the one with the 1/4 turn installation and release so the hardware store threaded rod and washer will not work. It is an Electrolux central vac purchased in 1996, that's all the information I have. Oh the filter is gray with a 2" hole in the center and measures 6". Thanks Prosser

Hmm, the replacement cost from Electrolux will be steep. You may want to figure something else out. Try them at, we don't have that part. Thank you.

Need Retainer

I have an electrolux central vac and have "misplaced" the filter retainer. Is there a general public place I can get a replacement?

One of the easiest ways to replace it is with a wing nut and large washer for a hardware store!

New Motor Not Working

I have an electrolux central vacuum cleaner,model 1590, and the motor burned out. I ordered a new one on line, I followed the instructions you offer, but it does not work. I would like to know what I did wrong.

Hi, please call us ASAP for technical assistance. Please be with the vacuum so we can work through it and find the issue. Thank you.

Replace Blue Foam Filter?

I have a model 1590 which came with the blue foam filter. Will this filter replace it without any problems.

Hi, yes this filter exactly replaces all blue filters. Thanks for asking.

Retainer Needed

I have an CENTRALUX - AERUS vacuum E130F. I lost the Filter retainer. Can I find and buy a new one?

Hello, it is our understanding that a very large washer and wing nut (all from a hardware store) works well for your unit.

Vacumaid - Dust Issues

I have a Vacu Maid P225 installed in my garage. It has never had a bag or a filter but lately I'm wondering if it is the unit that is causing so much dust in my bedroom (above the garage) and in the garage. After washing my car and leaving it in the garage, it gets covered with dust. Is there something I can do about it? I was on this site to find a filter and discovered this unit is supposed to be filterless. I believe it is vented to the outside. Please help!

Correct, these are made to have more suction more often and therefore do not have a filter to speak of. Exhausting the outside is imperative, but even when exhausted dust makes its way into the room. The best advice we can give you is to replace the unit with a closed back vacuum such as SilentMaster, ModernDay or FloMaster. They fit into your system as is. If you have not replaced the motors in your vacuum they will most likely toward the end of their career so the timing may be perfect. The vacuums are here and sold through dealers.

VacuMaid P-125 Filter

I have a 25 year old Vacu maid P-125. Is there supposed to be another part in the upper canister tank, below the motor, besides a screen? The vacuumed debris, mostly dog hair seems to hug the screen instead of falling below into the lower tank. This causes the motor to overload. So I have to open the canister and pull the hair from the screen for the unit to work properly. How can I correct this problem?

That model only uses the screen or the foam filter, no other parts needed. Pet hair will build up on the filter with bagless units and will need to be cleared regularly.

Vent-a-Vac Filter?

Hi There We own an older style Vent-a-Vac system. The 6 x 6 filter looks correct but am just double checking if it is the recommended one for our system. Thanks Rod

Hi Rod, you are correct, this is the filter.

VM180 Filter?

I have a Music and Sound central vacuum system, model# VM 180. It would be approximately 25 years old. My system uses 6x6 foam filters. Your website suggests that the 6x6 foam filters you supply "fit some VM 180 models". Could you explain? Thank you, Jim Colangelo, Cleveland Ohio

Some VM180 didn't use the 6x6 round foam with center hole. If yours does then you have found the replacement. Thanks for asking.

Wash / Replace Schedule, How To

How often should I wash this filter? How do I wash it? How often should the filter be replaced?

We think that the filter should be cleaned every three months and replaced about every three years. To wash it simply soak with running warm water and squeeze. It must be completely dry before replacing so have another filter on hand.

Why Foam is Better than Paper Cartridge

Hello, Just a heads up. The reason for using a foam filter to replace the original paper filter on an Electrolux Centravac is because after a short time the paper filters collapse on the top. This lets dust and debris into the motor channel. There is a metal screen at the bottom of the motor which when gunked up will burn out your motor. I found this out the hard way. If you are currently using a vac with a paper cartridge filter, I highly suggest you remove the top, undo the three nuts holding the motor and clean the metal screen below the motor. It is an easy job and should take 10 minutes. You won't believe how much power you'll get back once it is clean. Next, get rid of the paper filter and buy a foam one.

Thank you for the tips. We will all benefit from them!

Will This Work With My Vacumaid 100?

from joe, Bronxville N. Y. we have vacu maid model 100 about 25 yrs old. foam filters in bad shape, seem to measure about 5 1/4" hi 4 3/8" wide with 2" hole in center to about 4" deep. do you have replacment filter for this unit.

The reference we have for the replacement filter for your Vacumaid is the Deluxe Foam Filter, 6x6 that you can view/purchase by clicking the following link: Foam Filter.