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Attachment Kits for All Dirt Devil Central Vacuum Models

what is the hose and attachment kit for a dirt devil mod# 799E


Dirt Devil is made by HP Products who makes Vacuflo Central Vacuums. The systems are both industry standard meaning the pipes, wiring, electrical are the same as any other vacuum system. That means you can choose any hose and tool kit on the market. Some installations, no matter the brand, have 110 volts at the wall inlet itself, and some don't. Nevertheless, depending on your flooring you can have a electric or non electric vacuum head regardless of the wall inlet the builder happen to put in. This page has your options. If you have wall to wall carpet we recommend an electric kit.

Use with RV Vac?

I would like to use a Turbo Cat Powerhead with my Dirt Devil Central Vac, but because my central vac is for an RV I am not sure I have sufficient air flow to operate it. My model is CV1500.

Sorry but the CV1500 is not powerful enough to use the TurboCat. It is best to use the small turbine (Rugrat) that usually comes with the RV Vac.

Rug Rat 6971 vs 6972-BG

Please tell me the difference between the Rug Rat 6971 and the 6972-BG. Thank You Very Much. Ted Robinson

There is no difference except for color and/or name. Any vacuum that looks like a RugRat, is a RugRat.

CV950 Bag

looking for vac. bags for dirt devil CV950

Dirt Devil Replacement Hose

I am looking for a replacement hose for use with the dirt devil premire beater bar for use with a supervalve. I have been told dirt devil no longer makes this hose, mine has a broken pin at the supervalve end. I ordered a replacement hose but it does not fit at the carpet tool end ? The hose I have is brown with a pistol grip with a three way switch.?

You can find all of your options at These hoses work with almost all Dirt Devil setups. Should you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us at 800-997-2278 to speak with a technician.

Best Accessory Kit for Home

I bought a house with a Dirt Devel Central Vacuum without a hose, vacuum tubes & head. I have a hard pebble floor and carpet. No pets in the house. What do I need to order? Is there one that can wash the floors/carpets as well? Please help. Nancy Fresno, CA

Hello Nancy, sounds like a wonderful new home. For the vacuum, there is not one available that does water. If your carpet is wall to wall your best purchase would be an electric kit. If not then an air driven kit. Both come with all the basic tools for all surfaces. There are additional tools under Accessories for you to check out as well. Start here for the kit though and let us know if you have any questions. All the kits fit your Dirt Devil System.