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Double Wye PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector Q&A

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Questions & Answers

3-inch Available?

Does this by chance come in 3"?

Sorry it only comes in 2-inch. It only fits pipes that are 2-inch outer diameter and the plastic is only 1/16 inch thick.

Double Wye with 90-degree Turns

Do you sell the double Y that turns 90 degrees on both sides?

Excellent question. We do not offer the 180-degree double wye because it has been the number fitting for causing clogs. Instead of using it try a simple alternative like this It will cost a bit more but save you in service calls and compliants down the road.

Back to Back Inlets?

Would this double wye 3way work with 2 45 Spigot to do a back to back inlet?

Yes, that sounds like it would work. Not recommended though because you will have debris pile up on the opposite inlet.

Use with 45's to Tee into Trunk Line?

The main central vacuum is going to come in the main trunk line in the middle. Would a double wye with a 45 degree to connect the trunk line work okay

Yes, you can do that and it will be perfectly fine especially if you don't put the 45 turns close to the 45 Wye.