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Weak Suction

DUO VAC has very weak suction? Checked basement and filter not blocked,I believe. Calgary.

Follow this troubleshooting guide for DuoVac. If you have questions please let us know.

Half the Suction on New Unit

I have just installed a new Duovac system and the suction is 60 ft lbs compared to 130 ft lbs for a working system. This reading is taken at at the unit intake with no piping involved. Manual talks about 24 volt low voltage. I measure 14.89 volts at the unit. The motor appears to be running at low speed. There are two solid green lights on the side of the unit, above and below the low voltage socket. Besides suction what am I missing? It is wired and not wireless.

The only reason the motor would spin less is the main voltage is less - not the low voltage. Instead of 110 it would be 80, or if you bought a 240 volt unit and you hook it to 110 you get half the power. Most likely that is the senario. See if you have a 240 unit and if you have 240 at the wall socket.

Switch on Tank?

My new duovac 10 will not start when i press the button on the unit. It does start automatically when i plug in the hose to an outlet. Why won't it start when i push the button?

Please contact the company you bought it from. We sell hoses and tools for it but not the vac itself. However, if it is not a flip switch you may be trying to press the minibreaker...meaning there really isn't a switch on the tank (which is not uncommon for central vacs).

VacPan Available?

Does duovac systems have the floor sweep doors or ports? If so how are they activated to power on? Becky. Lake Village

Yes, all central vacuum systems can have "VacPans". When you flip the switch with your foot the suction comes on. Flip it back to turn off. Just like wall valves, there is a low voltage wire that runs to the VacPan to trigger the suction.

Intermittent Issues

I have a duo vac signature series and it won't always start up, I removed the motor and checked the armature and brushs and they look good. The unit is four years old. The breaker has a printed circuit but it has never triggered the breaker.thanks Ron Russell. Okotoks alberta canada.

It could be the gauge of the wire. If thin then the signal is not strong enough. It should be at least 20 gauge but we find that when telephone wire is used the signal is not good.

Hose Needed

I have installed a DuoVAC central vacuum cleaner and use a hose with Friction Fit and hose handle on/off switch for the suction. The switched voltage is 24V DC (Low Voltage). It looks (visual) as your hose Part#383. The outer diameter of the hose end is about 38mm and the outer diameter of the friction fit is about 32mm. in the wall i have mounted --Non-electric Inlet Valves-- with small metal contact points inside the neck of the main hole. When these are crossed by flipping the hose handle switch the power unit turns on. Can I use the hose: "35ft Low Voltage On/Off Hose - Friction Fit Part#383" ? Thank you for your help. Best regards Michael (Boston, MA)

Hello Michael, thanks for the helpful descriptions. Yes, you can use this 383 hose for your vacuum system.