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DynoVac Central Vacuum Q&A

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Removing the Filter

How do you remove the cloth filter? (It has a lot of drywall dust in it). I have tried to grab the cloth and pull toward the center but it won't budge. Thanks!

Try lifting the rim of the cloth filter with a screwdriver. Once you get it bowing in a bit it is easier to flex it more so the filter falls out.

Click Noise Means Bad Motor?

I have Dynovac model D85, and when I plug in the hose into the wall outlet, all I hear is a clicking noise and the vacuum does not start. Would it be the transformer or the motor that is the cause?

That would be a bad motor. The relay and transformer are working properly to make the click sound.

No Suction

vacuum comes on with hoses but has no suction

Hi, please use this guide to resolve the problem