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Bad Switch in Handle?

I have a model 1400 Easy Flow . The vacuum run fine except when switching to the beater bar the vacuum stops but the beater bar runs fine. Would this be a bad switch?


Yes, this is a bad switch. We have new switches here.

1700 Cloth Filter

Do you sell replacement cloth filter for EasyFlow 1700? If so, how much? thanks Joe

Please measure the diameter of the cylinder tank after you remove the bottom bucket. We have replacements for all models based upon that measurement here https://builtinvacuum.com/bagsfilters/cloth-mesh-foam.html

Filter Mess Alternative?

We have a cloth filter on our Easy Flow. Dirt does not go into the canister, we have to shake into a garbage bag- ugly job....dog hair goes into the canister but not the dirt. Any suggestions? Campbell River

When your vacuum motor dies we suggest choosing a new vacuum tank with a disposable bag. It is not possible to upgrade an Easyflo to a paper bag. You can choose any new unit brand as it will be compatible with your system. We recommend SilentMaster and Flo-Master units from MD Manufacturing.

High Pitch Noise at Unit

I have a model 1525 and have noticed a high pitched noise recently that has been increasing.No loss of suction.It is most noticable at the top of the unit.Vacuum is about 8 years old. Almost sounds as if there is a restriction. Cleaning bag does not improve noise.thanks TIM ALBANY OREGON

As the vacuum ages the motor may take on different properties such as increased heat, new noises, and random shut down. It is best to play it out until the vacuum doesn't work for you any longer. Then you can swap the motor or the entire tank for any other brand. We suggest a brand with a disposable bag such as SilentMaster or Flo-Master from MD Vacuum.

Unit Always On

Our last Central unit would start, automatically, upon inserting the hose in one of the outlets. Our EF-1540 needs to be turned on at the unit, but it runs continually, until you manually shut it off. I, as you can see, am no tecchie, and there is probably a simple explanation. However, please do not tell me that I have to turn the unit on at the base, vacuum, then return to the base to switch it off.

Hopefully there is a simply explanation but the wires could be shorting somewhere in the home, and that is really hard to find. We have steps you can follow on this page to find out what is going on. Let us know how it goes https://builtinvacuum.com/help/easyflo/flowchart.html

Motor Brushes for EF-1550

how much are brushes for the EF1550 and how do you replace them


We have the motor brushes and instructions here. If the motor is older or the brushes worn down to the metal you will want to replace the motor instead of the brushes. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=201P,213P

VacPan Toe Kick Not Working

The vacpan wont engage/turn on

The vacuum suction works otherwise, though, correct? You'll need to pull out the vacpan and check that the wires are connected. Touch the wires together to test the system. Let us know what you find.

Will Not Turn On

My Easy Flo 110 won't turn on when inlet covers are lifted and hose plugged in. But it will run when I push the switch on the motor unit. What is wrong? Is there a vacuum-senstive switch or relay that isnt working, or would it be a faulty circuit board? Dont know the age of the unit, could be old, but the suction at the motor inlet is excellent. Thanks for any help you can supply. :)

Please use this guide to find the true issue. https://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. Let us know what you find and if we can be of further help.

Easy Flo Belt Location

Does the easy flo main base have a belt like most vacumes? If so where?

All brushes with a rotating beater bar have a belt. It will be inside the brush connected to one end of the roller.

Unit Not Picking Up Debris

I find that this system is not picking up human hair. Even after runing twice or thrice, I dont see a thorough cleaning. What could be the fault. What should I be checking in this case.Please do let me know.

Check your unit to be sure the suction and air flow are at normal power. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate any problems https://builtinvacuum.com/education/troubleshoot.html

Hose Switch Not Working

during renovation we unhooked the vacuum and reconnected it in another location. Now when we switch the rocker switch at the handle to the right to use the power head, there is power to spin the brush but no suction. There is suction when switching the rocker switch to the left for the floor wand. Holly, Vancouver.

You have a bad switch in the handle that needs to be replaced.

EasyFlo How Do I Clean The Filter Bag

Hi, I have a self cleaning easyflow central vacuum. The filters are extremely dirty and I have extremely poor suction. How do I clean the filters? thank you, Laura

Remove the bag from the unit and wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Be sure that the bag is completely dry before returning to the unit.

Low Suction, Cuts Out

LOW SUCTION ALL OUTLETS We have a easy flow and it has low suction at all locations but strong suction at the unit, our hose is clear. Also the head cuts out like it has a short in it but when I take it in to the repair shop it works fine what's wrong ??

The low suction is a clogged hose or pipes. See solution #3 here for help www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. The hose may be the reason it cuts out. Usually the connection of the brush cord to hose handle is shorting. Carefully move each part of the system to isolate the issue spot.

Can't Turn Off Suction with New Hose

I just replaced a hose,but I am unable to shut the vacuum off using the hose. How does one sychronize the off and on switches? Yvonne North vancouer

Hi, insert the hose so the plastic tab is at the top or the bottom at the inlet.

Top Bearing Needed

I need top bearing for my model ef 1500

Please call us for help.

Relay Bad?

Hello, Dwaine from Detroit. My Easyflow Vacuum continues to run after it is shut off, I did a little research and believe it is a relay switch. How would you detrmine which switch it is as there are three I believe, and how difficult is to change the relay switch.

There is only one relay in the vacuum and it is most likely on a circuit board. The whole board needs replacing. You can call them in Canada at 800EASYFLO or you may be able to use our board to replace yours (both where made by the same company for them and us). Check it out here https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=235S.

Clean Cloth Filter

Sharon - Easy Flow central Vacuum..came with the house. I can empty the debris container but don't know how to clean the filter. Is it removable or should I just vacuum the outside of it? I've lived here four years and only use the system in the kitchen but so there's not much collected in the waste recepticle, but the filter is very dirty and I don't know how to clean it.

Hi Sharon, the best way to clean it is put a trash bag up over it and shaking the filter. You can remove if you want. Grab a top outer side and pull hard into the middle. The stiff outer rim flexs in an the entire bag falls out with the rim. They are replaceable.

The Edge by EasyFlo

I'm looking for replacement parts for The Edge by Easy-Flo central vacuum system. What I need is the part that the metal hose tube fits into on the power head. Model 550S Serial 1187

Sorry we don't have cross references for that part. Another Google search may land you with EasyFlo in Canada or you can call us toll free to see if we have a compatible item.

Easy Flow 136

I have an Easy Flow 136 Deluxe with a blown motor. Could you tell what the replacement number is?

Hello, your Easyflo, is it the vacuum or the power nozzle that needs the motor?

Clogged Pipes

what is the best way to do a cleaning of a pipe that is clogged?

Hello, to make sure your suction is good you need to test it without the hose right at the unit. Then put your hose to the unit to test the hose. If both are well then the clog is in the pipes. Read these instructions for servicing it https://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html#3

Feel Dirt Trapped in Filter

My home came with easy flow 1700 installed from the previous owner - I found lots rubbles in the filter - you can feel and lots of them - it became quite heavy - how to get rid of those rubbles? Thanks Ashikur Calgary

Hello Ashikur, the bag is weighted to that it falls down when turned off. When on it is suctioned upward. The rocks you fell in the middle are supposed to be there. The clean the bag in general, wrap a trash bag up around the unit and shake the bag.

Loss of Suction

I have a Easy Flow vacuum Model EF1500 Serial # 20164, 120 volts, 13 amps, in my 2 story house with 1000 square feet at each level.The vacuum is in the basement. There is a very long hose. We do not have the suction that we used to have as it is not picking up items on the carpets as it should. We have unplugged the pipes with a plumber's snake and have had the pipes blown out. We have tried to check for leaks in the pipes. We have emptied the bucket regularly and shook the filter. Do you have any suggestions?

Please try using this guide. Looks like you have not tried everything. Let us know if you need more help after this. www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Best Attachment Kit

Q# 1 I just purchased a home with the easy-flo central vac system already installed. When I came to see the house the person that lived here had a lot of nice accesories with it. But when they moved out they took the accesories with them and only left a twisted hose and a brush. What would be the best investment on accesories, manuals, and attachments to replace the hose I have? Q#2 Is it normal for the central vac to automatically shut off after 30-45 min running time, even if I'm not done cleaning? To turn it back on I have to reset the breakers.

Q1: We highly recommend, along with our customers, the Stealth Kit. It will fit right into your system and if the previous owners ever show up they will be the jealous ones! www.builtinvacuum.com/stealth-kit/ Q2: Not normal to shut off and trip breaker after that time. Be sure the unit is not overheating...that the filtration is clean...if the unit was used a lot the motor may be going out...if so the time will get shorter between turn offs. We have replacement motors.

Self Cleaning Filter?

I am wondering about the self cleaning filter. What about all the debris that does not go through the filter. Don't I need to empty that out?

Yes, you need to remove the bottom bucket and dump it every few months. In addition, you'll want to clean the self-cleaning filter put putting a trash bag up around the bottom of the vacuum unit (with the bucket off) and grab the filter and give it a good shaking.