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Generic Cord for Electric Power Brush Q&A

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Pin Distance Measurement

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus, model BM1393. The two-prong plug at the handle needs replacement (cord from the head, and switch/plug combo in handle). My plug measures 0.3" separation between the pins, closer to 5/16." The specs on your generic plug list 3/16" pin separation. Is this a typo, or are there two sizes for this plug? My plug looks similar in shape to the one shown on your website. Thanks, Nick

Hopefully we have been consistant with the measurements on the website. Apart from Vacuflo, all other pins are 3/8 or close to 3/8 or 6/16 inch apart from each other on center. We don't know of any pins only 3/16 inches apart. Please clarify if yours are that close together.

Will My Extension Wand Fit With New Power Cord?

Hi, I have a Hayden PerformancePack Model 7515-02 power brush and need a replacement cord from the head to the connection for the hose. The shape and pin width are correct on the one you have, but I'm wondering about the other dimension of the molded plastic. The one I have with the broken pin is about .356 inches. I found a replacement but it's about .386 so it won't fit in the handle fitting. Thanks, Rich

Based on the information you have provided, we would recommend replacing your upper wand with our Cord Channel Upper Wand for a proper fit.

Cord For Hose - Wall End?

My BeamSerenity Power Brush Hose Is A Pigtail. Do You Have One.Ed From St.john

The replacement cord for the wall end of your beam hose should be this one here. Note that the connections inside the cuff are different now but the part comes with the tiny connectors to update yours.

Beam Replacement Vacuum Cord?

Will this cord work on Beam Rugmaster Model BM1383? Dave from Niagara Falls, NY

Take a look at this generic cord for less money. Be sure the shape of the end is correct (it is the same shape as the Stealth Replacement Cord), and read the description.