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4-Switch Hose

We need to replace an old 32ft 4-wire vacuum hose on a Vacu Maid system (P-100). The hose has a gas pump style handle design with 2 switches. 1 switch for the P-100 and the second switch for the carpet brush. The other end of the hose is a direct connect for 125v AC and low voltage, metal pins for the AC and a split ring to pickup the low voltage. The hose end that plugs into the wall has a 1-7/16 outside dia. and a 1-3/16 inside dia. I did not find in the description of your hoses a reference to 4-wire or the number of switches on a handle. Can you tell me if any of your hoses might match the hose i tried to describe. Thanks Les. Tacoma WA.


The electric hoses offered on our website are all 4-wire hoses with a 3-way switch. Please review the details of this hose on our Electric Hose Page to confirm compatibility.

A Replacement for Vacuflo Gas Pump Electric Hose 7977-35

Will the electric hose replace my Vacuflo gas pump electric hose 7977-35?


Yes, our Electric Hoses replace the Vacuflo 7977-35. They are made by the same manufacturer with the same quality and warranty. Choose the hose length and wall end (corded or direct connect). Save money and replace your hose today.

A. B. 27 Central Vacuum Hose Replacement?

The hose says model A. B. 27 vacuum hose replacement?


The electric hoses offered on our website are compatible with the AB27 hose.

(Please note: This also applies to AB27 LR82648 hoses)

AB27 Handle and Switch?

I have a hose{P} AB 27 which need a new handle. This hose came with my Zenex system. Is it possible to buy just the handle with the three way switch to fit this hose. These numbers also are on the hose LR 82648 and E56267 Also what is the price. Thank You Very Much Bob


We carry the replacement Gas Pump Hose Switch and replacement Gas Pump Hose Handle on our website.

AB27 Cord Replacement

A.B.27 Pigtail connection problem. Hi, I have an electric hose model A.B.27 with pigtail. The pigtail has come a bit loose from the hose itself. Currently power only passes thru the connection to the electric brush if someone is physically holding the pigtail in a certain position to the hose. Can the pigtail and/or hose connection be easily replaced/repaired? If so, which parts/instructions do I need? Or, do I need to replace the entire hose? Thanks, Steve from Edmonton, Canada


The cord is available and easily replaced. You may view the replacement AB27 Cord Kit #352CO on our website.

Beam Hose Doesn't Fit in Nutone Outlets

We have Nutone wall outlets installed in 2000. Our main system is Kenmore. We just bought a used second hose (Beam brand) for the basement but the metal connector is too large to fit all the way completely into the wall outlet? The hose power connects on but if we pull too hard the hose will come out. Is there an adaptor part required to downsize from male to female? Thanks!


We suggest shaving a bit of plastic off the hose end so it goes in far enough for proper connection.

Broan CV40 Electric Hose?

I have the old broan cv40c and my hose is the cv331 in the brochure - electrical cords on both ends. I need a new hose (with electrical cords at each end) Can you help me? Thank you!


The first step in determining which hose you need depends on your inlet valves. Does the opening of your valve have an ID (inner diameter) of 1.5 ? Please review all available options on the Electric Hose page on our website, choose the length of hose you prefer, and remember to select the corded option. If you have inlet valves that measure anything other than 1.5 , please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) and one of our helpful representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Broken Pins On Brush Cord

I have a smart advantage beater bar, model SA-2001, that is missing one of the two pins that plugs into the central vac hose. Can this be fixed or is a replacement power cord needed? Thanks. Carol Pickering, Ontario

The pins are molded into the cord housing when they are made. If missing a pin, the whole cord needs to be replaced.

Can Vac Hose

I have an older Can Vac system and need to replace the hose, do you carry a replacement that will fit? Plus on the metal tube for the carpet sweaper, the small metal button that is used to lock in the e tube pieces together has fallen out, Can I fix this or do I need to get a new piece of tubing ? if I require the new tubing, do you carry it or the items to repair the button


We have a replacement Button-Lock C Clip to repair your broken piece that connects the sweeper to the extension wands. As for a replacement hose, we ask that you provide photos of your current hose/carpet sweeper/wands for review.

CentraLux Hose Replacement?

Is this the right hose for e130f centralux


Please review the Replacement Hose Options we offer to determine a compatible replacement for your system.

Compatible With Beam Serenity Series?

Is this compatible for the Beam Central Vac system (serenity series) Stacy, Wisconsin


Yes, our Electric Hose For Beam is compatible with Serenity and the others except the latest Q series. You can view all of our available hose options on the Beam Electric Hose page on our website.

Conductaflex 208 with Extension Replacement?

Need replacement hose for Conductaflex 208 LR 44129 120V 3.5A 60hz to CEN - TEC Model CT14DX. See photo.


Our Electric Hose options on our website are compatible with your Centec CT14DX power brush. This upgraded hose is not only pliable and lightweight, it will also be kinder to your baseboards and furniture. We also carry all the parts and replacements for your CT14DX on our website.

Please note you can replace the hose and power nozzle with any of our Complete Electric Kits.

Conductaflex Electric Hose Replacement

Hello: I have a Easy Flo EF1550 built in vacuum. I am looking to replace the hose. The information on the hose is as follows. Conductaflex 208, LR 44129 120V, 3.5 A, 60 HZ. Can you please quote me the price to replace the hose? Thank You Holly Alberta. Canada


We have a wonderful electric hose option, but the handle-to-electric cord connection can be slightly different from your existing hose. Please use the measurement photo on our Electric Hose page to determine if our hose will be compatible.

Convert or Swap 2-Way Switch Electric Hose?

I have a PLASTFLEX instant on/automatic hose with a 2 way switch handle. I would like to turn the vacuum off/on at the handle instead of always having to remove the hose from the wall. Is this possible? Change the hose end or switch out? Thanks for your help. Andrea


Our Electric Hoses (also made by Plastiflex) allow you to operate the suction and power brush with the three way switch on the hose handle. If your suction hole (inlet valve) measures 1-1/2 diameter and you see two small little metal contact points inside the hole (can be on top or bottom), this indicates you have standard inlets and our hoses will be compatible with your system.


Hello. I have 2 houses with cyclovacs and super valves. The first is a rental with carpet and hardwood floors. The 2nd is my home, with all hardwood. For both houses, I have only one cyclovac 30' hose and wand - it is electric. 1. Is the smart money to save up front $$ and buy a quality low voltage hose for my home with all hardwood, or pay up and get a 2nd electric hose? 2. Is the low voltage hose lighter and suppler than your electric version? (easier to haul around) 3. Could you recommend ratcheting extension wands of equal quality to the cyclovac for both your electric and low voltage hose? - My wife doesn't want to give up her cyclovac electric wand unless a new low voltage wand is equally nice. Thanks, Bill - Forest Ranch, Ca.


Based on the information you provided, your best option is our Low Voltage Hose and corresponding Extension Wands. The low voltage hose is lighter as there are no electrical components to add weight to the hose. If you would prefer the Electric Hose, be sure to go over the detailed photo in the Electric Hose page to ensure compatibility.

EasyFlo Compatible?

Will this hose fit my Easy Flo model EF1425, I hate to have to return it. Thanks K. Byrne, Orlando


This hose will fit in all industry standard 1-1/2 ID inlet valves that contain two small, round metal contacts inside the inlet valve hole. Please review the photos and details of all available options on our Electric Hose page on our website.

Electric Burn at Hose Handle End

I bought a new house with a Hoover central unit with a piggy back style cord connection to wall. A couple of months after moving in, I was vacuuming and I kept loosing power to the beater but it would come back on and I had no loss of suction. A few moments later, I glanced down near my hand (holding the gas pump style handle) and it sparked and black smoke followed. I let it cool off and noticed the plastic is melted around the connection. Since then, I've only been using the non-electric parts to clean hard surfaces. The electric carpet attachment is new (previous owner had just gotten it). Can I just replace the handle or do I need a new hose and electric carpet attachment? Thanks


This sounds like the hose handle connection shorted. This is usually due to hot swapping (disconnecting the hose handle while still on). Please review the details of the available Hose Replacement Parts on our website. We recommend starting with replacing the Switch Assembly in the hose handle.

Electric Hose Extension?

I currently have a 30ft pig-tail corded hose (Beam) but need a little length for one room. I don't really want to carry around a lot of extra hose when not needed in most rooms. Do you have an extension that would work with a powerhead? If not could you tell me if I add an extension plug the pigtail into the wall with an extension cord would I still be able to get electricity to the power head?


You can use a 12' Hose Extension with your 30' pigtail hose. Simply, add an extension cord in order to use this extension with your existing powerhead.

Electrolux Compatible?

Hello, I have electrolux central vacuum cleaner model 1590. I would like to know what kind of hose to purchase. Thanks John


Please take a look at our Electrolux Hose Options to determine which hose will be compatible with your system.

Fasco Compatibility



This hose will fit in all industry standard 1-1/2 ID inlet valves that contain two small, round metal contacts inside the inlet valve hole. Please review the photos and details of all available options on our Electric Hose page on our website.

Filter Queen Hose?

I presently have a Filter Queen Central Vacuum system. I need a replacement electric hose. I have all of the attachments. Will your electric hose work with my present system?


This hose will fit in all industry standard 1-1/2 ID inlet valves that contain two small, round metal contacts inside the inlet valve hole. Please review the photos and details of all available options on our Electric Hose page on our website.

GE 600 Central Vacuum

Hi I have an old GE 600 central vacuum system( model: BGVS600A9A serial: 851497-911).The canister seems to work great. I have never seen the original hose but by looking at the wall plug it looks looks like a direct plug in hose type . Can I find a replacement hose here? Thank you , Elio.


This hose will fit in all industry standard 1-1/2 ID inlet valves that contain two small, round metal contacts inside the inlet valve hole. Please review the photos and details of all available options on our Electric Hose page on our website.

Hayden Hose and Nozzle Upgrade and Replace

We have a seven year old Hayden 6000 and a Hayden Superpack Deluxe electric powerhead with a 30ft hose. My wife is very petite and the powerhead and hose is heavy for her to carry upstairs. The powerhead needs a new base assembly and a new brush/beater bar assembly, and the hose is a few feet shorter than what would be ideal for us. One option we are considering is to replace the Hayden Superpack Deluxe kit with a new Stealth kit. How is the weight of the Stealth electric powerhead and 35 ft hose assembly compared to our vintage Hayden Superpack Deluxe with the 30 ft hose?


We highly recommend the 12 Stealth Kit as the nozzle and hose are a few pounds lighter than your current set up.

Hayden Hose Parts, Bad Fuse or Switch?

Hi my hayden super pack doesn't work when you turn the switch to vacumm but works with the roller only when you turn the switch opposite way. Pls advise what's wrong with the vacumm? do i need to replace the handle or is there any other way to replace the fuse from the handle?


It is likely you will only need to replace the switch as the power brush would not activate if the fuse was defective. You can view our Replacement Hose Parts on our website.

Hayden Hose Parts?

We have a Hay202 central vacuum, SN D50101035 and the electric contact pins on the hose end that plugs into the wall outlet have broken off. The hose and the pickup end is in good shape. Is the wall end of the hose available without purchasing the entire hose assembly?


Please review our Part #342MP for a compatible replacement part.

Hayden Superhose Compatible?

will a hayden direct connect hose fit a md system

Yes. The Hayden Superhose will fit any of our inlets as they are all industry standard size.

How Light?

Is this hose considerably lighter than the original hose that came with my Centralux System (purchased in 2000. Thank You


This hose is not compatible with Centralux systems. You would need to buy a new attachment kit, such as the Stealth Kit or Ace Kit, to use this hose. It will fit into industry standard wall inlet valves (Measuring 1-1/2 ID and containing two small metal contact points inside the inlet valve hole). If you can't step on your current hose, crush it down and have it spring back to normal, you have the older style bulky hose. This electric hose is much lighter.

How to Convert to Different End

In buying a new home the hose and all attachments were missing from our central vac system. Our Realtor got the seller to buy us a replacement hose. However it came as a direct connect and not a pigtail. I got a conversion kit but no directions. How do I convert it from a direct connect to a pigtail?


The wall end of a the standard electric vacuum hose has a hose cuff that comes off with a little help from screwdriver and downward pressure as the end on a hard surface at a 90-degree angle. Use the screwdriver to pry the back end of the cuff off the tabs holding it in place. You will see two wires that need to be disconnected and then reconnected to the new item. Older ones had pin ends, new ones have a pin and a slate. Older ones can be upgraded by splicing a wire and crimping on the small included slat. A new cuff and plug are included in the kit to put everything back together really nicely. You can also view a video on how to convert your hose on our website.

Kenmore Compatible

we need to replace the hose for Sears model 116.4053280. The vac system was installed in the mid 80's. Is there anything that will work?


If you have a PowerMate electric power brush, please select from one of the options on our Kenmore Electric Hose Page. We carry many hose replacement options for Kenmore central vacuums. If you own non-electric floor/carpet attachments, a basic hose will work great. Select from the options listed on our Kenmore Basic Hose Page. If your inlet valves (where you plug the hose into the wall) activates suction by simply opening the door/flap, you will need an adapter for these 1-1/4 ID inlet valves. Please view both adapters on our website: Basic Hose Adapter and Electric Hose Adapter.

Longer Hose Needed

Howard-Burlington Wi I'm looking for another hose, or longer for the silentmaster


The following hose lengths are available:

Please note that we offer a 12' Extension Hose that can be used with basic hoses, low voltage hoses, and corded electric hoses.

Need Longer Than 35'

Why is the 35ft length, for an electric hose with pigtail, as long as I can get? Is there an extension hose of some kind out there that can be purchased to lengthen the 30ft hose that I already have? Steve, Rochester Hill, MI


We offer a 12' Extension Hose that can be used with corded, electric hoses (NOT direct connect). Please note that you may need to use an extension cord if using the electric power brush with the extension hose.

No Pins on Wall End

Hi, my name is Corine and I have a Hayden Supervac 6000. I have a hose that does not have pins because I only have stone and hardwood floors. I do not know which hose to order as this one does not work anymore. Can you tell me which hose to order? Thank you. Gulf Breeze, Florida


You can select from our Basic Hose or Low Voltage Hose options. The basic hose activates the suction by simply inserting the wall end into the inlet valve. The low voltage hose has the convenience of an on/off switch on the hose handle.

Nutone 360 or 360D Automatic Inlet Compatible?

I have a Nutone model 353 with a direct plug in hose. I have looking for a replacement kit. Can you tell me which kit would fit my inlets. I believe that they are 1.5" The booklet calls it a. Thank you


You could purchase any of our Electric Kits as they will be compatible with your system. We highly recommend the Stealth or Ace Kit.

Nutone Compatible

I have a Nutone CV-450W central vacuum system, purchased in 1995. The little "button" on the handle where the "pipes" slide together has broken, and it seems like I must get an entire new hose with the handle attached. It has a pigtail for power, but the hose evidently has power, as well. Can you tell me what i need to get to fix the thing back to normal? Many thanks, Noah


Please review the Stub Tube with Button Lock on our website to confirm compatibility. Otherwise, a new corded electric hose is a great option.

Nutone CT600 Hose?

Ken, Landisville, Pa. I have a NuTone CT600 Motor-Driven Power Brush, Will your power hose plug fit the 2-prong plug from this power brush?


The Electric Hose options on our website will be compatible with your CT600 power head. Due to the varying wand options over the years, we also recommend purchasing a replacement Upper and Lower Extension Wand.

Panasonic Replacement Hose

Kate, Portland, ME: In response to your question on what brand is my central vacuum. It is a Panasonic MC-H2000 with a Panasonic MC-H1100 power brush. Wondering if you carry a replacement hose for this system.


Yes, our standard electric hose will work with your system.

Power Cord Needed

Good afternoon I have a Cana-vac unit model # CT14X. The eight foot power cord is cracked and not working. Do you offer a replacement cord? One end is a two prong plug and the other is a female adapter. Thanks Fred from Colorado Springs.


You can view the three options for Replacement Cords for the CT14X on our website.

Relacement Hose Handle

I have a Vacu-Maid P225. Need to replace the gas pump type handle only. It has a left/right switch - on the bootom there is a flushed 2 pin for electrical.


Please review our Replacement Gas Pump Style Hose Handle to confirm compatibility.

Replace Metal Tube on Handle?

I have a Stealth power brush for my central VAC system. The handle no longer locks in place. The handle moves up and down with the push and pull motion when using it. It appears a plastic piece has broken. The protective cover on the handle and the metal block that slides into the block on the handle appear to be OK. I could not find the parts list for the handle on the website. Can I buy that piece. thansk for the help. JohnD


Yes, we carry replacement Stub Tube with Button Lock to remedy this issue.

Replace Pistol Grip Electric Hose?

We need a 30' replacement hose for our central vacuum. Please provide the link to the correct part number. If we need to buy new attachments, please provide that link also. Thanks.


The Electric Hose options on our website will replace this older style (pistol grip) hose. The new hose will connect to the old wands.

Replacement Button Lock

Don from Baton Rouge LA; I'm in need of the wand adapter that fits on the end of the hose swivel handle, that looks like a stubby gun, the adapter is about 4 - 5" in length and allows you to attach the different wands for whatever cleaning you're doing at the time. The push down/pop up silver metal button that fits into the wand attachment's hole is sprung so the wand attachments tend to come off while vacuuming, etc. This is for an Air Vac central vacuum system, and it appears to be part of the model VM2200DS standard electric central vacuum tools and accessories or VM1200S kit that


We do not offer this type of adapter, but we do have a Replacement Button Lock.

Signature Replacement Hose?

Does your 35 ft electric hose fit a Signature central vac system? My present model has a pigtail system for the power nozzle and a two hole socket located at the end of the hose and the beginning of the wand to attach power nozzle. Thank you, Paula


If your inlet valve measures 1-1/2 ID and contains two small metal contact points inside the inlet hole, our Corded Electric Hose Options will be compatible with your system.You may need to replace your extension wands to allow a proper fit between new hose and power nozzle, depending on your current hose's measurements.

Soft? Rubbery? Flexible?

Is this hose stiff, or is it "soft, rubbery and very flexible"? The one that came with my system is crush proof - and it is very rigid and is damaging my floors and walls. Brooks, AB Canada


Our Electric Hoses are pliable and crush proof, meaning they will bounce back to original form if stepped on or flattened. For further protection of your floors, baseboards, and furniture, we recommend using one of our Hose Socks with the hose.

Switch Assembly for Electric Hose

I have a Smart Vacuum hose, and a Smart Advantage power head, model SB7001, drawing 1.9 amps. The hose suction comes on when plugged into the low voltage vacuum outlets. The head is driven by 120V cord which is plugged in directly to an outlet. The handle assembly looks like the 353GC head. There is a rocker switch on top. The two power inlets in the handle have become elongated over time, causing intermittent contact with the two power probes from the powered head. Can I buy the female receptacle contained in the handle, or even the entire switch assembly? If so, where, and how?


Please review the recommended Replacement Switch Assembly for your hose.

Switch Right Position Has No Suction

Short is Switch?? Have Stealth Vacuume Attachment. When I turn on switch to left is sucks and I can vacumme with attachments. When I plug into my STEALTH VACUUME HEAD and switch to right to turn on it only operates the stealth head but does not suck. Do I need a new switch??


Yes, a new Gas Pump Switch Assembly will remedy this issue. Please review our Replacement Instructions for this item on our website for ease of installation.

Three Way Switch?



The Electric Hoses offered on our website have a three-way switch and are available in 30' and 35' length options.

Vacu-Queen with Cord on Both Ends

Hi.. I have a VACU-QUEEN SD100 and the hose is very poor condition.. what hose is a good bet for me to replace it? It has an AC male plug on one end and a female pigtail on the other. I woould appreciate your input for a new hose. Thanks Ben


This type of hose is obsolete. We would recommend purchasing new tools, in the form of an Electric Kit. If your inlet valve measures 1-1/2 ID and contains two small metal contacts, any of our kits will be compatible. We suggest the Stealth or Ace Electric Kits with corded pigtail hose. You can view all of our Electric Kit Options on our website.

VacuFlo Inlets

My house had an old Vacuflo system when I bought it. We have purchased a new DrainVac with pigtail hose, electric beater bar and accessories. But the hose is too large to fit into the inlets. They are low voltage and come on when you open the door. Is there an adapter for the hose or the inlet that will make these compatible? Or is there a way to upgrade the inlets to standard size without ripping up my walls? Thanks, Nova, Kansas City


We recommend upgrading your current inlet valves to industry standard inlet valves. Please review the information on our Vacuflo Inlet Page to learn more about this process.

VacuQueen Bulky Hose Upgrade Needed

I have a vacuqueen central vac installed in 1994. It is so heavy to pull around that I hate to use it. I use both the hard surface nozzle as well as the electric powered carpet head. My outlets have the 2-prong electrical connect. Will a new hose actually make it much lighter or am I out of luck and should just purchase a good upright?


It sounds like you have the older style, heavy, wire reinforced hose. We encourage you to try the crushproof, durable, and lightweight Electric Hose as we offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to test drive it and decide for yourself. We have seen many, many happy homeowners who have made this switch and their testimonials are on our website.

What hose do I need?

I received my new Manta mophead today and I am very pleased with it! As luck would have it though, I noticed the hose has a split in it near the handle end. I have a Filtex FX 675A model vacuum. The wall connector is pvc with the two metal connector dots inside the neck. What hose do you recommend I replace it with?


Do you have an Electric Carpet Head? If so, please take a look at our Electric Hose Options to determine the correct replacement for your system. If all of your attachments are air driven (suction driven only), please take a look at our Low Voltage Hose Options for your system.

Will Cold Temperatures Affect My Electric Hose?

I was wondering whether there is any problem in storing the electric hose in the garage in very cold winter weather? Shirley Apple River, IL


The hose will be fine in the cold garage.