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MC-2XX Circuit Board Replacement

Hi, I have a CentraLux model J33370G. Stopped running. I traced the problem back to the circuit board Online through a different store and was told the replacement for my Aerus MC-2XA circuit board was a MC-2XX. I installed it and it runs when plugged in on the bench. Without jumping the hose low voltage switch. The filter low voltage switch functions properly. Do I have the correct board? If not, Where do I go to find the correct board? Thanks, Kevin G.

It sounds like you have the correct board. You should undo the filter switch and see what happens. It is not really needed. We have used this board successfully in many vacuums and leave the filter switch undone.

Motor Making Loud Sound

Motor suddenly changed sound, very loud, still has vacuum, cannister and filter look ok. Motor bearings perhaps?Mike, Enumclaw,Wa

Probably the bearings, but you can use it until it goes bad. But having said that, if it heats up too much it may cause the mini breaker to pop (as it is supposed to do) and then maybe fail (meaning it will pop too soon after you install the new motor).

Centralux E130 No Power

Hi! I have a centralux E130 vacuum. Was vacuuming and turned the unit off to switch the floor accessory on bottom of hose. When I turned the switch back on it will not turn on. I have tried different wall outlets, the outlet to central vac, and circuit breaker. Can not figure out the problem. I've called electrolux which in return had me call beam. They have given me 3 numbers to call to see if someone can troubleshoot over the phone. The first number has been disconnected, the second number only does installs, and the third number said they would call back and I've heard nothing. Can someone please help me out? Melissa Litchfield

You could have one of several issues here. Your motor could be dead, the hose could have a short, or the wires from the inlets to the unit could have a short. A simple series of quick tests will narrow down the issue. Follow our troubleshooting guide here This will let you know how to test, in what order to test, and how to solve the problem.

Electrolux E130A Brush Power Issues

Hello. I have the E130A unit in our home. I am experiencing the problem of the l-shape powernozzle power going out. I took the part to a vacuum repair place locally; it worked for a short time but has gone out yet again. Is there someway to truly repair this, or purchase this part individually? The rest of the vacuum system is working beautifully. Thank you. Mikki in Faribault

You may just need to replace the carpet brush if you continue to experience power problems. Once power brushes get old, many of the parts are no longer available. Take a look at your replacement options here,

Electrolux E130 Top Fan Came Off

I have a Electrolux E130 that runs for a while then stops. I opened it up and the fan seems to be not attached anymore. I would like to know if the fan issues cause it to shut down, can I fix the fan and how-are there any instructions to do this, and where do I get the fan to fix it. Thank you. Bob-Mundelein, IL

The top fan on the motor is the cooling fan for the internal components of the motor. If it comes off, the motor will overheat and shut down. There is not a way to refit the fan onto the motor, the entire motor will need to be replaced.

Electrolux Circuit Board

I have an E130A Electrolux 120 v. 12 amps 60 HZ. Like someone else on this dicussion page, after it has been running a few minutes, it begins turning itself on and off, about as fast as you could turn the switch on and off on the hose control. What board do I need?

You can use the circuit board pictured at the top of the page for all Electrolux 110 volt models

Electrolux 1590 Replacement Relay

I have a Model 1590 (Serial C-20388B) that is about 20 years old. Unit worked fine then would not shut off when hose was unplugged. Disconnecting low voltage lines did not shut of unit. I have removed the relay (Honeywell R8228A 1006) and now read that this is no longer available. What is the correct replacement relay? Thanks for your help.

For your system it is better to replace the relay and transformer with our circuit board found here,

Circuit Board Wiring

I just replaced the circuit board in my E130G and now when I put the filter back in the until immediately turns on and runs continuously. Bill G from Jackson.

You have the wiring wrong, the power is connected directly to the motor. Refer to the wiring diagram to correct here, Click on the picture to enlarge the image.

Electrolux 1590 Will Not Turn Off

My electrolux model 1590 will not turn off unless I pull the plug. The circuit breaker switch will not go in. Lisa Monroe two nj

This is usually due to a bad relay that is not disengaging. Follow our troubleshooting guide to confirm at

Electric Nozzles Stopped Working

I have an Electrolux Central Vac Model E130F. The suction is fine but the power head isn't working, niether is the sidekick. I also tried the reset button, and plugging the powerhead and sidekick directly into the noozle (no wands) and still not working. Could it be I need to replace the on/off switch possibly? If so, do you know where I can buy this? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Mel VA

Can you try plugging them directly into the vacuum wall inlet? You can if your have a direct connect, not pigtail corded hose. But since they are both not working, the failure point is usually the direct connect plug or the pigtail cord. There is a hidden diode fuse that goes bad. Replace the plug or cord and you should be fine. Here is some more help

Electrolux System Cleaning

We are new tenants to home with an Electrolux 1590 and would like to now how we clean the main unit? Does is have a bag, built in filter...? If replaceable bags/filters where can they be purchased? Thanka

That is a cyclonic unit, so no bags are used. There is a foam filter just below the motor. Remove the bottom collection bin and reach up to the filter, pull down to remove. The filter should be cleaned regularly by brushing the outside and clearing any built up dirt and debris. Replacement filters can be found here,

Weak Suction

My e130a hose has weak to no suction. All the wall inlets have great suction but the hose will not pick up any dirt or even dust. I have plugged the hose into the wall and tried to suck out the hose by attaching the end to another inlet and it still wont pull out what we are hoping is the clog. Please help. Kellyn from Edmonton, AB

Hello, please use this guide to find the issue and solution

Electrolux 6500SR

My Electrolux 6500sr only works when the hose is not attached. A vacuum store employee said I needed a new hose so I ordered one on the net. When I connected the new hose, once again the motor stopped. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Mary, Laguna Niguel

Is that a built-in central vacuum? If so we can help you find the issue and you can start here If not then please find a repair person in your area for portable vacuums that is more knowledgeable.

Electrolux 6500 Sr How To Remove The Top Cover.

How do I get the top cover off where the foot switch is located on my Electrolux 6500 SR vac? Thanks. Tony, Chinco. VA

You will first need to remove the screws from the underside of the brush. The top cover will then come off.

Centralux E130J Motor

Can I assume from reading the above questions that my Centralux E130J with the sickening click only needs a motor? If so, which one and how difficult is it replace as a DIY? Thanks

Yes, if all you get is a click at the main unit then you need only a motor. It is not difficult to change out, just read over the instructions in the link. The motor you need is one of two here, the only way to tell is by looking at the bottom of yours. If it is perfectly flat or not. Let us know if you need any help.,209,730EXF,how2mtr

Bought Used 1590

Hello, I just bought a used Electrolux centralvac mode 1590. I want to know about how old are these, did they ever take bags, what is the water lift/suction on it, and what size house is it for? I have a 2000sq one level home and plan on installing the unit in the detached heated and cooled shop out back. It's about 20 ft away from my house. Will this be a problem? Thanks so much. Phillip

This is a good vacuum. It has a strong motor, steel construction, and foam filter. It never took a bag. Your home size and detached location is fine for its power. It is for homes with the longest run around 125 feet, and any number of inlets. The motor specs are here All our complete kits are compatible.

Mini Breaker Popped Way Out

This in reply to the answer to my Electrolux E130A question bout weather it is the motor. The minibreaker on the main unit is popped way out and will not stay in. Can I do anything to so it will sty in to run the test you suggested. Lindsey

There is not a way to test this with the mini breaker completely disengaged. An electrician can, though. He'd bypass the mini breaker by connecting the wires on it together. Also remember that the motor may run for a while after it's been moved around. Will it run for 15 minutes though? That is the test.

Bad Motor or Breaker?

I have an Electrolux E130A that stopped working. When you flick the nozzle hose there is nothing. when you press the restart button on the canister it doesn't click or stay in. I can run the power nozzle but has no suction. Am I right in assuming it is the motor and not the motor brushes mentioned in some of the other Q&A. Lindsey

When you try starting it from the home you should hear a click at the main unit, then you know the motor is bad. The minibreaker on the main unit, when popped, comes out really far, so it may be in already. It needs to be in to run this test. Let us know if you need more help.

Control Board?

can i buy the control board for a e130g centralux vaccuum ???????? dave/creston, ia

Dave, the board is available from Electrolux for around $200. We have a robust generic board for all models that does the same thing for around $40. Easy to retrofit and to wire it use this diagram

Suctioned Water

I accidently sucked some water while cleaning my car, now I only get little suction on suction mode and no suction on power mode. Have I ruined the motor? Thanks, Lacey

Lacey, try removing the filter. It is probably caked with gunk. You can wash it and let it completely dry. Also, you should use this guide to be sure it is not something else

Smells Like Cigarette Smoke

Epic 6500 Smells I have an Epic 6500 I got it from my mom she smokes and the vacuum still smells of stale smoke, I have tried changing the filter and it does not help. Do you know what I can do to get the smell out of the vacuum

Hi, remove the filter and spray the interior of the unit and filter with Lysol. Let everything dry and put it back together. That should do it.

Board or Motor Bad

I have a Aerus E130F that is not working. How can I determine if it is the board or the motor? Thank you, Ron - Emerson, NJ

If you have someone try to start the vacuum and you hear a click then it is the motor that is bad. If no click then the board or the board is not getting electricity.

Use Nozzle with Different Unit?

Are there any electrolux models that do not take a power nozzle? I am buying a used old one but have a power nozzle that worked with another old model that just died.

Hi, power nozzles are not married to any vacuum unit, you can use any hose and nozzle combination with any system. Install the old unit and use hose and tools you have. When the hose and nozzle need replacing see

Motor Fan Needed?

I have a 1590 and the fan on the top of the motor has popped off and is no longer good. It spun off and broke the housing also. what parts do I need to replace it. It looks like to me: housing, fan,clamp, screw and comm end bracket?

Hi, please call us as we may have the spare fan available used.

Low Suction for No Reason?

My Electrolux 1205 ca.1973 which has not been used for about 15 years since I bought a home with a central vac, seems to have lost a lot of suction although the motor sounds as strong as it ever did. Everything is original. Could it be the woven hose? And if so, how do I check that out? any and all suggestions would be appreciated since I really like this old work horse and I was always impressed with its suction power and could use it in my office where there is no central vac. Bob, Monroe NY.

Hi, step-by-step you need to check the unit and system out. It is simple to do using this guide