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Replacement 2-pin Cord on Hose Wall End

Jim in Bedford, VA. We have an electrolux central vac with a Power Nozzle Model #1692. There used to be a short electrical cord that plugged into the wall socket and then into hose which would power the nozzle. Somehow that short cord has been lost. Would you know where we would be able to purchase one? Thanks in advance,

Yes, we have generic replacement cords that fit all 2-pin connections. See them here

Centralux Suction Randomly Works

I have a Centralux unit....8 years old I am unable to figure out why when I plug in and turn on now, it doesnt start at all. However, If I attach the carpet or sofa attachment..they start...but no suction.. I though the motor was maybe shot.. however, I randomly plugged in unit a week later...and it worked!...suction all like nothing was wrong. This (not starting) issue happened two more times since...So I am lost.. as of now...unit doesnt turn on.. any thoughts? Alan

This is typical of what the motor does as it goes bad. It works or it doesn't. Replace the motor and you'll be good. It is quite easy. You can get the motor and instructions here

Vac Aerus Wall Valves 46599 or 46600

I have an older Electrolux central vac system E117A. I need to replace my hose. The nozzle head lists: Vac Aerus wall valves #46599 or 46600. Can you tell me which hose I need to order. If it's available I would prefer a 35 foot. Thanks

It is quite unique for the vacuum nozzle to list the type of wall valves the compatible hose fits into. Nevertheless, the wall valves should be industry standard because most all installers used standard ones for Electrolux and Aerus Vacuum Systems. The end of the hose that goes into these valves is standard too. The tricky part is the hose handle connection to the power nozzle extension tubes. We don't have a cross reference for the numbers you give but if you send us a picture of the hose and parts we'd be glad to point you in the right direction.

Standard Inlet Valve and Mounting Plate

looking for standard mounting plate and inlet valve.

The first three inlets on this page are industry standard low voltage inlets used by all brands. The mounting plate is part #517 on the same page. Electrolux hoses without a 2-pin connection on the wall end fit these inlets. If a 2-pin then use "electric inlets". If you have any further questions please let us know.

Replacement Wands - All Models

I have an elecrolux central vacum, model 1590, that needs a replacement wand

There were several types of wands used in any Electrolux installation. You can call use for guidance or reply with photos of the wand ends for us to get back to you on. The hose, wands, and tools used in any Electrolux system is never dependant on the model of the main suction unit or the inlets in the wall.

Power Head Bearings

Can I change bearings and bushes in the power head. I'm a qualified electrician.I can't remove the main suction fan from the motor shaft.It only requires lubrication but thought I'd change the fan end bearing any way. Ross from WA

In some power brushes the bearings can be changed, in others they cannot. Remove the brush roller fromt the brush and see if the end caps housing the bearings come off. The only power brush that we carrry with the ability to change the motor brushes is the Stealth found here,

Electrolux E130A Replacement Wands

I have the E103A Central vacuum which was purchased in 2001. The lower wand does not click when you attach the tools. They fall off. It looks like that is a piece that has broke off. Can I replace the the lower wand. Thanks Judy Norgan

Yes, you can replace the wand. Take a look at your options here,

All Kits Universal Replacements?

I have a centralux by aerus system. Will your hose kits work with this? Are central vacuum systems pretty uniform so that I can buy whatever kit has the attachments I want? Thanks so much!! Martha

Martha, yes, you can buy whatever complete kit you want. They are universal when it comes to the wall plates, pipes, wires, and it doesn't matter what the suction machine brand or model is. Hope you enjoy your new kit!

Best Filtration Possible?

Hello, I have an Electrolux Centrulux E130A w/ 2 paper-type filters. These things are a pain to clean and as I'm having my furnace replaced with 2 high-quality air purifiers I am wondering about the possibility of a higher grade / HEPA-type filter for this model. What's the best I can do? I've noticed on the net that only foam-type filters are avilable now. Are there better, or am I better off sticking to the corrugated paper ones? As a follow-up, what's a good replacement vacuum that would use the existing ductwork/wiring and would give me the best quality (cats, asthma, allergies, etc). Thanks! MERV.

You'd be best off using the pleated paper filters and with your existing unit. There is nothing better made for them. If you want to upgrade to a new unit we highly suggest the FloMaster M85 and SilentMaster S44 with MicroFiltration Closed Bags. They are available through our dealers, they work directly with your existing system, and cost between $500 and $750.

Half Suction at Inlet

I have an Electrolux E103A the problem is the closest hook-up to the vacuum system works fine, then the second closest appears to work at half power. The longest one from the vacuum system doesn't work at all. Now the reset button on the side of the unit will not come out.Could the circuit board in the unit be bad at the reset switch. Mark from MN

When you say half power does that mean the suction is only half of what it is at the closer hook up? Then you have a clog between those two inlets. See solution three here to try to fix it yourself.

Replace Hose or Entire Kit

I have an Aerus Electrolux Central Vac System that was in the house we purchased. The house is 9 years old. My hose stopped working when I turned it off one day it would not power back on. I have the direct connection type (no pigtail). The dealer is telling me that my hose has a $189 circuit board that needs replacing or I could just buy a new hose for $325. I'm not sure I beleive there is a circuit board inside the hose. Is that really true? Thanks Susan from Savannah GA.

Proprietary Electrolux goods are expensive and there is a control board in the hose handle. Our recommendation is to replace the entire hose and tool set with a new one. Your wall connections are standard so any of our Electric Kits for Electrolux fit perfectly with all models. Check them out here and let us know if you have any questions. We also have replacement hoses for Aerus Electrolus Central Vacs here

Older Unit, Motor & Hose

Do you carry replacement motors for Electrolux whole house vac's about 20 years old? Also long replacement hoses? Thanks Mike

Yes, we sell the replacement motor for your system. Click on the Motors link from here We sell hoses, but many different ones where used. You can click on the Hoses link or give us a call to be sure you get what you need. Also know that your wall inlets are universal so you can buy any complete attachment kit from us and have all new, properly fitting, tools.

Hose Broken, Kit Desired at Good Price

I have an electrolux aerus model E130F central vac. The hose has recently had a break in the wire that runs inside it. My local repair shop cannot repair it. What are my options and costs for fixing/replacing the hose? I would not mind replacing the the whole hose/power brush kit if the price is not too expensive. The power head itself has broken twice due to its plastic tubes. Thanks. -Ray -Mendon, MA.

Hello Ray, thanks for writing in. The wall inlets you have are standard so we recommend a complete new hose and tool kit. The offerings are on this page We know about the hose issue you have, once that happens it is not repairable. Therefore the best option is really a new kit. With the upgrade you can also use any of the helpful accessories you see. They fit the hose on the new kits. If you'd like to replace the hose we have the various styles use by Electrolux Aerus here

Older Hose and Nozzle Help

I have Electrolux model 1590 central vac. I now need a replacement hose (20 foot). I also feel as thought power nozzel needs some minor replairs. Can you help me or direct me? I have contacted An Electrolux dealer in my area, He just wasn't sure if he could help, being it is 16 years old. Best regards. Roxanne

Hi Roxanne, the hose is proprietary but we have replacements here Our suggestion, though, is to get an industry standard hose vacuum such as the Stealth, Ace, or BlackHawk Kit here . The wall ports you have are industry standard and the hose in the new kit will fit directly into them. You will most likely need the pigtail version of the new kit (hose has 8ft pigtail electric cord at the wall end to plug into a nearby electrical outlet). Let us know if you have any questions.

Floor Brush for Pet Hair

Tom from Braintree, Mass. I have a central Vac system Lux (Electrolux) look to just purchase the Pet hair hardwood floor brush? Thank You Tom

Hi Tom, usually Electrolux hoses do not work with industry standard accessories. The hose needs to have a metal stub tube off the hose handle to work with them. If yours does then you are in luck but if not here is a compatible hose, wands and the floor brush best for pet hair,406P,402W. If your hose is plastic all the way down to your accessories they you can use this adapter and the tools you find our website

Buy New Kit or Electrolux Hose?

I have an Electrolux 1590 central vac approx. 18 years old. I need a new 35 ft. hose and a new floor brush attachment. My power head is okay for now. I do not have a direct connect. It has a pigtail connection. I don't need anything too fancy. Just want something to do the job. Any suggestions? I know for about $300.00 Aerus can order these two parts. Can you offer any better options than this?

Hi, you can buy a new electric hose and floor brush for about $225 from us. Electrolux has you on the ropes because their hose and power head connection is proprietary. We have replacement hoses for them but not the vacuum heads. If you'd like to see the compatible, complete kits (they all fit your vacuum system) then please start here and if you have questions, please let us know.

Replace Carpet Sweeper

I have an Electrolux Model E103A central vac, and the carpet attachment with the beater bar will not run, how do I find a replacement?

Hi, you can do more Googling or you can buy a complete hose and tool set from MD and get up and running. Replacing it all is a good idea because newer hoses are easier to use and have more suction. The new kits fit right into your vacuum system and we recommend the Stealth or Ace here

New Home, New to Central Vac

We are purchasing a house that has an Electrolux central vacuum system and we know nothing about them. Diana

Hi Diana, congratulations on the new home and central vacuum. It should help you efficiently keep your home super clean. This webpage gives you upgrades and a lot of other customer interaction from previously asked questions. Good news is the only maintenance is emptynig the bin (which latches down off the unit) and cleaning the filter. Oh, and having a great hose and attachment kit will help you get the most from your central vacuum! The previous link has all the options. Please don't hesitate to call us or write us again.

Replacing Older Style Power Wands

Where can I get a replacement power wand for my Electrolux Central Vacuum Model 1590? Your help will be appreciated. Don

We have the commonly used wands for that system here along side the hoses they fit into to

Long Electric Hose Available?

i was wondering if you would have a 35 or 40 ft electroulx hose to fit a model 1590 central vac system It has a piglet cord and friction fit. Also looking for total cost to ship to Canada postal code A0N 1T0

There are no 40ft electric hoses available as regulations forbid it. However, there are 35ft ones available. If your hose looks like the first one listed here then you are in luck. We sell the 35ft version of it only

Snap Broke on Wands

We have a Electrolux E 117a (ECV 1590A) central vacuum system. The wands for this system no longer snap together and do not connect correctly onto the vacuum attachment. We can tape them together, but that is, obviously, not very convenient. What are our options for replacing these wands? Stan K

We have what you are looking for here We have the hose and the wands available on that page. If you need any further help please let us know.

Replace 1692 Nozzle

I have a electrolux 1692 power nozzle. What is the replacement for it? Ed

Hello Ed, Electrolux vacuums have a proprietary connection at the hose handle so we don't have any nozzles compatible. However, the wall inlet connection is standard and we highly recommend buying a complete attachment kit such as the Stealth. You will have a better brush, in our opinion, and be able to use all the accessories you see on our website. Click here to choose your complete new kit:

Electrolux Afuera Stalls on Thick Carpet

I have a brand new Electrolux central vac. system. It is called the Afuera model. Our powerbrush does not adjust to carpet height and we have a very plush carpet. The motor stalls and dies when we try to use it. Is there a powerbrush with an adjustable height feature? Thanks, Sarah Freese

Hello Sarah, the best option is the Ace Kit. It has the highest adjustable setting. You'll have to buy a whole new attachment kit, though, but the new kit will fit directly into your wall ports and work seamlessly with your system.

Need New Power Nozzle

I have a Electrolux Model E130A, Centralux central vacuum cleaner aspirateur central. The power nozzle model N137A does not work. I have had it for approx. 5 years and it has only worked about 1 year out of all of it. I have had the service person who sold it to me come "bandaid it" a couple of times. Now, I can't even reach him. I'm tired of the hassel of trying to get it fixed. How do I purchase a new power nozzle only and how much is it. Thank you & God Bless, Robin Kostszycki

Sorry, we don't have replacement Electrolux vacuum heads. The only thing we have are replacement hose and nozzle kits such as the Stealth.