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Service Light On

Re Centrallux Aerus All 3 lights are on Power/Service/Filter The canister and filter were not full/ok - I emptied the canister and replaced the filter - reset switch. Now the power and service light is on - why is the "service"light on Thanks

Dummy lights come on based on hours of use. The service light suggests the motor brushes be checked. We have Motor Brush Instructions online. Regardless, to turn the lights off unplug the unit, plug it back in then engage the unit's switch (if present) 7-10 times.

Intermittent Power to Vacuum Head

Electrolux power nozzles turns on and off. I have an Electrolux aerus lux 5500. The canister is working fine and I replaced the hose about one month ago however, the power nozzle will turn on and off as you try to vacuum. The brush works fine. Do I need to replace the whole power nozzle or can I replace something like the cord or breaker? My name is Betty and I'm from South Salem, NY

Typically that on/off intermittent issue has to do with a connection between the vacuum head and the hose handle. Carefully hold everything still while it is operating and then jiggle, pull, push, and twist eact connection area to see if you can find the problem. Even test the hose as it enters the hose handle. From there you can come up with the best solution.

Suction Not Working on Hose

We have a new centra lux vacuum unit that doesn't start through the hose but does through the port on the floor we sweep into, so would it be the power switch on the handle for the vacuum? The Allison's from Norman

Since the suction is working through the floor port (VacPan) then it has to be an issue with the hose, especially if you have the same problem when trying other wall inlets. You may be able to replace the switch, if that is the issue. It can also be the wire in the hose is not connected at some point. It can be hard to figure out.

Lost Power After Cleaning

No power after cleaning canister and filter

On the Electrolux there is a filter sensor. Try putting the filter back in, or unplug the wires from the sensor (from above) and leave them unplugged. Obviously the unit is plugged in, right?

Confused About Replacement Hoses

I need a replacement hose for my electrolux central vacuum. Model 1590a purchased in 1996. Can you help me out with that? Confused by all the info I am reading. Thanks. Carole Smyrna

Yes, that can be confusing. Mainly because a variety of hoses could be and where used. Please call us so we can talk you through it. Ask for an experienced technician.

Electrolux 130G Not Working

I have an Electrolux 130g for some reason it's not working at all There is a green light. No clicks. I think it's not working since I have emptied it but not sure It's only has been installed for a year and 5 months

You may just have some disconnected low voltage wires. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Low Voltage Inlets

I have the low voltage hose set up in my home, but the inlets (653HW) were installed for the the electric beater bar version. What inlets would I need to accommodate my low voltage hose so that is will NOT turn in the connection and lose connection? I'm very frustrated.

The inlets in your home should be standard size, which is the same for electric and low voltage. Sometimes inlets can get worn, or the hose diameter can be just slightly too small and be a little loose. Try a little electrical tape around the end of the hose to make a tighter seal. Be sure not to cover the area of the metal plates that make contact with the inlet.

Short In Electrical Extension Tube

model 1684, the motor appears to have a short in the line with the hard tube from the hose to the motor, as you vacuum and move the tube the motor goes on and off. can this be fixed or do i buy new tubes or the whole assembly?

Generally, you can replace the cord and the switch receptacle in the hose handle. This will replace the poor connection with a fresh one. Whether the parts are available or not will depend on the brand of hose and brush combination being used.

Aerus 5500 Stays On

My Aerus LUX 5500 want stay on. The bag indicator light comes on right when you try to turn the power on. The bag is not full and I replaced the filter. I even tried a new bag.

The relay on the circuit board has gone bad, you will need to replace the board.

Shuts Off After Starting

motor seems to run fine but when you start to vacuum it shuts off Steve, Somerset

That is typically a bad motor that needs replacing. Use our brand pages to find the motor and instructions for your model.

Electrolux E130F Intermittent Suction

Matt Forst lake I have a aerus by Electrolux modle e130f When i plug into my wall outlets the brush always works but you need to twist and turn the hose end to get suction. Any ideas or ways to clean the conection maybe

You may just have dirty contacts. Try using a paper towel with some household cleaner on it to wipe out the inside of the inlet and the part of the hose that is inserted. Another cause could be worn inlets that need to be replaced. It's fairly inexpensive, take a look at your options, under inlets and installation.

Electrolux E130G Motor Runs Sporadically

I have model E130 G. The motor, on the central unit, runs sporadically. on for about 5 seconds, off for 5 seconds, and repeats.. Then it goes off for good. I hit the reset button and it comes back on for a while and then repeats problem. Any suggestions? Thanks

Most likely you have a bad relay that isn't maintaining the power flow to the motor. The relay will need to be replaced.

Centralux No Suction After Emptying The Canister

I used my centralux vacuum, then emptied the bucket, which was full. When I went to use the vacuum again, the power was fine but there was no suction. The hose is not clogged and the system was working fine when I used it directly before emptying the canister. I tried unplugging the system and starting again, but no suction. Plenty of power though. Any ideas on what might be wrong? MariLu, Stamford, CT

If the motors are turning on, but no air flow, then there is either a clog or the bucket is not sealed. Check your unit to be sure that the collection bin is sealed all the way around and that the air intake pipe is securely fastened to the unit.

New to Central Vac!

My husband and I just purchased a home that has an existing Centralux central vacumn system in it. I would like information on this system. Thanks, Susan

Hello and congratulations on the home and the central vac! There are two parts to the system. The first is the main unit and the pipes and valves in your walls. All these are industry standard and the only maintenance is cleaning your main unit every few months. To do that remove the bottom bucket and dump it out. Every other time, remove the filter, place in bag and shake it clean. Use soap and water, thoroughly dry and replace. The other part is the hose and accessories. There are a number of these that fit your system and you can replace them with anything you'd like as seen on our web pages. If you have a specific question please let us know. Otherwise a lot of help and products are available here under the Centralux/Electrolux link

Bag Full Indicator Wrong

My Aerus shuts off and the bag full light comes on, however the bag is not full.

Consider disconnecting the wires that run to the filter. You can leave them undone and all will be well.

Will Not Shut Off

The system won't shut off. We have to completely unplugg the entire system to stop the suction.

Please use our electrolux central vacuum troubleshooting guide to get started on the fix.

Will Not Start

Unit quit and will not turn on. Power is available and the 24v system shows a green light at the entrance to the base unit. The model # is E130G, Serial# J20612G.Unit is 3 yr old. John, Savannah, GA

Hi, do you hear a click when you try to start it? Then you need a new motor - which is listed here

Glass Cut Hose Wires?

vacumn picked up piece of glass and now does not work.


Hi, is the suction low or will it not turn on? If the suction is low use the solutions under number three here If it will not work then it probably cut wires inside the hose. You will need to replace the hose. To find the right one first see if your carpet nozzle has an electric cord. If so visit here If not, then it will take the Low Voltage Hose found on the same page. Or you can replace your hose and accessories with a new electric attachment kit . The new kit fits right into your system without any changes to your vacuum system.

Accessories for Proprietary Connection?

Where can I find an extension tube and a combination rug/floor tool for my Centralux? It's got a tube with an approximately 1 1/2-inch FEMALE PLASTIC connection (the accessories have the male connector). Thank you, Richard Bartonville, TX

Hi Richard, Electrolux has cornered you. You can only use the limited accessories available which are also hard to find. The good news is your wall vacuum inlets are universal so you can but a new Basic Hose or Low Voltage Hose, wands, and any of the accessories you see at The best hose for air only purposes is the Low Voltage Hoses here Wands are here,406T,406P. And all the accessories here

Stronger Motor Available

We have an Electrolux 1590A. It is model #E117A. I am interested in any upgrade that might be available to increase the power of the system. However, your web site seemed to indicate that this motor is the most appropriate replacement. Thanks. Todd

Hi Todd, the electronics, connection, and space allow for this motor to be the strongest available. You can purchase a new unit such as the SilentMaster S44 that has 650 air watts but that would be over $700.

Magnetic Inlets, New Relay

Took our Electrolux E130F into (Electroux)repair shop, because I didn't have enough time to fix myself. Three weeks later they called and said it was ready. They replaced the low voltage relay. When I took it home it didn't work. I could jumper the two connectors and the motor would start. But when i plugged the wires in from the vented switches it would not turn on. My switches do not have the two prongs at the vents, they have a magnetic pickup. Also this board is not the exact board that was there originately. My question is, it appears that Electrolux has two different types of switchs that work with the vents and undercabinet switch. Do you sell the relay/motor board that works with the magnetic vent?

Take the inlet faceplate off the wall and short the low voltage wire there. If it starts then the magnetic is an issue. Have someone stand at the unit when you short it. They may hear the relay chatter. That means the board they used doesn't produce a strong enough current from its transformer to power through to the valve faceplate. We do sell a board used by a lot of owners of your unit. It is the Key to hooking it up is to ignore the yellow wires and ignore any filter connection from the wires there may be now.

Need Motor and SuperHose II Part

I have an elecrolux central vacum, model 1590, that needs a replacement motor. I also have a Superhose II electric hose that needs a replacement female connector. The male connector on the plastic wand for the electolux power nozzle, model 1693, also needs replacing. Thanks. Miles

Hi Miles, the motor you need can be found here and the plug for SuperHose II (known as HAYDEN) is towards to bottom of this page Let us know if you need anything else.

Older On & Off Switch

I'm looking for an Electrolux central vac power nozzle on/off switch for power nozzle model number 1692. This unit is probably almost 20 years old. The switch has the numbers 938-41 on it which may be a part number. The central vac unit is model number 1590.

Sorry, that is not available, at least not through us. Take a look at the complete replacement Electrolux hoses here and also the complete kits that fit right into your system

Start Troubleshooting

my system lacks power.think there is a clog in the in house system somewhere. what to do?


Need Short Cord

We're looking for electrical cord that plugs from vacuum nozzle into a normal 120 electrical outlet for electrolux 1590. Cord is approximately 2-3 ft long and provides AC power to sweeper. Thanks for your help. Mary @ Meadows of Dan, VA

Answer: is used for many wall end hose connections for many brands. It as the two female plug holes and a regular slated electrical outlet male end on the other side.

Broken Neck Connection

I own the Electrolux E130A central vac. I need to purchas the power brush only. Everything else is fine. On my currect power brush the plastic broke where you put the wand into the power brush. I tried to glue it but it didn't hold. What do you suggest?

Hello, if you don't feel it is time to replace the hose and accessories and brush then you will have to get a new brush from Electrolux directly, but we know their connection styles have changed. If you find they don't have parts or a new brush, please consider buying our Stealth or Edgelift Kits. They work seemlessly with your system and wall ports and are industry standard which means you can use the excellent accessories found on our website with these kits (they don't fit Electrolux hoses)!

Need to Vent Dusty Unit?

My Electolux ECV 1590A vacuum vents into the basement and there is NO hose venting the exhaust to the outside. Is this a problem? Dusk accumulates in the room where the vacuum cleaner is and I don't think is a good idea. If I need a hose, do you folks sell them? Thanks.

Hello, we do suggest venting to the outdoors if you can within 15 feet or so. Usually central vacuum pvc pipe and elbows are used along with a vent cap. All these supplies can be bought here

Hose Clogged?

Hi, My electrolux has no sucction. The motor and sucction seems to be powerful through the wall, but very little to no sucction is generating throught the hose. Any ideas what might be wrong? I cleaned out the the hose but that did not help. Mary

Hello Mary, it really sounds like your hose is clogged or has rips in it. For clogs put the other end of the hose in the wall and let the metal touch the contacts to turn in on. Or turn the unit on manually and put the hose in the wall port. Use your hand as a sealer and someone put their hand over the other end of the hose and have them release and build up suction again and again. Also have them put wadded up paper towel through it several times.


I have an Aerus, no on/off switch on motor. Motor has great suction, but I think there is a clog somewhere in the walls. I have 8 outlets and none of them have good suction. What to do? Help

Hello, use our guide here for help

Sock Stuck in Hose

I sucked up a large sock into my Electrolux superlux hose. I have tried shoving it through with a long pipe, but the sock won't budge. Any suggestions?


Turn the hose around so that the suction is coming out of the handle. Put the handle into the wall port using your hand as a gasket and use the system's suction power to try and remove the sock.

Clip on Hose Broke

This year I had the motor on my central vac replaced. Now the plastic "clip" inside the end of the Electrolux hose handle (LR44129) broke off and won't hold to the end of Power Nozzle wand (Model 1684. Is this Electrolux hose available? The suction with the new motor is great. Paul M.

There are many complaints about this hose and the replacement cost from Electrolux. Since we don't sell that hose, we encourage customers to put the money toward a brand new Stealth Kit. It is last much longer, and the Stealth II has wonderful new features for quick and convenient cleaning. Stealth Kit is universal, meaning it will fit into your wall inlets and all accessories sold by anyone for central vacuums will fit it (except Electrolux's which are all proprietary).

On/Off Switch Bad in Hose?

My hose has power but does not have suction unless I rotate the hose in the outlets. The switch does not turn on/off the suction but runs the beater head. So I turn off suction by turning the hose in the outlet.

Yes, your on/off switch in 99% of the time the culprit here. We do sell replacement Electrolux hoses here, but not the switch. If you can, we recommend upgrading to a complete Stealth Attachment Kit. The new kit will fit into your vacuum wall inlets.