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Exhaust Run Long Length

If I was to "exhaust" my 1580 (or a newer one if I can't get mine up and running with a new motor) to an outside far can I run the tubing? The outside wall is about 25 feet away?


25 feet is a long exhaust run. You can do it but the motor will run hotter due to back pressure. A hotter motor usually means a shorter life span. That said, a long run is not terrible uncommon.

Bad Bad Filter Switch in Electrolux?

I have a Lux Legacy with a similar problem to one you addressed previously. With a clean bag in, the unit starts up and immediately shuts off. If you hold down the bag switch it will stay on. You previously answered this problem as a bad bag switch. I wedged the switch down, put in a clean bag and the unit started and immediately shutdown. Therefore, it's not the switch. I can't find a control diagram for this, but it appears to me that this is a bad differential pressure switch. With the slightest of pressure drop, even by a clean bag, the switch is cutting off the motor. But without a bag, not pressure drop and the motor will stay on. So, how easy is it to replace the pressure switch and is it still available? Mark in Portland, Oregon

We recommend you replace the circuit board with our 235S board and not use the pressure switch. The board you have now will not let you do that. Also beware that a bad motor will exhibit some of the same issue you are experiencing (motor starts but quits).

Non-Recessed Supervalves Compatibility

Our Electrolux supervalves were made in the early 1990's. They do not have the trapezoidal recess in the faceplate where the 6 inch high voltage cord plugs in--the surface is flush. Can I somehow still use these new supervalves? Harry, Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, you can replace your current Supervalves with the new Supervalves. The only issue you may encounter would be with the high voltage connections. Depending on the type of hose you have, you may be able to adjust where the high voltage prongs sit on the end of the hose to bypass this connection issue.

Do I Need Special Piping To Relocate Electrolux CV?

carl, ewing,nj I want to move a unit to a different part of basement, do I need special tubing or is pvc fine?

You can use SCH 11 PVC Pipe and Fittings found here:

E130F Filter and Manual

I just purchased a home with a Centralux E130f system. I have no manual or any info on how to use the system. Does this system require a bag or just a filter? Having a hard time finding a manual online. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Ken from Owen Sound, Ontario

Congratulations on the home and central vac. This model has a single foam filter and we sell two versions of it. You can view both of these filters by clicking the following link: Filter for Centralux E130F. Unfortunately, we do not have a manual but the system is quite easy to use, maintain, and understand. We have a page here to help you understand your Electrolux Central Vacuum.

Electrolux 1580 Motor Replacement

Neville in Montreal. I have an Electrolux model 1580, serial # C01249A, 125V, 12.5Amps. The mark on the bottom of the motor is GSE/Voorlas E51550. Could you please tell me what is the replacement motor for this model. Thanks.

The replacement motor for your Electrolux 1580 system is #116765. You may view the motor and motor gasket by clicking here: Electrolux Model 1580 Motor Replacement

Burnt Smell at Main Collection Tank

Our Centralux is 10 years old and today I noticed a burnt smell in the room, where it is located. Does that mean the motor is going? If yes, what motor do I have to order for Model E130G ?

Yes, that burnt electrical smell means your motor is about to go. If you change it now you will have less issues such as the breaker going bad as well. The motor you need is,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+with+taper+bottom.

No Suction at Inlets

I have a CentraLUX central vacuum which was running very well. The unit motor seems to run fine but there is no suction from any of the outlets in the house or where the unit is mounted in the wall. Can you advise what the problem may be. Thanks.

Please use this guide to find the issue and solutions. Let us know if you have any questions.

Canada Help and Parts

I have an Electrolux Central Vacuum system that I just love. It is about 22 years old. I've noticed lately that it screams loudly when I use it. From what I have read hear, it sounds like the motor is going. Is this correct? It shows Model#1590 and Serial number# C118667B LF2 Volts 120 Amps 13.0 HZ 60. I live in Canada.

Yes, that is correct. If the noise is coming from the tank then it is your motor. You can use it until it smells burnt or just gives out. Replacing the motor is not difficult and we have excellent shipping to Canada. Please see our Electrolux Motor Replacement Page for help, parts and sales.

GFI Outlet and Central Vacuums

After running flawlessly for 2 years, my CentrLux Aerus, model E130J, serial M06265W has begun tripping the GFI outlet. I ran a seperate line to the vac (with a GFI outlet) and it continues to trip. Could the brushes be going bad to create this problem? Thanks ..........John Thomas

Yes, the brushes could be going bad. However it is good pratice not to run a central vacuum on a GFI. They are only 15 amps. It is best to have it on a 20 amp alone. Remember that if anything else is ran on the GFI, or other GFI's in the home, it will surely trip if the vacuum is on as well.

Lights On But Motor Not Working

When I plug in my Electrolux tank vac the power supply light lights up and nothing else happens. A time or two in the past the vac would quit and do this if I was using it a lot. But it only had to set up to 5 minutes to turn back on again and work just great. Now it won't do anything when I turn it on. Colleen Loa, UT

That would be a bad motor. Use your model number to cross reference the replacement on the motor replacement page for Beam, or contact your local dealer.

Power to Brush is Out

My central vacuum system runs normally but the power to the brush won't start. What is the problem? Peter from Vancouver

There are a couple of failure points in the hose for electricity. On the wall end, the cord or two pin plug has a diode that can fail. You can't replace the diode and have to continuity test for diagnosis. In the handle there is a switch that can go bad, and there are some other connection points that rarely go bad. Here are videos that can help

Filter Removal

I would like to know how to remove & clean the filter on model 1590. My employer just moved into a house with this model. There is no manual & I pulled about 3 inches of dirt off the filter. Thank you for your time. Jane from Martintown , Ont.

The vacuum unit separates around the middle and the lower bucket part drops off. Empty this into a plastic bag to cut down the dust. There will be a filter attached to the upper part. It is removed by undoing the latching mechanism on the bottom of it. Clean the filter with soap and water or replace it with a new one. If you wash it allow it to completely dry before installing. Use the information on this page for additional help or troubleshooting.

Exhaust Odor Solved

My 6500 sr smells when we use it. The exhaust smells like the dog even though no hair evident in the hose or intake. How do I fix it, tried new filter but didn't help, only gets better when a completely empty bag is used but once anything gets in there it starts to stink again

Spray Lysol on paper towels and suck them through the hose. Let them sit in the unit. This will help disinfect and deoderize.

Vacuum Head Cycle On/Off

Jan; Anchorage, AK Electrolux Epic 6500sr: The carpet power head goes on and off repeatedly, in quick succession, while in use (the main unit runs fine). All other attachments work fine. Could a bad reset button be the cause? If so, can you assist in finding a replacement? Thank you!

Actually sounds like a short or a motor going bad. We suggest taking it into a traditional vac shop for repair.

Electrolux No Suction

I have an electrolux Gazelle model no Z4733 and dont have any suction, we have replaced the drive belt and cleaned the filter, and the hose is not blocked

Check your attachement wands for clogs and ensure the main vacuum unit is indeed running. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Electrolux E130G Attachment Kit

I am looking for a kit that comes with hose, vacuum etc. for a Centralux, Electrolux E130G

Any of our attachment kits will work with your system and all kits come with a hose. We have several options to meet all your needs here

Electrolux 6500 Shuts Off

How can I fix my electrolux epic 6500 SR vacuum? My vacuum shuts off saying the bag is full when it is not. It runs fine with the hose off but as soon as you put the hose on it shuts off again.

You may have a clog in the hose that is tripping a safety in the main unit. The unit has ample air flow without the hose, but when attached it blocks the air. Another issue may be the circuit board in the system or a faulty bag sensor. Contact a local dealer for an inspection at

Can A Filter Be Washed?

Can the large, blue filter be hand washed and reinstalled when thoroughly dry?

Yes, the foam filters can be washed and reinstalled when dry.

Low Voltage Measured At Inlet

I have Electrolux E130A which does not turn on at the direct low voltage hose switch. It used to work fine for more than 9 years. The low voltage measured at the unit outlet is far below 24VDC (I measured around 2VDC) and if I shorten it at the unit the motor turns on. Does it mean I need to replace the board? Is the low voltage outlet supposed to give 24VDC or 24VAC? The relay and the transformer in my unit are soldered on the circuit board... Nash, Toronto

That low of voltage will not be able to work with your hose. A quick comparison of the measurement at each inlet and right at the unit itself will let you know if there is a problem with the wires or the unit. A low measurement right at the unit will tell you that you need a new circuit board. If it is strong there but low at the inlets, then there is a break in the wires somewhere that needs to be repaired.

Centralux E130F Stopped Working

Question: I have a Aerus Centralux model E130F central vac system. I was using the unit and it just stopped working? I checked the circuit breaker and it was not tripped. I pushed in the white reset button on the motor and still nothing? Do you have any suggestions as to what I might try to fix the unit? Could it be the motor? Thank you, Scott S.

This could be a problem with the hose not activating the unit, or a bad motor not turning on. Follow our troubleshooting guide to do some quick tests on the system to determine where the problem is and what to do to fix,

Electrolux Bag Sensor

Hi. I'm Tom from Staten Island. I have an Electrolux Epic Series 6500 SR and it stopped working indicatin the bag was full. I replaced the bag and filter with Model C Aerus bag and the unit started but then immediately stopped with an indication that the bag was full again. I tried a second, brand new bag. Same result. I opened the door, took out the bag and held down the button/switch by hand and the motor ran fine all while I held the switch down by hand even when there was no bag in the chamber. I put the new bag back in, started it and held the button/switch down by hand and it ran but as soon as I let go of the switch and the cardboard front on the bag pressed on the switch, it stopped immediately with an indication that the bag is full. Could you please help me? Thank you.

You may just have a bad switch on the unit that won't stay in enough to allow the unit to run. You can try contacting Electrolux at to verify and see if replacement parts are available.

Centralux Replacement Foam Filter

sandra Milford Delaware I have a Centralux approximately 25 years old and need to replace foam filter and round retainer that holds it in. Please help.

There were a couple of different sizes that were used. Check our reference guide at Filters are listed by model number. If you don't have that available, check the dimensions of the filter and compare.

Electrolux Replacement Brush

i need a replacement for electrolux beater model n1378 any suggestions

Electrolux uses some industry standard parts, and a lot of proprietary connections. We may have something that will work with your system, please call us to speak to representative to identify what part you need.

Electrolux 1580 Replacement Motor

My electrlux Central vacuum cleaner stopped working the other day. I heear click when I plug in the vacuum hose in to the wall but the motor does not move. I assume the motor is gone. The details on the vacuum are model 1580 serial C-18535- A ( then it looks like LB3 in hand writing) volts 120 amps 13.0 Hz 60. Can I order a replacement motor on line i\"m in norhtern Ontario Canada where should i order from?

Sounds like your motor has finally died. You can get a replacement motor here,,221,730EXF,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Electrolux+1580