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I have a Eureka Mega Boss . The hose switch will work on rug beater but will not activate vacuum ! Is this a switch problem or would hose not be wired for vacuum turn on ? Howard

Hi, please use this guide to find the issue and see if it is the low voltage wire or motor.

Eureka Tripped???

My Eureka central vacuum works fine until today. I vacuumed and all of sudden I got no power. I went to the system and found out that "limit switch" (I think that is what it calls) was out. I pushed it back in and turned the vacuum on. The system (or motor) started but then tripped again. I took the hose out and push the limit switch back in and started the system again. The motor would started and then tripped again. Could you please help me with this problem? Thanks

Hi, you need a new motor. Sometimes the minibreaker goes bad too but that is from the motor going bad. It is not too hard at all to replace the motor. Find your model number here and take a look.

Boss CV199 Motor

Hello. I'm looking for a replacement motor for my Eureka The BOSS Ironsides Model# CV199F. I have no idea how old the unit is? Would you be able to help me out? Thank you. Brian

Hello Brian, we do have your motor and you will need to use the same spring connections from the older motor. Here is the exact motor replacement,221,how2mtr

Eureka CV1601 Replacement Motor

Hi I have a eureka ECV1601A central vac with a noisy motor that keeps tripping the breaker. Do you sell a replacement motor?

Hello, the motor you need for CV-1601 Central Vacuum is,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Eureka+CV1601. They are in stock and ready to ship.

Always Runs

I have a Eureka Boss CV1801G and the unit will not power down. I have removed the hose from any contact and the unit still continues to run until the power is cut. What could the problem be? Thank you in advance. Tony

Hello Tony, remove the low voltage wires coming from the home into the Boss unit. If it still runs then the unit relay needs replacement, it is stuck on. If it will shut off (and you can use the toggle switch on the unit to test this) and then back on manually - you need find the compromised wire within the home. You have a short. Anyone recently hang a photograph, work on the home, or seen a rat? If you can't find the issue we have a remote control unit that bypasses the low voltage wire.

Bags for 1000W

All I need is the bags for the Eureka Power Line Limited Edition 1,000W - vaccum Model #3682. Where can I buy them in NYC. Better on can I buy them online. Thanks, Dolores Rivera-Ferrer

Hello Dolores, this is not a built-in vacuum so we don't know where to buy them. Please try another search online. Thanks.

System Clogged

Our Eureka is 6 years old and never had a problem, however now, there is no suction. All three entrances around the house have no suction, what could it be??? We tried checking the hose and the entrances for blockage but nothing. Please help Tony

Hello Tony, please use this chart to troubleshoot and resolve the clog

Eureka Hose Handle?

I have a Eureka CV1804B Central Vacuum system. I am looking for a replacement for the Power Touch II Hose Handle which has cracked and is now coming apart (it's basically taped together right now). Eureka made these out of cheap plastic and this is the second time I've had to replace it. The vacuum shop I used last time went out of business. Can you get this part? Or do you have a different part (preferably a lot more durable) that you could recommend? Our power hose is fine, but we just need this hose handle part. Not looking to order a whole new kit. Thanks for your help! Kathy

Hello Kathy, sorry but we don't sell that brand. We do sell high quality upgrades though such as our Stealth Kit but it doesn't sound like you are ready to jump into that. You may just want to read what our customers are saying about though. And it does fit right into your system.

Vent to Outside?

should my central vac be vented to the outdoors?? if so, is there an available pipe etc.? Tom London Ontario

Hello Tom, venting is not necessary but desirable if you don't like the smell and want less noise. Regular central vacuum pipe and fittings from any central vacuum supplier is what you need to use.

Cleaning the Filter

I need help in cleaning the filter. Thanks, Phoebe Forest Grove, Oregon

Hello Phoebe, typically the dirty cloth filter hanging from the bottom is cleaned up taking a trash bag up around the unit, grabbing the cloth filter and shaking it. The middle center of the bag is filled with weighted material intentionally to assist the vacuum dynamics when operating - you don't clean out the weighted material. Hope that helps!

Replace Eureka Central Vac

Where do I get a replacement for Eureka 1801D?

Have you tried Eureka? You know you can use any central vacuum to replace it. They are all compatible. We offer an excellent, quiet, powerful - USA made central vacuum called the SilentMaster available through dealers. Check it out here

Price & availability

where or how much would it be for a eureka central vacuum power unit you hang on the wall. my was red with a black clip on canister

We actually recommend upgrading your Eureka to the SilentMaster . It works with all your existing pipe, inlets, and accessories and will have more airflow and will be quieter.

Replacement Attachment Kit for Eureka

I have an Eureka central vacuum about 13 years old, Model CV1197 type A Serial 942004397, motorized nozzle. I need an entirely new hose and handle with motorized nozzle. Which of the attachments will fit to create an all new apparatus from the wall attachment to the floor nozzle.

We highly recommend our Stealth Attachment Kit. Please read the reviews from happy homeowners! The Stealth Kit fits your system without any modifications.

Eureka CV1801 circuit board?

will this work on my Eureka CV1801 'D'? Thanks for the online help....I found out it was not the motor w/out electrocuting myself, Jim

It is close but not the exact replacement. It does work for all 110 volt single motor central vacuums. We've had homeowners use it without much trouble at all because of the cost savings. It works great. You can try calling Eureka for that part or do a close comparison using the photo online.