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Exhaust Vent Door for Central Vacuum Pipe Q&A

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How to Install and Remove

How do you install the exhaust vent door? I tried to take my old one off, but it won't come off. Will I need to cut the pipe and run another pipe through the wall?

To install the vent door create a circular hole the diameter of the back side of the outer circle. Screw the vent on from the front and then push central vacuum pipe into the back side of the vent WITHOUT gluing it. If it has been glued you will need to cut the pipe and add a coupling to rejoin the pipe. To remove the vent with or without a section of glued pipe on it simply undo the screws on the front and pull the vent off. The coupling is part 501 and both the the vent and coupling are available here.

Replacement Springs For Inlet Doors

the door has a spring inside so when you open it it springs shut. well th spring came out of the hole or something the door isnt like snpping back shut i can see the spring inside on he long pin it sits on. do thy make replacemet springs and where.

Replacement springs for the inlet doors are not available as they all come fully assembled from the factory. Luckily, the inlets are not expensive and only take a few minutes to replace. Replacement inlets can be found here,

Combine Two Exhaust Ports?

I have the Built-in Vacuum Cleaning System, "Silent Master" model, with the power unit in the garage. It leaves a dusty odor in the garage after use, so I would like to vent it to the outside. The unit has two outlet ports, each 2" in diameter and about 3" apart (center to center). Is there a fitting to combine these two outlets? Should they connect to 3", or even 4" rigid or flex piping so as not to restrict the outlet air flow? Should a fixture with a gravity flap be used to go through exterior stucco? Thank you --- Gordon in Gilroy

We have installers that tell us they us dryer vent pipe and exhaust exterior vent to combine the two and use expandable foam to fill in where the pipes enter. That is a good solution. Note that "central vacuum" fittings and pipe are only available from CV dealers in your area or online.

Kenmore Smaller Pipe

This is exactly what I need but my Kenmore (11640532) has a 1 3/4" pipe. Is there a reducer that would work with this?

Take a look at our videos for Kenmore Central Vacs here, particularly number 14 and 15. They tell you how to make the connection and with what parts You can probably get away with using 2" Sch40 PVC instead of buying the minimum central vac pipe product from us. That means you just need the exhaust door and coupling adapter.

Withstand Heat

Will PVC withstand the heat from the exhaust? I was looking for a metal exhaust. Thanks, Eric, Cleveland

Yes, the PVC can stand the heat directly from the exhaust on central vacuum units.

Okay to Exhaust Central Vac?

Howdy: I just bought a home with an Electrolux 1590 system. The vacuum seems to work well but it's not vented to the exterior so there are dust and off-odors in the closet where the unit is housed. Can I vent this unit to the outside? It's about a 12' run to the outside from the unit. What parts do I need and do you have them? Thanks, Ham Niles

Yes, you can make that exhaust run with the pipe, elbows, and vent door. Try not to go over 15ft. You have one motor so one run is all you need. You can go up, down, across, etc.

Two Exhaust Runs

trying to deal with the problem of exhausting a two motor system with two 2 inch exhaust pipes coming out of the unit from the same side, and wandering if there is an alternative to the two individual lines having to be run seperately? When is there going to be made a special coupling or adaptor to deal with this problem or do you know of one? how about a 3 inch cover for a drainage pipe with the same flapper as the two inch?

Hello, just to start, please remember to keep an exhaust run on any central vacuum to around 15 feet to prevent back pressure. When it comes to two motor units with two exhaust ports, we feel it is more convenient to use the pipe, fittings, and vents already available for and easy to use with an installers supply of materials. Run the lines neatly together and use two vents as the pipes separate as they reach their exit points. Having said that, there is not a fitting for combining two runs into a single larger one. But we have heard of installers getting creative with 4 inch and drilling holes in a cap for the two runs. Also using 4 inch dryer duct and filling the space with foam.

Colors Available?

Do you have other colors such as black or brown? Do you have metal?

Sorry, this is only made in the white you see pictured.

Measurement of Screws

I need a new exhaust vent door as shown. The mounting has two screws, (Top & bottom, centered, as shown) about 3 12" apart. Is this what I am seeing? If so, price & delivery?

Hello, the screws are 4-1/4 apart from each other furthest edge to furthest edge.

Spring Loaded?

is the door spring loaded? i exhaust thru a soffit and need something that can be mounted on the underside of an overhang. any suggestions? pipe is already installed.

No, it is not spring loaded but gravity loaded. It should work fine.

Combine Two Exhausts Into One?

How can I use one of these with two exhaust lines. That is, can I combine two exhaust pipes into one?

We have heard of putting both exhaust tubes into a single dryer vent pipe and vent then using spray foam to seal the pipes into the larger dryer one.

Fit My System?

I have a 2 1/4 inch hole with the 2 inch pipe inside of the hole. Will this work? Is there something on the back of this item that I would need to know about? How much would shipping be to ship to Birmingham, AL 35242?

The back of the vent door has a circle with a 2 inner diameter. It therefore receives a 2 outer diameter pipe into it. There is a shipping fee of $8.99 for purchases $50 and under.