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12ft Extension Hose - Double your Cleaning Area. Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Compatible Models and Brands

Will the extension hose work with the Nu-tone CV353W? Cheryl, Chesapeake VA.

The extension hose works with many models and brands. The qualifying issue is the hose end and wall inlet. Both the hose and inlet may be different, even on the same brand and model. Most all parts of a central vacuum are interchangeable and so you rarely find the same hose used for a particular brand and model. Bottom line is the Extension Hose works with inlet valves that have a hole that is 1-1/2" diameter (or a hair under), and with all hoses that fit these inlets except for hoses that have two copper pins that plug into to small holes above or below the 1-1/2" diameter hole. If your hose doesn't have these two pins then it is compatible.

Nutone CH-520 Hose Compatible?

We have a nutone system -CH 520 hose . Will the extension fit this system ?

Yes, the Extension Hose works with the Nutone CH520 because the hose has a pigtail electric cord that can still be plugged into a separate electrical outlet - even one further down the path of where the cleaning will take place.

Extension Hose With Electric Hose

will the "on/off/110 power head on" 3 way switch on my hose handle work with this extension (assuming I have the power pigtail plugged in)?

The on/off switch on the hose will work to operate the suction with your system. As long as the power cord from the hose is plugged in, your brush will turn on as well.

Airvac Compatible?

I have an AirVac system Red System. Will this extension work with my basic system? Vern, Franklin TN

The hose extension will work with any non-electric standard hose with a wall end diameter of 1.5".

Nutone Compatible?

My central vac is a NuTone Model # CV350W. Will the #380EXT 12' extension work with my system? Kay, Bay City, MI

This extension will fit any standard hose with a 1.5" diameter end and no Direct Connect plug.

Use Two Together?

I have already purchased one of these extensions. I still need the hose to be a bit longer. Can I purchase a second extension and hook both extensions together? Thanks, Rick Yoder

Yes, you can use two of these extensions together and they will work the same as one.

Electric Hose Compatible

We have the stealth central vac system. Does this hose extension work with the stealth system?

The extension is only compatible with the electric corded hose. It will not work with a direct connect hose.

Shorter Available?

Do you have a shorter extension like the 12' extension hose? I have a wall connection blocked by a desk. A short extension would still allow me to use that connection if I could leave it there permanently. Thanks!

Sorry, only this size is available at this time and there is nothing in the works for a shorter one.

Kenmore Extension Hose?

I have a Sears built in vacuum and the hose is about 15' short of reaching into all the corners of the house. Do you have an extension that will fit into my system? Thanks.

Yes, we have the 12ft extension that, with the wands attached, should get you 15ft longer. You may need the metal stub tube if your wall inlets are 1-1/4" diameter.,302-1.25ST

How to Extend Corded Hose Cord

My Beam system has a 110 volt pigtail to run the carpet bar. Do you have an extension hose that will also extend the 110 volt pigtail?

You shouldn't have to extend the cord if you are trying to reach one area. There is probably an electrical outlet somewhere near the end of the 12ft extension that you can plug into. Otherwise you'll need a small regular extension cord to plug in where you want to.

Kenmore Corded Hose

Hi, I have a Kenmore/Sears 30ft. hose with electric cord on female end (end with plugs into central vac. outlet) and on/off switch on male end. Would the 12ft. extension work on my hose? Thanks, Laurie W

Yes, the Extension Hose will work with your corded wall end electric Kenmore hose. Thank you for asking.

Leave Connected to Wall Inlet?

John / Chicago. Is this extension inactive until lid is lifted? Can I leave this connected permanently until I need to use it?

Yes, you can leave the extension hose connected to wall inlets that have the two little metal stubs inside the suction hole (most all systems have these).

Convert Direct Connect to Corded Electric Hose to Get Extension

Why is there not an extension hose that is compatible with my system? Is there anything I can do?

Do you have a "direct connection" hose? It is against regulations to have an electric hose over 35ft long and the extension for it would be in violation. If you are completely desperate for it you can convert your hose into a "corded" end, instead of direct connect, and plug it into an electrical outlet near the end of the 12ft extension. Then the 12ft extension would give you the suction extension and you can plug into electricity after the 12ft. Here is the cord conversion kit:

Direct Connect Electric Version Not Available

Does Nutone have a direct connect elec. extension hose?

Actually, no one will have an extension hose for direct connect hoses. Then the hose will have current in it for over 35ft which is against regulations. If you are completely desperate for it you can convert your hose into a "corded" end, instead of direct connect, and plug it into an electrical outlet near the end of the 12ft extension.

Hose Sock Available?

Hi, I purchased the 12 ft. Exten a hose, and welcome the innovation. Might there be a 12 foot sock in the future? Thank you, ak

We will entertain the thought, thank you.

Direct Connection Extension?

Will you be designing an extension to fit the other type of hose?

Sorry, but there will not be a "direct connection" extension hose because it is against regulations to have an electric hose over 35ft long. If you are completely desperate for it you can convert your hose into a "corded" end, instead of direct connect, and plug it into an electrical outlet near the end of the 12ft extension.

Corded Electric Hose

How do you plug in the electric cord part to use the Power head of your Vacuum with this 12' extra cord? Thank you, Caree Minnetonka, MN.

Your hose will plug into the 12ft extension hose just as it plugs into your wall inlets. The cord on your hose will now be 12ft further away from the electrical outlet you usually use. Hopefully there is a different electrical outlet near where the 12ft hose ends. If not you'll have to use an extension cord to the closest electrical outlet.

Suction Reduction?

How significantly will this additional footage reduce the suction of my electric or regular hose? Thank you, Jackie Mobile, AL

Most vacuums will have no noticeable difference, but some will have a slight difference of up to 5% (five percent). That is not enough to spoil the benefits of the additional 12 feet of hose which is quite smooth inside to prevent as much loss as possible.