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Motor Grinding and Smells

Suction was got really low on Fasco 852SVDM. Went down and left breaker was out. I pushed it back in and made an awful loud grinding noise with electric burning smell. Is this a motor? Thanks, J-P from MD

Yes, that is a burned out motor. We suggest you replace both in your model. Also, as you may have noticed or read your filter may not have a replacement available. You may want to purchase a new complete unit if your budget allows it (around $600). We suggest the Flo-Master C650 from MD MFG available through dealers. The motors and filter info is here

Replace 862HAEB Hose and 860EB Vacuum Head

I am looking for a replacement hose #862HAEB and replacement 860EB light electric brush for our mastervac system. at the very least i need a electric motor for the head #26159-7 and a new belt #52201A. Roger Hardy, Va.

We recommend a complete new hose and tool set for your vacuum system. Fasco had odd hose to nozzle electrical connectors that are not supported any longer. New kits are compatible with your wall inlets and any new kit will have a tremendously easier to use and more efficient hose and vacuum nozzle. You can see your options for kits for Fasco MasterVac here.

Humming Unit, Replace Motor?

I have a 8529SUDM, 120 volts, 13.3 amps, Master Vac II. The unit humms when turned on but does not work . Can I replace just the motor or is it more involved? Thanks for your response. Sandy in Buffalo

The unit hums because it is old, but that is not an issue to worry about. If you hear a click when trying to start it then you need a motor. Motors are not difficult to replace. Let us know if you need anything else.

Relocating A Central Vacuum Unit

I'm finishing a basement for a customer and need to relocate their Fasco MasterVac II. Can I use 2" PVC to extend the pipe? Thank you

Yes, you can use vacuum tubing. If the original pipe was a different size, you will need an adapter.

Replacement Basic Hose, Tool, and Wall Plates

I have a Fasco 851 unit, I need a hose with brush and 3 wall connectors. Can you please help me select the items that o with my unit. Something basic please. thank you

We have products that work with your Fasco unit. You have a lot of options but you've indicated you would like something basic. Our recommendation is a 35ft Low Voltage Hose with Button Lock, a Button Lock Wand, a mid-range floor tool for hard floors, and some replacement inlets. We also put the option for a basic beater brush in case you have carpet that needs grooming. Click on this link and put the quantity of the items you want then click on one of the add to cart buttons.,406TB,402W,652HW,440

Fasco 851 Replacement Hose

I have a 1970s Model 851 Fasco central vacuum system. I want to replace our current standard hose and some of the accessories. Our unit is such that I only have to plug it in the wall inlet and it automatically starts (no on/off buttons to touch on the hose handle itself.) I have the model with the button lock for attaching to the metal wands. In speaking with a couple of the sales folks, I seem to get different answers on what type of hose to order. Will the Vacuflo 30 Ft Std. Hose, Model 5150-30, fit my existing central vac system? Also, will any of the deluxe rug/floor tools securely attach to the metal extension wands? Thank you. Nancy from Southington, CT

Our standard hose, the Basic Hose, does not have a button lock on the end of the tube. You will need to replace the wand to fit correctly. Any of our tools will fit our wands.

Retrofit a VacPan or VacuSweep

I just bought a home with a Fasco MasterVac II system and would like to add a dustpan inlet to my kitchen. Do I have to get something specific or can I just buy one of the many I see for sale online and splice it into the existing piping/wiring?

Correct, use any you see online as well as the central vacuum pipe and fittings (for the proper fit), and use the wire as you splice into the existing system.

Need Hose and Tool Kit for Fasco

I have a customer needing a replacement hose and floor brush for a model # 85040000 Fasco central vac unit. please advise

All of our attachment kits are compatible with all models of Fasco. They all fit into the wall ports. The electric kits fit as well, just get the corded version of the kit.

Electric Hose Connections

I have a MASTER VAC II using a 862EB power brush. I need a new power hose. The current hose uses the two pin to broad pin converter. What are my options - thanks

New Electric Hoses fit your wall valves just fine, the hose handle end has the two PIN connection. So as long as your vacuum electric cord ends in two pins then you are good to go with an Electric Hose from here

Fasco F1375 Replacement

We have a Fasco Model F1375 from around 1990 that has some broken internal screw attachments in the vacuum head for the handle. Can I get a replacement part to repair this? What would be a compatible newer model that you would suggest to fit my existing system? Frank, Diamond Bar, CA

We are not familar with that model and if it is electric or air powered. Either way though we have replacements. If electric, you'd most likely need a complete new electric kit. If air powered then we have several brushes that fit right on. It is probably best if you called us when you are at home so we can go over it all and give you your options.

Replace Hose and Tools - and Inlets?

Fasco older unit with pigtail electric that plug in wall plug in. Needing new hose/electric brush kit and would like to upgrade and convert to MD system. Can this be done by changing out our old basic inlet to your electric inlet valves? What are the steps to accomplish?? Ron

Hi Ron, you don't need to change your inlets, just buy a corded complete new electric attachment kit such as the Stealth Kit. The hose fits into your inlets and the cord is plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Adding 110 volts to the outlets or changing them to 110 volt inlets would be a huge project. You can, however, change your inlets to our Basic Inlets here and still use the corded electric attachment kit. Here are the electric kits

Hose Needed for Older System

I am looking for a new hose kit for my central vac. FASCO Model # 852SVDOM it has been in our house for at least 20 years. Mary Helen A

Hi Helen, we have hoses for your system. The best way to find a match is by calling us when you are with the hose and tools. We know the Fasco options well (there are many for each model number) and can ask the right questions in order to assist you with your purchasing options. We look forward to your call.

Filter or Replace Unit? Hose or Replace Kit?

elise, accomac I have the Fasco 852svdm that was purchased in 1989. I despartly need a new filter and also a new hose. I know they are no longer in business and replacement filters are non existent. Due to the age of the system and parts, would i be better to just upgrade or get a new system and what would you recommend.

Hi Elise, please read the note here about the filter. The column to the right of the motors says that the filter is replaceable most of the time. It links you to the replacement filter. For the hose you have some options but read the bold text under the Electric Hose If you want to replace the hose and tools that is a great idea - start fresh. Click on Kits when in one of these pages and you will see all your options. The are all plug-n-play with your Fasco System. If you want to change out the vacuum suction unit we recommend the FloMaster M85 or SilentMaster S44. They have 50% more power. They hookup to the existing pipe.

Humming but no Suction

Hi Folks, I have a Fasco 852 unit. It stopped working today and when I push the switch on the side of the unit I can hear it humming but nothing else happens. I took the the unit apart and noted that both fans move freely. I am wondering if it is the relay. Thanks for your help. Dick Buck-- Geneva, New York

Hi Dick, it is most likely your relay. That relay is no longer available so consider an electrician installing our circuit board #235M (not too hard to install). Test your motors by running 110 directly to them. They don't have a designated neutral so wiring for the test is no worry. Let us know how it goes. We have the motors if you need them. Also consider a new electric attachment kit for premium performance - after you are running again.

Worth Updating?

We have a fasco central vac model #851, 120 volts, 13 amp. installed in the early 1970's. we just bought the house and would like to update the vac. There in not a powerhead with it or many other acessories. Is it worth the money to update the vac??

Hi, we'd have to say it is worth updating - a whole lot of our customers are and are really pleased. If you have not used a centrl vacuum before check out these benefits. Most customers repair the vacuum with new motors, some replace the entire unit (more expensive). Nearly all of them buy a new electric attachment kit. The kits fit right into the Fasco wall inlets and work with all models. If you want to troubleshoot the system you can use this guide For kits and accessories for your vacuum start here:

Fasco Master-Vac II Attachments

I have a master vacII by fasco, I do need a new hose, and some attachments, can I find compatible pieces for my unit? It's about 16 years old. Thank you for your time. Marrianne

Hi Marrianne, we have a lot of great choices that fit directly into your system believe it or not. Thinking about your flooring and the cost of the hose and tool kit there are a few options. You can call us or get started here deciding if you want electric or air powered We highly recommend the electric powered which simply means you'd plug in the hose and then plug in an electric cord into a nearby outlet. You only pull around the hose, not the cord because it only comes out the very end of the wall end of the hose. It is 8ft long.

Electric Hose and Power Nozzle Needed

I am shopping to replace a hose and carpet power attachment. I have a FASCO Model #851DM, pigtail attachment. I would prefer a 30\' hose and sock. Please advise what you have availalble along with the price and any shipping fees (zip is 35801). Thanks

Hello, all our electric hose and vacuum head kits here will fit into your system. We recommend the Stealth and EdgeLift. When one kit is in your shopping cart you will see the hose sock at the bottom of the page as an additional option. As of August 2008 shipping will be free for the kits and there will be no tax. It is more economical to buy a kit then the hose, head, and wands separately.

New Electric Kit - Fits Right In?

I have a Fasco MasterVac II cental vacuum Model 852SVDM, which was installed when the home was built in 1992. Recently while vacuuming with the electric brush attachment there was a spark and smoke where the pigtail attaches to the hose. After examining the hose there is clearly an area where the wires shorted out in the pig tail. The central vacuum continues to work with the attachment for my hard wood floors but I have not tried to use the electric brush attachment. My question is: Will I need to replace the hose as well as the electric brush? I know the electric brush attachment will have to be replaced. It has been on its last leg for some time. If so from what I have read it looks like your electric kits would be compatible. Is this a correct assumption? jo Paducah

Hi Jo, our electric kits will be a great replacement for the Fasco ones. They will fit right into your existing system for you to enjoy. Thanks for asking.

Replace for Fasco Vacuum Hose?

I have a 1993 Fasco central vac. i need a replacement 8' pigtail to use the power carpet head. The electic brush model numberis 862EB. do you think your #320 will work? I sure hope so! Thank you. Louisa

Hello, the wall end of the hose usually takes the #320. It has the universal two pin female connection and regular electrical male end for plugging into the wall.

Filter Bag For My Fasco MasterVac II

Hello...I have a MasterVac II that came with the house we recenty's about 14 years old. Anyway, I would like to know what filter I need for it. It's the big one you see when you remove the bottom canister to empty it. Thanks! Greg Leominster, MA

Hello Greg, Fasco is no longer in business. We have one filter that may fit but there is a little work involved. Please click here for more details

Basic Faceplate Replacement

I am looking for a replacement for Fasco #861P1, automatic wall inlet face plate, plastic, ivory.

Hello, Fasco is out of the vacuum business but they used backing plates that receive Basic Faceplates. Read about the compatibility issues here and let us know if you have more questions. Thank you!

Replacement Motor for Fasco 852

Eric, Louisa KY I need a replacement vacuum motor for a Fasco 852 sdn - 118193 (120v / 13.3 amp) The numbers I see here are close but not quite right. Can you help guide me to a correct replacement. Thank you.

Hello Eric, Your replacement motor will be one of the first two listed here . A quick visual will help you determine that. If it is two motors then it will be the first motor listed. Fasco has been out of this business a long time and we have helped many in your shoes with motors and parts and accessories.

Electric Brush for Fasco?

I have a built-in-vac system,Fasco model # 852SVDM. I need the price of the electric brush for this unit (the brush model # is 862EB).


Sorry to let you know that Fasco has long been out of this business. Our company has helped many in your shoes though! The Fasco hose and brush connection came in many forms. The only one that can have a new power brush today is the one where the brush cord terminates in two round pins and is plugged into the hose handle connection holes by hand. If that is so with yours then you can use one of these replacement brushes,466 . If not then any of these electric hose and tool kits will fit right into your system.

Electric Hose for Fasco

I have a Fasco Mastervac II central vac system. My vacuum brush is a Fasco household type 818 model 862EB D that says 2.1 amps, 120 ac volts in very good condition. I need a new hose. What would you recommend? I have a few of the small attachments also for this. I have berber carpet, hardwood and ceramic tile in my home. I would like to get idea of what I could get and prices as I would like to ask my husband for this for xmas.

Hello, the cord from your Fasco brush terminates in two pins or two slats of metal? If pins you can order our excellent Electric Hose with pigtail cord on the wall end ( corded hose). If slats then you have to buy a new kit entirely such as the Stealth Kit or EdgeLift. If you need closer attention please call us toll-free for help.

Parts in Stock?

The part, 862FT, is a combination floor , carpet tool, no electric cord needed. The 862ATB, is a turbine brush, no cord/current carrying hose required. Hope you have these parts in stock. Thanks, R.H.Gassett

Hello, yes we do have both of those items in stock and ready to ship. Our part #409 is an industry standard combination floor/carpet tool. Here is the link to learn more about it Also, our part #455 Turbocat Air Driven Brush is an industry standard turbine brush. Here is the link to learn more about it We highly recommend both of these to fit your needs.