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Vacuum Motor for Fasco 850

I have a central vacuum model 850. The motor is real noisy. If needs replacement, where can i get a motor for this model

It sounds like you need a new motor. Here are Replacement Motors for Fasco along with instructions.

Hose Replacement Needed

I have a Fasco vacuum Model 851, Serial #103897, I need a new hose. What do I order and will a new hose fit my vacuum. Let me know what I need to order and the part #. If I need to replace anything please let me know what I have to order and the part #.

Many different hoses where installed in Fasco Systems and we have something that will work. All the new hoses will fit your wall inlets but the question is what attachments/wands/power heads do you have. We try to ask the right questions here or you can call us so we can walk you through it.

Fasco 852SV Needs Inlet Valves

hello, I have a 852sv-ser unit and ineed to know were i can find outlet plate termenals. this unit is very old and i wouldnt trade it for a new kirby. gary in paducah, ky.

You can find the right inlet valve for you here, Whether you need a basic inlet, or a high voltage inlet to take advantage of an electric hose and carpet brush, we have something for everyone!

Fasco 862EB Parts

Re: Fasco model 862EB central vac power brush.. Where can I buy a replacement brush with bearings?

Sorry, those parts are no longer available. You can replace the entire brush but we'd have to work with you on the compatibility of the hose. Would you please call us so we can walk you through this and present your options? Worst case, sort of speak, would be to replace what you have with a new hose and tool kit. The electric kits we sell all fit into Fasco systems as they are.

Button Lock Available?

The small plastic vacuum regulator clip For the Fasco Master Vac II 1 1/2" hose has broken off. Can I get a replacement? Woody Greenville, NC

Hi Woody, are you talking about the button lock? This part here may help but it is quite stiff to push down

52201A Fasco Belt

I am in need of 2 part #52201a belts for a fasco central vac system...please advise price and availability

Hi, since Fasco has long been out of the vacuum business there is not a direct replacement belt. You can try to match it to belts on the market though. Or you may need to purchase and new vacuum head and maybe hose too. Call us if you need some options.

Mastervac II Repairs

I have The Mastervac II and it smells like rubber burning in the lighted electric brush. However, I cannot figure out where the belt is or how to get to it. In addition, how can I get a replacement bulb for it?

Hi, that is an old brush. Please send us a photo of it so we can best help you. Thank you.

New to Central Vac

I recently purchased a home with a Master Vac model 852SVDM. I have no manual and do not know how to clean the system and I also need a hose to go from the unit to the wall. The motor comes on and the suction seems adequate. I believe it was installed 15 years ago. Doris in Marine, Illinois


Congratulations on the home and the central vac. Let's get you up and running. The Fasco has a center weighted cloth filter. Unlatch the bottom bucket to get to it. Clean it by shaking it but first put a trash bag around the unit. That filter should be replaced but may be difficult to do. See the notes in the motor/filter section here There is no other maintenance than cleaning the debris out every couple months. If there is weak suction, you may have a bad motor (it has two motors). See if a minibreaker is popped on the side of the unit. We have replacement motors and they are easy to install. Also, you can buy a new brand of central vacuum to put in its place if you ever want to do so. Use this guide to help find other possible issues as well To get the most from your central vacuum buy a new attachment kit such as Stealth, EdgeLift, or BlackHawk. They fit right into your system and help you utilize the system to its best potential. Start here for the kits and so see all the compatible accessories. Also remember you can call us for any help and advise.

Patton CBS 130

Nandine, Hampton. I have a patton CBS 130 system. The big belt broke a few months ago. I don't have the part number. Do you sell parts from Patton systems. Thank you

Hi, the best thing to do is measure the belt and see if there is a replacement out there. Here are our belts with all the details If you think it is time for a new brush and hose please consider these here. They fit right into your system and inlets .

Removeable Bag?

My sister and I inherited our parent's home and with it, a Fasco model 851 central vacuum. My sister remembers our father cleaning filters in this vacuum unit but from what I can see on your website, the model 851 only has the hanging bag and no other filters. Are there other filters? Can the cloth bag be removed for cleaning? From all appearances, it looks like the unit can be emptied at the base and the bag is only cleanable by shaking and by using a shop vacuum to remove additional dirt (which is what we did). Second question: Are manuals still available for this vacuum? Thank you!

Hi, the bag is removeable. Pull a top side inward and it flexes and falls out. We suggest replacing it with There are no manuals but the system is similar to all systems. Here is a troubleshooting guide All the accessories and kits at MD are compatible with your system. If you ever need help with anything please let us know.

Vacuum Hose Cord Replacement?

I have a fasco 860EB central vacuum. It is about 18 years old and while the vacuum itself works fine, the cord that plugs into the wall and then into the power brush is frayed. I would like to replace this cord. Are replacement cords available and do you sell them?

Hi, the only ones available these days have a two hole pin end that plugs into two prongs on the hose. See it here If it doesn't work then you have to buy a new hose, possibly a new electric attachment kit.

Motors Needed

dear sir, hi i have patton model# 852SVDM volt 120 amp13.5 this is on sticker of Central vacuum, and need replacement motor two of them and also mini-beaker two A-0701 250vac 60Hz 10amp my main breaker is 20amp for unit. the mini-beaker trips after 2 or 3 min. please advise what is my best choice to replace uint new or repair via replacment items. thank you kenny.

Hi your motors and minibreakers are here,221,250how2mtr&qty=2,2,2&title=Motor+for+Fasco. We think repairing this unit will save you money but the benefit of spending more money is a better filtering system. Your filter is really hard to change because if it is the kind sown into a black rubber mold they don't make them any longer.

Replace for Fasco Vacuum Hose?

I have a 1993 Fasco central vac. i need a replacement 8' pigtail to use the power carpet head. The electic brush model numberis 862EB. do you think your #320 will work? I sure hope so! Thank you. Louisa

Hello, the wall end of the hose usually takes the #320. It has the universal two pin female connection and regular electrical male end for plugging into the wall.

Basic Faceplate Replacement

I am looking for a replacement for Fasco #861P1, automatic wall inlet face plate, plastic, ivory.

Hello, Fasco is out of the vacuum business but they used backing plates that receive Basic Faceplates. Read about the compatibility issues here and let us know if you have more questions. Thank you!

Filter Cleaning

hello! I have move into a home that has a Fasco central vac.This home was built in 1973.I have no idea when the vac was install,but from what it looks like it's pretty old.The vac run pretty good,but I don't think that the filter was never clean.My question is there a way to remove the filter maybe clean it or there is nothing I could do?the model is 851

Hello, to clean the filter put a trash bag up around the bottom, grab the weighted center cloth filter and shake. Please read the filtration section to the right on this page for more information: For the inside of the home, all our hoses and kits fit right in and work with your system. We highly recommend a Deluxe Kit or Electric Kit. It makes all the difference!

Belt for 860EB


Hello Tom, there is not a cross reference any longer for that model. Fasco has been out of the vacuum business for a long time. The best advice is to match one with yours, that is why we give lots of detail in our belt descriptions. If you can't locate a belt we have some great replacement nozzles, hoses, and complete kits. The issue with replacing just your nozzle is the electric cord connection of the nozzle to the hose. Today all the hoses have two small round holes for the cord to plug into. Fasco many times was not like that. Good news though is a new hose will fit right into your wall ports.

New to Fasco Central Vacuum

hello,i bought a home with a fasco851.problem,the old owner left no hose or attachments,also i need gaskets and filter for power unit.ser #324294.your insite will help,do i replace complete unit?do you have parts?do i buy a air brush or electric powered brush?do you have a diagram with part numbers?to help you help me here is some info.the home is approx 3500 square ft,only low voltage wires going to recepticles,3 floors,last but the most we have a american eskimo named spunky and as we say thers a little bit of spunky in everthing we do!thanks alot,james.blackstone,ma.thanks again.

Hello, the Fasco is a good two motor machine with lots of air flow. The problem with it is the filter. They are not made any longer - at least one version of the filter that was used on some models. That version had the cloth, middle weighted filter, sown into a rubber gasket. If you have that filter then you may need a new unit with a SilentMaster S4 or MD J (more powerful single motor units). The filter we have that fits the other models is The stiff top flexes in then snaps into place in the unit.If you have any carpets you are smart to buy an electric hose and tool kit such as Stealth or EdgeLift. Your home with be cleaner than air driven versions. The kits will fit right into your wall ports, just order a Stealth with 'corded' hose (the EdgeLift comes with corded hose already). Here is a link to those kits If you have no carpet then get any air driven kit. That should do it, the system is pretty straight forward and the only maintenance is emptying the unit.Let us know if you have any more questions.

Fasco / Patton 851-DM Hose and Kit

I have a Patton 851dm central vac. What hose will fit my system? My power nozzle doesn't work. I was told the reason is the wires inside the hose are broken. I need a hose with an on/off switch. Thank you

The hose on these old systems sometimes had a regular electrical connection. The way things are now it is a skinny two pin connection into two holes in the underside of the hose handle. If yours will not take that kind of electric hose sold here then you should consider a new electric attachment kit such as the Stealth Kit.

Need New Electrical Hose Cord

I need a new wire that goes into the connection on the hose that goes into the wall. My vacuum is approx 14 years old and the electric hose model is either 862HAEB or 864HAEB. I'm not sure which one. Does it matter which one I order? Thanks Rosanne

Typically the universal #320 works for all these cords: