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Lint Getting Through Filter?

fasco 852svdm vac. i noticed that the suction had decreased. i investigated and found dust and lint on the screen under the motor unit suction side. i cleaned it and the suction returned to normal. after a few hors of use the suction decreased again. i found the same problem. i took the cloth bag out and cleaned the rubber and the slot it snaps into on the housing. i do not see any holes or damage to the cloth bag. it is beyond me how dust and lint can be getting thru. any suggustions? Mike Nashville, NC

Our suggestion would be to replace the cloth filter but they are not really available any longer. We see that after years and years of use junk can get through it. Please read about the replacement on this page If it is not going to work we suggest a new central vacuum unit.

Gasket Replacement in Fasco Tank

I have a fasco 851 central vacuum that does not have proper suction. The top housing gasket (motor section) is damaged. Is a new gasket available? John fuquqy-Varina, N. C.

Gaskets are no longer available for Fasco as the company has been out of business for quite a while. Hopefully you can figure something out using material from other places. Maybe use weather stripping?

Fasco Replacement Electric Hose Options

I have a FASCO MODEL A853 SER B. The unit is 15 yrs. old. Replaced the vacuum motor about 6 mths. ago. Has given great service, but now need a new hose. The old hose has a two pronge at the handle for a carpet cleaner attachment with and electrical cord that must be plugged into and electrical outlet. Have looked but can not locate the a replacement. Can you help. Thanks, Ralph Connelly Springs, N.C.

Please verify that your inlet valves measure 1.5" ID (inner diameter) and has two, round metal contact points inside of the opening. If so, you can view compatible hose options here:,353GC.

Manual, Old Style Wand and Attachments

Fasco Model #851. I ordered a new hose and motor for my Dad's Fasco Central Vacuum System. His house was built in 1982. He received the hose and motor a couple days ago, and the attachments are totally different than the original ones. There was no owners manual in the box. We're trying to figure out what plugs into what. Is it possible to get an owners manual, or download one?

Manuals are no longer available but the solution will be easy - however cost some money. The way the old hose and attachments worked is no longer valid. You'll have to purchase new wands and accessories that work with the new hose. Let us know how we can help you work that out.

Cloth Filter Issues

I have a Fasco Built In Vacuum Cleaning System Model 851 from Fasco Industries. My cloth inverted filter with the built in weight does not stay in place. I have to constantly put it back in place after cleaning the screen at the motor to get my suction back. I looked for a replacement, the bag seems to be about 14" but may be 1/2 to 1" bigger, I'm not sure. So you have any replacement or ideas for me? Kathy from Agawam

Please read the detailed note in the chart regarding the filter The length of the filter doesn't matter, only the width.

Metal Inlet Needed, Parts?

I have a model S852SVDM whole house vacuum that was installed over 20 years ago. At that time the name on the unit was a Spartan Built In Vacuum System. I understand that Spartan is no longer in business but that the Fasco unit is interchangable. I am in need of a part from the central vacuum inlet oval (Bronze). I need the two electric eyelets that make contact with the vacuum hose. Are these parts available alone? If so, I would need the part number to order and the cost. Thank you Jim Niles, MI

The valve you need is still available and compatible but the parts that make up these valves are not sold separately to us so we can't sell parts that way either. Take a look at the metal inlets offered here

Fasco Brush Parts

I need new rotating brushes for the Fasco power head. Model 860EB, part # 52988-2 bristle set Ron

I'm sorry, we don't carry replacement parts for the Fasco power brushes. You can replace the carpet head with a new one. Take a look at your options here,

Fasco Will Not Turn On

Fasco Master Vac II 1986 does not turn on, just a loud click from what looks to be a relay. Dual motor/dual mini breakers. Do I need a Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 28 amp 120v Part#235L or the 15 amp one? or maybe just the relay?

You may want to check the motors first to be sure where the problem lies. Connect each motor directly to a power source and see if they turn on without the relay first. If they do, then you can replace the relay. If not, then the motors need to be replaced.

Relay Needed

I have a Frsco Vacuum Model A853 S/N 101391. I need a relay. It is an 18V coil and rated 250v 18A. Any help finding one will be appreciated. William Matthews, Williamsburg Virginia

Those parts are not available any longer but an electrician can easily replace them all with a single central vacuum circuit board. We have them for single and dual motors. Print the large photo to use as the wiring guide and attach it to the tank through the mini-breaker holes that are there or that you need to create.

Intermittent Motor

I have a Fasco 851. The unit sometimes will not turn off. Sometimes if I flick the manual switch a couple of times it will turn off, sometimes not. The hose switch also works intermittently. I suspect the relay but I would like some guidance on a replacement. It is an 18amp "Essex RBM 8317". From your parts list it looks like I will need a new transformer too. Can you help?


Yes, the relay is going bad. We suggest an easier and less expensive fix than replacing a relay and transformer. A new circuit board made for the central vacuum is better as it replaces the minibreakers too. You can view/purchase the compatible circuit board on our website. Your electrician can use the large photo of it as a wiring guide and do the job in less than an hour. The unit is attached to the vacuum with the minibreaker screwing on from the outside.

Fasco 851DM Motor Gaskets

I have a Fasco 851DM which was installed in my home when it was built in 1988. Are rubber gaskets for the motor available anywhere? I have had an electrician check the motor and he thinks a new gasket might solve my problem of little/no suction. Cindy, Harrisburg, PA

Motor gaskets can be found on our site here,,220 . We carry gaskets for both of the two standard motor sizes, just select the one you need.

Parts for Fasco Patton Main Unit?

Kevin, My mom has a Patton(which replaced her Fasco) and she needs the rubber o-ring/grommet for canister which pipe slides through into canister in order to make a tight seal for the pipe from wall inlet(the bonus inlet on the left side of canister) at bottom, in order to seal the unit tight. i cannot find this part anywhere. thanks

Parts for this vacuum are not really available any longer. Hopefully you'll be able to use something else to fill in the gap. Also, down the road you can easily replace the entire unit with a new one. You are looking at a stronger unit for about $500.

Motor Plate Removal

I have a Fasco 851DM with a burnt out motor. Motors are located in top unit. I'd like to buy replacement motors, but can't figure out how to remove the old motors. There is a metal plate with holes for motors and the wider part of the motor and fan assembly is below the plate. The holes are narrower than that bottom portion and only top of motor sticks up from hole. Can't find a service manual for Fasco and can't figure out how to remove plate or access motors.

We have a lot of Fasco customers that replace the motors, but we have not been asked this question. That plate does need to be removed in order to reach the entire motor and most likely the fasteners. Please send us some photos and we'll be able to assist you better. Hopefully someone else will read this post and give us all an answer.

Black Foam Filters

Looking for replacement for 2 black foam filters we found from under the top of our 852SVDM unit. Did not know we had to do anything with them; one fell apart, and the other one is trying to fall apart. Do you carry those?

Those filters are not really needed. They filter the intake air for the motor cooling fans. A screen or breathable foam from any source can be used instead if you so desire, though. Thanks for writing in.

Still Low Suction Power

We have a Fasco Master Vac 11, we have diminshing suction. I took hose 36'and pushed garden hose to the head and there was nothing clogging the hose. The motor comes on and sounds OK, I cleaned the bag and still nothing. The unit is 17 years old, your suggestions? Dave Stephens, Florence,SC

One of the motors is probably bad, yet still spinning. Remove the top of the vacuum and look closely as you start it up. One motor will not start spinning right away, that is your bad motor. Use the Fasco motor page online to get the correct motor and instructions.

Relay Needed for 852SVDM

Neal;Annanale,Mn. 852SVDM Mastervac 11 Unable to locate a relay for it.Would like to know of a replacement. #129990-1480 W-R/RBM 9230 1HP@125V-2HP@250V 250V 18A coil 16V 50/60HZ

The electrical parts are not availabe for this brand, as far as we know. However an electrician can easily replace all the electrical components with a simple two motor central vacuum circuit board here Print the large version of it as a guide. Mount it to the inside side of the unit by making three holes (two for mini breakers, one for low voltage tower).

Fasco 862EB Parts

I have afasco model 862EB, this no. is on the bottom of the power head (carpet broom) Can you supply a replacment belt for this powerhead .and are there any other parts available plus a parts breakdown diagram available for this unit Stan form Palmyra

Stan, Fasco has long been out of the business and customers may be able to match up belts in the market. We list every detail of our belts for this purpose. Sorry we don't have a cross reference.

Fasco 862EB Parts

Re: Fasco model 862EB central vac power brush.. Where can I buy a replacement brush with bearings?

Sorry, those parts are no longer available. You can replace the entire brush but we'd have to work with you on the compatibility of the hose. Would you please call us so we can walk you through this and present your options? Worst case, sort of speak, would be to replace what you have with a new hose and tool kit. The electric kits we sell all fit into Fasco systems as they are.

Canister Gasket

where can I get a dirt canister gasket for a fasco master vac 852svdm phil in salem nh

Hi Phil, Fasco doesn't provide them, they are out of business. If you can't make one up out of weather striping from a hardware store, lets talk about replacing the entire unit at some point.

851DM Maintenance

Ted - Charleston, SC - Have older home w/ pre-installed FASCO central 851DM vac. Hoping to locate an Owner's Manual. DOwnloadable ok. Just want to keep it going general maintenance issues. Thanks Ted Buckenham


Hi, there are not any manuals for your unit available. The unit however is just like all the other models of Fasco except for the motors. So all the FAQs apply to this machine. To self diagnose use to help you.

Motor Quickly Turns Off

i have a Patton central vacuum and is not turning on. when i switch 15 amp to click, motor will turn on for just few seconds and it will trip again (15 amp switch), motor turns off. what needs to be done??? Mac Danville VA

Hi, you need a new motor. Patton is a Fasco unit. See the models here: for motor replacement.

852SVDM Take Two Replacement Motors?

we have a mastervac II model 852svdm it has 2 motors. Is the model you show in place of both of them or do you have to order 2

Hi, yes it takes two replacement motors. We are about to stock the original motor and suggest you check back with us for it in 2 weeks. Otherwise you can use these motors, they are newer, more efficient and they cost less. But they do have about 8% less power.

Fasco 860EB Vacuum Motor Replacements

Hello my central vac finally quit after 14 years. It is a Fasco #860EB. I have it at a local vacuum repair shop and he said it needs a new motor and he is unable to get it or them. I think it needs two. Is it available through you and how much?. Also if it is discontinued is another one avaible that will fit what I have, motor that is. I appreciate a speedy answere as I really want it fixed and it has been two months already! Thank you very much! Lisa

Hi Lisa, we have the motor, we just need to figure out which one it is! Please call us when you have the motor visible so we can walk through a couple questions. Typically they used one of these motors, and we can help you find which one.

Fasco 851 Vacuum Motor Replacement

I have a Fasco Central Vac System, model #851. It uses a 120v, 13A motor which I seems to have burned out. Can I get a replacement motor for the system.? The motor has 1083 written on it, so am assuming that its the orignal. Maury, Charlotte, NC

Hi Maury, we have the motor listed here. It is an easy replacement.

Dirt Blowing Out the Top

Hi, we have a fasco 852SV brand unit. We replaced the motor a few months back - purchased from this site. Now we have a problem with dirt blowing out from the top of the unit. Do you know why this would be? There is a black, rubbery, round piece that has fallen apart... It looks as if it was a seal. Can this be replaced? Is this the problem?

Hi, dirt is getting around the center-weighted filter cloth which was sewn into a black gasket all the way around it. We have a bag that nearly fits. Please read the information on the far right column of the chart here:

WaterLift on A853?

robbie how much water lift did a fasco a853 come with vthank you

They had less then 90 waterlift but had about 190 CFM.

Need to Exhaust?

I have a Fasco 852SVDM. The unit has a black rubber fitting on the side near the top approx. 2" round. Is this an exhaust discharge which should have a pipe going to outside? Currently there is nothing connected to this fitting and the unit is located in my garage. Please advise. Thank you. Larry. Woodbridge, VA.

Hi, yes that is the exhaust. It doesn't need to be vented to the outdoors but you can if you'd like. Try to keep the total length of the exhaust run to 15ft. You can use the parts here to run it if you'd like

New to Central Vac

I recently purchased a home with a Master Vac model 852SVDM. I have no manual and do not know how to clean the system and I also need a hose to go from the unit to the wall. The motor comes on and the suction seems adequate. I believe it was installed 15 years ago. Doris in Marine, Illinois


Congratulations on the home and the central vac. Let's get you up and running. The Fasco has a center weighted cloth filter. Unlatch the bottom bucket to get to it. Clean it by shaking it but first put a trash bag around the unit. That filter should be replaced but may be difficult to do. See the notes in the motor/filter section here There is no other maintenance than cleaning the debris out every couple months. If there is weak suction, you may have a bad motor (it has two motors). See if a minibreaker is popped on the side of the unit. We have replacement motors and they are easy to install. Also, you can buy a new brand of central vacuum to put in its place if you ever want to do so. Use this guide to help find other possible issues as well To get the most from your central vacuum buy a new attachment kit such as Stealth, EdgeLift, or BlackHawk. They fit right into your system and help you utilize the system to its best potential. Start here for the kits and so see all the compatible accessories. Also remember you can call us for any help and advise.

Motor or Minibreaker?

I have a FASCO model #852SVDM. Lately one of the minibreakers trips when the unit starts. It will usually work for 10 seconds and it will go off. One of the two motors is not working. Do I have to replace the motor or the minibreaker? Dimitrios Lagrangeville NY.

Hi, typically you only have to replace the motor itself. Rarely does the minibreaker go bad and it only happens seldomly when the motor goes out. We have minibreakers here though if you want to pick one up with the motor:

How To Clean

I have a Fasco Master Vac II. How do I open it to clean it out? Thanks.

Hi, the bottom bucket drops off when unlatched. There will be a center weighted cloth filter hanging down (when the suction is on, it is suctioned up). To clean, put a trash bag around it, grab, and shake. The replacement bag is

Patton A-853 Vacuum Parts

I have a Patton A-853. The brushes are worn and I've been unable to find a replacement brushes that fit. I've tried brushes for Lamb Ametek motors #115717,115737,115 and #115923,115962 etc... The label on the outside of the housing unit for the motor states "patton A853 120 Volt, 8.95 amp and 60 Hz." It was manufactured in Fayetville, NC. The unit has been in service for 10 years. Can you help me identify the proper replacement brushes and motor. Thank-you D Terrell Rocky Mount, NC

Hi, here is the motor that replaces the original motor,221,723HP,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Fasco. And here are the brushes for your original motor Never mind the color of the plastic brush housing. Also, Patton is another name for Fasco Central Vacuum and we have all the information about upgrades here:

Patton Central Vacuum Motors

I have a Patton model 852SVDM. The label on the unit reads: 120 volts, amp 13.5. It has two motors. The one has a foam ring on the bottom and between the ring and the bottom of the motor is a screen. I need to replace both motors and the foam ring. Can you help me?

Hi, the Patton is the Fasco and the dual motors and thin foam gasket are here Click on the first motor link and you will see everything you need.

Automatically Starts

Hello, I have a green Fasco central vac unit that was installed when the house was built in 1970. It has performed flawlessy until recently. Twice now the unit has kicked on automatically with no other option to turn it off except to shut off the appropriate circuit breaker. The unit is hard wired in--well it was. I've since then converted the wiring to plug-in. So, what causes the unit to automatically start-up? Has the relay gone bad? Is it time for a new unit? Ron Panama City, FL

Ron, you did the right thing disconnecting the low voltage wire at the unit. Since it still wands to start automatically it will need a new relay. See if you can get our relay to work with the wiring in your system Relay #241 on our website.

Motor for Fasco 851

I have a fasco model 851 central vac which has a ametek motor which displays a model # in green ink stamp as 115639 or 115630 (can't tell last digit exactly)- 115v ac I need a replacement motor.... which one is the proper replacement? Thank you Bruce Schachter

Hello, the cross reference for that motor is this one,220,how2mtr. Please do a visual comparison and let us know if you have any questions.

Replace Cloth Filter

I have a fasco Mastervac II model # 852SVDM. It was purchased in 1989. I need a new cloth filter. Which one should I order?

Hello, the only cloth filter still made for the older Filtex units is this one Please measure the diameter of yours carefully to compare with it. It may be the one you need. Remember it is there only as a support for the paper bags that fit into it (#722L)

Replace 30 Year Old Unit?

What is the best way to deal with a 30+ year old Fasco unit? It still works, but I'm guessing the filter is shot and the attachments are in the same boat. Can the unit be replaced without needing to replace the outlets in each room? Michael Old Forge, PA

Hi Michael, yes you can keep the same inlets and replace the vacuum unit and hose and accessories. This is an excellent idea. Please give us a call to go over your options.

Rubber Seal

I need to replace the rubber seal on my unit where the non-electric port connects to the main unit. I do not have a parts manual for this gasket but it is a gasket that is double sided and seals into the hole on the vacuum unit. Please let me know if this gasket is available or if I need to purchase a different model? Donald Klem

Hi Donald, for your Fasco, those parts are no longer available. You will have to try to create one yourself, sorry.

Suddenly No Power

I have a Mastervac II system. This morning when I moved the hose to another connecter, there was no power. I checked all resets and the electrical box and nothing was tripped. I tried the hose in another connecter and it provided no power either. The main unit was OK since there is a switch on the outside of the unit and it provided better suction than thru the connecters previous to today's failure. What could the problem be and how can I verify that diagnosis? Thanks. Jim Columbia, IL 62236

Hello Jim, the unit comes on but with little power? Then there is a clog. Or does the unit not come on from within the home? Then it is electrical. Use this chart for both issues

Filter Bag for Patton Central Vacuum?

I am looking to get replacement bags for our patton central vacuum system, and am having a hard time. Are these available? Can you help us locate the correct ones. thanks lauren

Hello, are you sure the vacuum used a disposable bag? Our knowledge of Patton systems was it had a center weighted cloth bag. These are semi permanent. Read about them under Fasco here:

Motor Works when Tapped

i have a fasco, says 851 no other numbers and it will only run when you tap the motor, all motor says 354 on top, what motor do i need, once it gets going it runs, is it the motor, thanx art

That is a sign you need new motor(s). Take a look at our Fasco Vacuum Motor chart. There are two models with 851 in it and is seems you'd have the first one listed. That is the large motor one compared to the TWO smaller motored unit.

New to Fasco Central Vacuum

hello,i bought a home with a fasco851.problem,the old owner left no hose or attachments,also i need gaskets and filter for power unit.ser #324294.your insite will help,do i replace complete unit?do you have parts?do i buy a air brush or electric powered brush?do you have a diagram with part numbers?to help you help me here is some info.the home is approx 3500 square ft,only low voltage wires going to recepticles,3 floors,last but the most we have a american eskimo named spunky and as we say thers a little bit of spunky in everthing we do!thanks alot,james.blackstone,ma.thanks again.

Hello, the Fasco is a good two motor machine with lots of air flow. The problem with it is the filter. They are not made any longer - at least one version of the filter that was used on some models. That version had the cloth, middle weighted filter, sown into a rubber gasket. If you have that filter then you may need a new unit with a SilentMaster S4 or MD J (more powerful single motor units). The filter we have that fits the other models is The stiff top flexes in then snaps into place in the unit.If you have any carpets you are smart to buy an electric hose and tool kit such as Stealth or EdgeLift. Your home with be cleaner than air driven versions. The kits will fit right into your wall ports, just order a Stealth with 'corded' hose (the EdgeLift comes with corded hose already). Here is a link to those kits If you have no carpet then get any air driven kit. That should do it, the system is pretty straight forward and the only maintenance is emptying the unit.Let us know if you have any more questions.

Maintaining Fasco Central Vacuum

Hello, we purchased our home with a MasterVac II By Fasco Model #852SVDM, Serial #128414. We have no owners manual and have no clue how to maintain/clean this unit. Are there filters, and where do I find and information about your product. I would really like to get the proper use of your product. Thank you Debby, Grafton Ohio

Hello Debby, Fasco has long been out of the central vac business but we help homeowners get there systems up and running well with great accessories and helps. The only maintenance is emptying the bottom bucket and shaking out the inverted, weighted, cloth filter (use a trash bag to contain the dust). Read our information about the filter on the Fasco brand page if you want to replace it. For inside the home all our attachment kits fit right into the system. The electric kits are for homes with carpeting. The hose in the kit has an 8ft pigtail electric cord that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The wires are hidden all the up the lightweight hose. If you have more questions please ask!

No Suction

I have two downstairs outlets that have no power when I open the door nor does it exhibit any suction when I plug the hose in. The two upstairs outlets are working fine. Please help. Thank you. Cora Rogers

Hello Cora, does the Fasco unit turn on even though there is no suction? Then there is a clog. If doesn't turn on then the wires to the inlets are compromised somewhere. See for more help.

Wiring Diagram

Where can we get a wiring diagram for our old 851? Someone took the motor out and wires are just hanging. Arna , South Harwich MA

Hello Arna, Fasco has long been out of the business but we can help you rewire the unit. Your unit has a single motor and some electronics. The motor has two wires and green ground. The two wires can be used interchangeably. One goes to the white wire from the power source and transformer and the other goes to a lead from the relay. Here is the basic layout

Replace Unit?

I bought a house with a Fasco 851 installed. The system works fine, but the dust can is badly rusted, is there a replacement available? Bernard, Jamestown, NC

Hello Bernard, yes you can easily replace the unit with one of ours. Use our dealer locater to find a dealer nearby.

Help with My Patton Central Vacuum

We purchased a house that was built in 1999, and it has a central vac (Patton). The unit does not have good suction, and we have had it serviced by the company who installed it, but they did not seem to have much knowledge of the system/product. Do you have any advice as to who we could call to service the unit, and get it working properly? Thanks- Marty, Fayetteville

Hello, we don't have anyone in the area. Did you try the troubleshooting chart online? Many homeowners find it extremely easy to fix their own vac and we are here to help as well. Please start at

Fasco Motor

Which motor do I order for a Fasco model # 85040000?

That looks like a number from the motor but not the complete motor number. What model Fasco do you have? It will have one of these numbers on it

Cleaned Bag, Low Suction

I recently cleaned my Fasco 852SVDM vac's filter bag as suggested above and that went fine, but ever since I have reattached the bag, the suction has been terrible. Does the placement of the bag matter for suction. I thought I put it exactly where it was last time. I do have the same model as others who have mentioned weak suction...can there be another problem? We don't have the owners manual and are running a little blind here since the vac was already in the house when we bought it. Thanks.

Try removing the bag and testing the suction that way without sucking anything up. If it is better then the bag may be up too high and blocking the airflow. The suction was better before, right? You could have a clog in the hose or something too. Troubleshoot using

First Time USED Fasco Owner

We bought a home w/ an 851 FASCO and no owner's manual. No knowledge about how the system was maintained over the years. We need to order parts b/c the hose has rotted and the only extensions they had appear to be something for shag carpets and hard floors. We aren't sure how to clean the system. We got the bottom opened and it is full of junk--who knows how old. Any tips on cleaning it so we may use it? Tips on filters/bags, etc.? Power works when we plug the hose in, so that's good news.

First, you will enjoy the central vacuum for your cleaning needs and desires when you have tools that bring the best out of the central vacuum. The filter on the Fasco is inverted cloth. You take the bottom down, put a plastic trash bag up over the unit, grab the filter and shake it really good - that is how you clean it. When it comes to replacing it, that is a pain. There is no more original replacements. Read our motor/filtration section of the Fasco page. If you want to replace the inlets valves you can simply use our Basic Inlets. For great attachments we and our customers recommend an electric hose and head such as the corded Stealth Kit. It fits right into your system without any problems. Read more about that here

Not Turning On

I have a Fasco Master Vac 11. Problem....vacuum turn on manually, but does not turn on otherwise, even if I pressed the reset buttons. Filter is very dirty. Not sure if it's ever been replaced. How do I find a replacement? Thanks. Reg Boucher

You need to see if the low voltage leads are working. Try shorting the contacts that the wires from the home contect into on the unit. Just use a piece of wire and touch the two contacts. Or you can touch the two contacts inside the vacuum inlet on your wall. If you get nothing from the contacts on the unit you have a dead transformer. See our electrical parts page. You will the small 110 volt one. Regarding the bag, that is the biggest issue with the out of date Fasco brand. See the information on the filtering here on the right side of this link

Fasco Filter Fiasco

We purchased a house last year that has a MasterVac II central vac system by Fasco. The previous owner did not leave us the manual. I figured out that you remove the bottom dirt holder to clean it out, and I've been doing that. But now it looks like the filter is full of dirt, as well as the canister above it. There is dirt everywhere. Do I remove the filter to clean it? How are you supposed to clean out the system? Am I supposed to be replacing the filter? Thanks for your help!

Ah, yes this is difficult one. You will end up either compromising and inventing a new filter or replacing the entire unit. Most filters were sown into a rubber thing. If you pull toward the center of the unit while grabbing onto the cloth filter where it attaches near the side of the can, it will flex and fall out. Some in your situation have used the #711B to make a new inverted filter. Let us know how it goes.

Will Not Turn On


Do you hear a click at the vacuum when trying to turn it on? If yes, you need a new motor(s). Try using you troubleshooting chart at

Comes On without Hose

Why would our Fasco central vac suddenly just come on during the night? The system normally comes on when a hose is inserted into the wall fitting.

Usually the low voltage wire has been chewed through. At times it may be a bad circuit board but yours doesn't have one. Also, check the inlets to see if the contacts are being shorted by a coin or screw.

Want a Better-than-Fasco Vacuum?

I have a Fasco 852-SV serial number 101791. The motor has gone bad. It is very loud. I hate the way you have to clean the bag. Are all units like this? What do I need to do to replace the motor? What do I do to make it less noisy? Is there a better bag system? What unit do you suggest if I choose to replace this one? Thanks

Yes, they are loud and messy. Good news is the new SilentMaster S2 will go right in its place. It is 10x quieter, a bit more powerful, and empties with a disposable bag. They are available through dealers. This is a great choice.

Leaking Air?

i have a fasco central vacuum and i just replaced the 2 motors i am still having trouble with the suction i plugged hose into one of the outlets and i can hear air running through one of the other outlets im trying to figure out if that means i have a bad outlet or a clog in that outlet?

If you here air leaking at one of your closed inlet valves you need to take the inlet off, wrap 1.5 rounds of electrical tape on the neck and reinsert it. Don't over tighten, it will bow the cover and cause it to leak. That should help the suction. If not use our troubleshooting guide.

Fasco A853

1. I have a Fasco A853 with a burned out Motor. It is brown and there looks to be 3 inches of clearance in the upper Can, which fit the old motor nicely. Will this new motor fit? 2. The old relay says 18A and has 2 prongs in each corner. Will a 16A relay suffice? 3. Which transformer would fit this model?

Yes, this is the motor you need. Also, the #241 16 amp relay will work as well.

No Suction

I have a Fasco Master Vac II. I have checked the motor the cloth bag and the intack tube all are clear and seem to be in good working order. However I have no suction through the hose. If I open up the escape door I have suction. What do I do?

Probably a clog in the hose. Put the handle of the hose into the suction part and use your hand as a gasket.

Model 852SVDM Motors

i have a fasco 852svdm and i need to replace the motor. do i need to order 2 motors if so what motors do i order

Yes, you want to order two motors. They work great and are not difficult to install. This link also has instructions you can copy and print out. Here is what you need to replace the Fasco 852SVDM motors .

Paper Instead of Cloth Filter?

I have a Fasco Central system Model A853 SR.#101037. Is there a paper Bag replacement for the original cloth bag? Please advise. Thank you, James Stevens

That is an interesting question. If the the debris tube entering the interior of the unit sticks out inside and is 2 outer diameter you can do it.
Remove bottom dirt holder and remove the old cloth filter. Put a PVC Coupling on the plastic pipe that enters through the side. Add a Bag Adaptor to the Coupling and finally put a #723MF-5 bap on the Bag Adaptor. Attach the bottom dirt holder and you are done! Click here for all the parts you will need.

Motor Brushes

I have a Fasco Model 851 and I would like to replace the brushes. Do you have them available?

We have motor brushes for the 115334 motor here. If the motor has used its 800 or so hours then you should replace the 115334 motor itself.

Fasco A853WA Motor?

I have a Fasco A853WA Central Vac 8.7 amps 120v. i need to replace the motor, which one can i use? And another customer says they have a 120v 7.5 amps, bottom of tag is 8630-8567, model number has no A in it.

The motors we have for the out-of-business Fasco models work great. Be sure to read the specs of the motor for the 853 series below. Measure to make sure the new one, which is more powerful, will fit.

Patton Fasco 115334 Motor Under Warranty?

I purchased a Patton central vac model number CVS130 new about 4 years ago. The motor just burned up, is this covered under warranty and what is the correct replacement motor?

The Patton is actually a Fasco Central Vacuum and they are out of business. Nevertheless, the motor, electronics, and filtration can all be replaced. The motor is the easiest. Please visit our Fasco Help Page to visually compare your motor with a new one.