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Steel Pipe or Fire Stop?

Hi folks, I was wondering if you know whether or not this particular product or the 3M product part#513F meets code in the city of Los Angeles? We were told by the city's inspector that we needed a metal collar around the PVC pipe fitting where it meets the ceiling of our garage, but this product as well as the 3M product seem superior in design and affect if called upon to protect our home... Thanks, Mark Oki

Hi Mark, historically it has been steel penetration but they also now accept the firestop method which does provide superior protection.

Here is a reply from STI Fire Stop's jhurley at, The inspector is wrong. They are asking for a traditional collar, which obviously works too, but a wrapstrip tuck-in method may be used also if there is a UL Classified Design. Print out and provide the following UL System to the inspector, for STI's Central Vacuum Kit (STI Item# VPK-2) at this link: The local STI Rep is Mike Zanotelli and he can help with the paperwork for the inspector, his number is (310) 433-5398.