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Steel for Firewall 2 x 6 inch Q&A

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Questions & Answers

2-inch OD?

would like to confirm that the steel pipe is 2" OD and if the flex hose I bought from you would fit over it? Thanks Rick San Jose, ca

Hi Rick, yes it is two-inch OD and the flex pipe will fit over it.

What is this for?

What is the steel for the firewall used for?

Some building codes required steel, not pvc, to go through a firewall (a wall that has plywood, not just wall board). Some codes require a fire stop ring and some don't require anything.

Take Place of Fire Collar?

does this steel pipe take the place of a fire collar?

All depends on the code you are under. For some it is all that is required, but for others you need a real collar.

Rubber Cement

What do you mean by rubber cement? What brands?

We are refering to regular office type rubber cement. Usually comes with a brush on the screw off handle.


Should I use PVC Cement or someting else to join steel pipe and 90 Sweep PVC Vacuum Connector. Thanks...

We recommend rubber cement.

For Satellite Installation

I need to install my satellite dish. It needs 2 inch OD and your pipe is that and would be strong enought to use. it would be put over a 1 1/2 galvinized pipe and bolted together. i just wanted to know where i could find some around my area.

Do a Google search for central vacuums florida and find an installer who has the item.