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Beam Electrolux Square Neck

Hello, Dominick from Cary I have a Beam (Electrolux) central vac system with a square neck. Would this crevice tool fit? Thanks

The accessories we have can be used with your non-standard Beam/Electrolux as long as they are used with this adapter https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406AQD. Enjoy!

Hose Compatibility

Will this fit the stretch hose for a Filtex Central Vac? Jeanette- Mobile, Al

The flexible crevice tool will fit any tube with a 1.25" diameter.

Kenmore Compatible?

I have a Kenmore upright, the hose end is 1 1/4", will it fit over?? Thanks Steve

Yes, this tool will fit any tube with a 1.25 inch diameter.

Fasco Compatible?

Will this fit a Fasco Vacuum System Model 852SUDM ser.A?

Yes, this will fit your Fasco and all the models made.

Outer Diameter of Connection End

We have a Hoover Windtunnel Ultra about 4 years old. The end of the hose tube is approximately 1 5/8" wide. The attachment tools fit INSIDE the hose end. Will this tool work with our vacuum? Thanks! Steve: Corona, CA

Hi Steve, the outer diameter of the end that usually has wands to into it is 1-1/2" so it will fit into your hose end but be a little loose. So, if your inner diameter hose end is 1-1/2" or a bit larger then this tool will fit INSIDE your connection. (Typically this tool is used by fitting OVER wands or hose ends that are 1-1/8 to 1-1/4" diameter.)

Electrolux Compatible?

Will this work on my Electrolux system?

Hi, if your hose end has a tube that fits into accessories then it will fit for sure.


The cross section dimensions are 5/8" by what?

Great question. The other measurement you'd need to know is 1-3/16 inch. We will add it to the description.

Fit Vacuflo Hose?

Will it fit the vacuflo system using the long hose? thank you

Yes, it fits all Vacuflo hoses, all lengths.

Width Explained

When you say it is 5/8" wide is that the same as its thickness? The maximum clearance under my refrigerator is a tight 5/8". Dave, Colorado Springs

Yes, the total width is the total space opening needed for the tool to fit into.


What is the shape and diameter of the tube?

The cross section of it is tall and rounded on both ends. It is 5/8 wide.