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Center Weighted Filter

How to clean de debris and stones that do not fall into the basket or depository of FLO Master C 650 and that are kept inside the filter. It does not go out with a good shaking as suggested.


All of our bottom emptying power units utilize a permanent cloth filter that has a weighted center, not to be mistaken for trapped dirt. The purpose of the center weight is to make the filter drop down and release some debris when not in use. And just to note, the Flo-Master C650 is no longer produced but is very similar to the Air Master A650t.

Plush Carpet - Air Flow CFM or Waterlift Most Important?

I'm installing a central vacuum into an existing single level (no basement, no attic) home, at just under 3,000sq. feet, all but 200sq feet of it is high pile carpet. My question is: Being a 3,000 foot home with carpet, do I need a unit with more water lift or more cfm? Also, when it comes to motors, what is the difference between single stage and multi-stage, and bypass? Thanks, Kevin D. Palm Springs CA


This is an excellent question. Many times the waterlift is so strong on a central vacuum it makes vacuuming a plush carpet difficult. There are a few electric power heads on the market that have a tall height adjustment, such as the Ace. The CT23 Response actually lets air into the vacuum when it starts to seal to the carpet. Take a look at all our Carpet Vacuum Heads. Regarding your other motor questions. The number of layers of fans within the motor is the number of stages. Typically the more stages the more water lift and less CFM. Bypass and thru flow refers to how the motor is cooled. Bypass has a cooling fan on the opposite side of the motor's fan stages, whereas a thru flow allows the incoming air to flow right through the entire motor to cool it. In a bypass the incoming air is exhausted out the side of the motor through a horn or small holes.

Flo-Master Bags

looking for bags for Flo Master Model H85 Hf 15 amp SN 197699


You can find the all the filtration, bags, and parts for Flo-Master here. Let us know if you have another other questions.

Flomaster M32 Wiring Diagram

i have a m32 flomaster.. where can i find the wiring diagram for this unit.??


Please use this page for Flo-Master Vacuum Unit Parts and Wiring Diagrams. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Extreme Cold Application

How do the motors hold up in extremely cold weather? I'd like to mount it in the garage, near the garage door, but the temps can dip well below zero here. Can they withstand a blast of -20 degree air?


The motors will do fine in extreme cold, even at -20 below. They will also perform at top condition in the heat.

New to Central Vac and Need Help and Products

We just [purchased a home with a Flo-Master Vacuum and they left no instruction manuals. It is a closed bag system in a Blue can. Where is the model number? How do we tell what unit this is? Can we get manuals for this unit? Thanks Gayle


Congratulations on the home and central vacuum. The unit's information is on the right side toward the bottom. If you have any issues or want to perform a check on the entire system use this Troubleshooting Central Vacuum Guide. We have the bags and filtration items for all our Flo-Master Central Vacuums online and there maybe a dealer in your area. Also, take some time to read through the MD Flo-Master Vacuum Manual.

Stays On - Replace Relay?

Hi, I have an M-34 Flo-Master central vac. The motor continues to run when the hoses are unplugged and continues to run when the low voltage lines are disconnected with the switch on or off. Sounds like the relay to me. Do you have this part if I am correct? Thank You


Take a few minutes to narrow down the issue using the Troubleshooting Central Vacuum Parts Guide. If the problem is the circuit board or relay we suggest replacing both with the Circuit Board for Single Motor Central Vacuums. It is too costly to replace the single relay because you have to also by the compatible transformer, and mounting these larger replacements is not straightforward.

Accessories for Flo-Master

I am trying to find attachments for a M32, 115 volt, 13 amp vacuum. Can you tell me which hose and attachments will fit? Is there a dealer near Sacramento, CA that would carry a replacement hose/attachments? Nicole Smith


Everything you see on the website works with all Flo-Master models. If you have carpets consider a complete electric kit for the best possible cleaning. We do have independent dealers in your area that can also assist you. See all Products for Flo-Master Vacuum Systems.

What Bag Do I Need For My FloMaster?

Minde in Mesa. We just bought a foreclosure that comes "as is". There is a flomaster in the house (garage) and I don't know how to determine what size bag to buy. Can I measure the size of the can and you can advise? What other info do I need to determine?


You will first need to determine whether you have a closed bad or an open bag. If you have a closed bad you will need Bag #723MF-5, if you have an open bag, you will need Bag #720-5. See all the filtration parts and options for Flo-Master. If you need any further information, please contact our offices or a local independent dealer.

Lost Suction

My MD FloMaster Vacuum, installed in 1998 does not have much suction. What could the problem be?


Perform a check on the entire system using this Troubleshooting Central Vacuum Guide. Also, take some time to read through the MD Flo-Master Vacuum Manual. Let us know if you need further help or see if there is an independent local dealer near you.