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Free Flow Hose and Pipe Maintenance Sheets Q&A

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Clogged Vacuum Pipe

I used the wipes in my vac ,and 1 got stuck now I have a stopped up system. any solutions to clear it out? tried covering hose and releasing but no luck. Gaylon kenton,tn

If a Tornado Cloth becomes part of a clog then you have a really good clog on your hands because 99.9% of the time the cloth pushes the clog through. You have tried the pressure built up method to get the clog out but you may want to try that again in a different way. Turn the vacuum on using the on/off switch on the vacuum tank. Go to the closest wall inlet plate that has low suction. Open it, put your hand over it to build up suction and let go for just a second then put it back to build up pressure and let go for a second and repeat this for 5 minutes or more. This gets 99% of clogs out. If you can't remedy it that way then take a look at some of these ideas in solution #3 here

Shelf Life?

How long is the shelf life? If they dry out can you revitalize with a quick spray of water? Roger Millbury, MA

Once opened, these cloths have a shelf life of two years. Should they dry out, you can revitilize them with a quick spray of water as you had mentioned.

Too Wet for Paper Bag in Vacuum?

I have a bagged central vacuum, will the "wetness" of these cloths cause the bag to get wet tear?

The Tornado Maintenance Cloths are not that wet. They are moist and will dry out quite a bit as they travel in the vacuum system. When they hit the paper filter they will not compromise the filter at all, even when put directly into it. Great question, thank you.

TornadoPower Able To Clean Pipes

Are these cloths able to pull oil out of the vacuum hose, not the pipes?

The cloths will travel down the length of hose and the pipes in the wall, cleaning the entire system.

Use in VacPan?

Hello, can these cloths be used in a vacpan? Also, when should I use the cloths, every 3 months, give or take? Thanks Nick

Hi, yes, you can use them in VacPans as well as hoses. Use them as often or infrequently as you feel you need them. Maybe after you clean out your unit you can use them to see what they may pull through into your unit.


I do not find specific instructions for using these cloths, after 10 min searching. The very fact that the manufacturer will NOT NAME the chemicals used, makes it rather suspect to me. In this climate of multiple allergens.....seems rather odd. I appreciate your alternate suggestions of paper towels and lysol spray!!! KUDOS to you. I have a 35yr old nutone system that works great.

Thank you.

Use with DrainVac?

Can this product be used in a DrainVac system that uses water to automatically expels debris into the septic system?

DrainVac suctions debris and water so yes you can use this product.

Use on Canister Vacuums?


Hello, yes these cloths can be suctioned up by canister vacuums and uprights through an attached hose. It will clean and provide a scent to the exhaust.

Stuck in Pipes

I just bought and tried those tornado central vac cleaners--and they stuck in the pipes. Not the hose--the pipes. Any suggestions on how to unplug the pipes??

Hello, when they get stuck in the pipes they are getting stuck on a clog that was forming prior. The goal in getting them stuck is to help the air pressure build up behind it to push the entire clog through. You have less suction now, right? If so you want to hold your hand over the hose and let the suction build up and then release. Do this for 5 minutes, some times rapidly. If that doesn't clear it then call us.

Solution Facts

I would like to know what kind of chemicals that are treated in the Tornadopower cloth . Thanks . Tho, St. Charles.

From the Manufacturer: The solution is biodegradable and non harmful to the environment. We do have precautionary statements on our canister. It is for external use only. I understand consumer's concerns about the strength of the fragrance, it is strong by design. It is designed to counteract odors from the particulate matter stored in the dirt receptacle. At this time, we do not offer a fragrance free cloth but we do keep track of all suggestions and comments and value that information.


What kind of chemicals are treated in the Tornado power cloths ? Thanks .

Hello, the company that makes them doesn't disclose the type of chemicals used to make the product.

How Often?

How often should these cloths be used?

Hello, there is no limit to how often you need to do this. A good rule of thumb is to do it from each inlet right after you clean out the central vacuum unit.

Canadian Dealers

Will you ship to Canada? If not, where can I purchase these cloths near Toronto?

Canadian dealers are here: Hope that helps!

Other Product

Will the Swiffer wipes (dry or wet) work the same?

Not being familiar with those wipes it is not something we can answer. You could lightly wad up a paper towel and spray a little Lysol on it and suck it through the hose and into the system but these Tornado cloths are really great.

Use More Than Once?

Can you use a cloth more than 1 time if it comes out fairly clean?

Yes, you can use the cloth more than once but it will be dirty and have less cleaning agent.

Effects on Cyclonic and True Cyclonic Units

Will this Tornado Cloth be bad for my cyclonic unit? (Mike V. Ontario, Canada)

You raise a great point. There are two types of cyclonic units. True cyclonics such as Vacuumaid and Vacuflo only have a screen up inside of them for filtration. This maintenance cloth could possibly get into the airstream and block this screen. Filtered cyclonics have some sort of a finer filter either as an inverted cloth or a pleated cartridge or a foam filter. These cloths could get lodged in the filter and could possibly reduce the filter surface area. It might be wise to remove them from all these types of units after you suck them up.

Clothes Dryer Sheets?

Will clothes dryer sheets work the same?

They won't hurt the system, but they are very smooth and lightweight compared to the TornadoPower Cloths.

In Large Homes?

Will these work in a very large system? I have a large home and am afraid they will get stuck somewhere and render my system useless.

They will work perfectly in large homes. In fact, in large homes you have more pockets where debris stacks up, so you will see these cloths to a great job clearing out debris in your pipes.

Cause Clogs?

Do they ever clog your pipes.

If your system is developing a clog, this product may remove it or further clog it. Sometimes clogging the pipe even more actually helps because then the powerful suction power can use its full sealed suction force to pull the clog out. Bottom line is if you are developing a major clog already they may help remove it. But these don't cause clogs.

Chemically Treated?

Are these treated with chemicals? I am very conscious about the environment.

Yes, these are chemically treated cloths.