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Replacement Belt For BM1372 Power Head

We have a Frigidaire Central vac, power head model BM1372 Type A. I need a new belt. Does someone have a link to where I can order one? Wolf - St. Joseph, MO


Please find the replacement belt for your power head BM1372 on the following link: Replacement Belt #48201

Troubleshooting No Suction Issues

I have a FGCV315SQ that won't turn on from the outlets. it does from the manual switch on the unit. I have jumpered the low voltage connection and see a spark but the unit doesn't turn on. I think I need a new board. can you recommend one. I have purchased items from MD Central Vac before and was extremely pleased with the service and help. Thanks in advance for your help. John in Eatonton, GA

Thank you for returning to MD with your central vacuum needs. Let's be sure you've nailed the root cause down. Use this guide to find the issue Let us know what turns up.

New Model Cycling On and Off

We recently installed Model FRGCVP520 to replace our 30+ yr.old Beam system...Frigidaire has only been in use since 9/2013, but has started to cycle like it is going to turn off and then comes back...does this approx 10 times in an hours use....suction is fine, have emptied the collector bag...what is the problem?

That is uually a circuit board issue. Does it do the same when turned on at the actual unit (be sure a valve is open for air)? Then it is the unit and should be under warranty.

FGCV520SQ No Suction In House

In the middle of vacuuming the power shut off (fridgiaire gallery FGCV520SQ). I can use the vacuum now on manual, but the low voltage automatic switches do not work. I followed your trouble shooting. so following the steps, it runs in manual, has suction at the unit and hose, if I arc the wires it does not turn on. all this lead to the See #5, which it doesn;t make sense because there is no break in the line because I still have power in the lines it just won't switch on. The connection at the CV and the wall appear to be fine. is this an issue with the circuit board? Any help would be great. Thank you.

The suction works at the main unit but not in the house. The hose does have 110 volt power to run the carpet brush but that power has nothing to do with turning the suction on and off. That is the low voltage side of the vacuum. You arced the low volt wires and the suction didn't turn on. That almost always means the wire is broken somewhere or the transformer is no longer providing juice to the low voltage system. Arc across the low voltage connection right at the tank. If it turns on then there is a break in the wire somewhere in the home. If it doesn't turn on then something is wrong inside the tank.

Upper Metal Wand with Plastic Bracket

I have a Frigidaire Central vac the beater is a model BM1393 type A.I need the upper pipe which the male plug connects to. The plastic bracket that holds the cord to the pipe is broken. This pipe has the bracket riveted to the pipe so I am assuming I need the pipe and cord or just the pipe if the old cord can still be used. What are my options I checked out the builtinvacuum web site but could not find the pipe it's self. Thank you.

If the upper wand/pipe you have houses a cord with three male prongs or pins, it is obsolete and you'll need to purchase a new head, hose, and wands (a complete kit). If your cord has two male prongs, not three, then you'll need to let us know if the pins begin at the top of the metal wand or if they begin about 1/2 inch up from it with an extented plastic bracket.

CentraMop Suctions Liquids?

I have the Gallery vacuum system. I'd like to order the Centra mop, but I'm concerned about getting liquids into the system. Is this a problem or can the system handle wet as well as dry? Thanks, Sandy - DeLand, FL

Actually the CentraMop has a pad that you wet and sqeeze but the water doesn't get into the system. What makes the tool great is as you vacuum loose stuff the pad will loosen and lift embedded grime.

Fridgidaire CVS6000L Will Not Turn Off

I have a frigidaire Model CVS6000L. This unit turns on as soon as I plug the hose into the wall inlet, and does not shutoff until unplugged from the wall inlet. Wondering if there is a fix so that this unit can shut off at the nozzle when not in use?

You most likely have a bad relay in your unit that needs to be replaced. Follow our troubleshooting guide to verify that this is where the problem is

Frigidaire Replacement Hose Handle

Trying to find handle that connects to the horse with on and off switch if I need to buy handle and hose that would be fin

There were several hoses that were sold with Frigidaire systems. You will need to compare your current hose handle with what we offer to see if one matches. You can view our available hose handle replacements at

Frigidaire FCV315S No Power From Inlets

Hello, we just moved into a home with a Frididaire fcv315s. The main unit has a switch that's labelled Auto and Manual. When we turn it to Manual, the unit turns on, but doesn't seem to have much power at outlets. When on Auto, there is no response when opening up any outlet. Any suggestions would we welcome. Thanks, Jeff newly moved to Eden Prairie Minnesota.

You could have a break in the low voltage wires coming from the inlets back to the unit. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Silent Master Replacement Powerhead And Hose

We have a Silentmaster BM1372 and need a new powerhead and hose. Can you give me suggestions on what would fit?

You can find all compatible replacment parts for your Silent Master system here,

Fuse LR88617

I need to replace just the fuse on two seperate hoses for my Frigidaire Central Vacuum System. I believe it is a Beam hose. Part number on the fuse is LR88617. Where can I find replacements?

The fuse is in the plastic plug and not replaceable in most Beam hoses (or Frididaire). Those parts come within these kits,352CO. If you have something different please let us know. Also beware that the wire connection to these parts has changed and will require some work with small parts, that are included.

Long Carpet Options

We recently installed new carpet and our central vacuum power head which is a Wessel-Werk self adjusting head just does not elevate high enough to vacuum the longer deeper fibers. Please can you recommend a good power head that will work well with the longer twist fiber carpets.

When you have long carpet fibers there are a couple of things to consider. First, check with the carpet manufacturer regarding vacuum guidelines. If you are allowed to beat the carpet you'll need a vacuum with a high lift adjustment. The Ace is the highest available, but it may not fit your hose connection which means you may have to buy the entire Ace Kit that includes the hose, wands, and accessories. Here is the Ace

BM1393 Belt?

We have a frigidaire central vacuum unit(model # BM1393) that I believe needs a new belt. Do you sell this part?

Take a look at this belt here If the photo and description match then this is the correct belt.


I have a Frigidaire Model FGCV520SQ, 120V,50/60Hz, 12.0 AMPS that won't shut off. Can you tell me what part is required and part no. I need to fix this unit? Thank you. Ken, Montgomery, IL

Please use our guide here to determine the real issue

Bags and Nozzle for Shag

I am trying to purchase replacement bags for my Frigidaire Central Vacuum System and am not sure which bag I need. I only see the printed words, "Micro liner 2 ply filter system" on the bag. I did locate the model number on the actual canister Model# FCV315S. Please help, also I need to find out if you carry an attachment that would also fit this vacuum which can vacuum extra long shag carpet. I am looking for the rotating brush attachment (not sure the actual name of this attachement.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Natalie Eagan, MN

Hi Natalie, it is one of these two bags depending on where the cardboard with hole is located on your older ones.,723. The long shag carpet is many times not allowed to be groomed with a rotating brush, ask the manufacturer. The highest brush we have in a kit is the Hayden here How long is the shag?

Brush and Belt Stop Spinning

I have a frigidaire central vac system. When I turn on the powerhead, the brush head turns and I can also see that the belt is spinning but as soon as I lay the powerhead on the carpet both the brush head and the belt stops spinning. What can the problem be? Also, if the problem is identified do you have the part? Curt, Mississauga, Canada

Does the vacuum nozzle connect with an electric cord? If so then the motor shaft key is sheered and you'll need a new motor or nozzle. If no electricity then it is an air powered nozzle and the belt is most likely stretched, you have an air leak somewhere, or the turbine blades in the nozzle are fractured and letting air through.

Frigidaire Gallery needs replacement power head

I have a Frigidaire Gallery central vac system. The electric power head is model BM 1372. I need a replacement power head along with a 20 foot hose. What are my options. Michael. St. Joseph

Hello Michael.

We have a few electric attachment kits available to replace your old power head and hose. These kits come with a new electric powerhead, hose, and accessories to complete any cleaning task around your house. The kits (Stealth, BlackHawk and Hayden) for your brand & model can be found here, and for other brands & models can be found here

Frigidaire BM1393

I have a Frigidaire BM1393 and the power head no longer operates. I confirmed 120V at the wall connection, and have voltage at the four copper bands at the end of the hose inside the handle. I do not have voltage, however, where the wand plugs into the handle when I turn on the switch. My guess is that the switch is bad as all of the wire connections (the two lighter gauge white wires that I believe signal the vacuum motor to come on, as well as the heavier black and white wires that I believe power the beater brush motor) seem solid. Do you sell the switch as well as the other handle "innards", or perhaps a new handle without the hose? Thanks. Steve Palmquist, Lakeville, MN

Yes, we have switches here See if your hose has a small P with a circle on it at the wall end.

New Circuit Board?

HI, I have a Frigidaire Gallery central vac that will not shut off. I have unplugged the low voltage wires and it will not shut off. I believe I need to replace the pc board. Could you please advise me on which one I should try for my model? Thank you. Andrea, Sioux Falls Model # FGCV3195Q 120 volts, 50/60 hz, 12.0 amps

Hi, you do need a new replacement board and this one will work for you It is easy to hook up and you will be able to attach it to the can.

New Beater Unit Nozzle Needed

We have a Fridgedaire Central Vac Model BM1393 Type A. The beater unit is cracked. We need to replace it and are having a hard time figuring out where to purchase a new unit. What units should we consider? Jac

Hi Jac, without needing a new hose you'll have to match the hose to a new nozzle. If you take photos of the nozzle and the top of the wands from the nozzle we will give you your options.

Frigidaire FCV315S Bag

Frigidaire FCV315S It appears that this CV is discontinued. I would liek to purchase a pack of three replacement bags as well as a vacuum filter. Do you have these in stock for this Frigidaire model? Thanks- look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, the model and replacement filter bag for your vacuum model are here

Motor Starts, No Suction

We have a Gallery Vaccuum System that we purchased with our new house about 9 years ago. Our problem is when we hit the switch on the hose the motor in the basement will start but we have no suction thur the hose. On the hose handle are the following numbers A. B. 27 ACE.BGE.27GE LR82648 E56267 3.5 AMP 120 Volt Do we need to replace the hose, switch. If so do you carry these parts. Thanks

Hello, it sounds like you have a clog. If the motor is on then the suction is stopped up. Use solution number three here Many times the clog is in the hose.

Motor Smells

I have a frigidare central vacuum. It is only about 3 years old. I had started to use the central vac and it smells like rubber burning or melting. Then it smells like vomit. It the motor going out or what is happening to it? I would only use it once in awhile when I first got it cause I can't adjust the head and feel like I am not cleaning well. The carpet is to thick. Do I need to replace the motor? What is your opinion. Also where can I find the model number of the unit. The gentleman that installed the unit for me, never left anything but a small booklet. Thank you.

Hello, it sounds like the motor is about to die. Just use it until it does. Our understanding is the model number is on a plate near the on/off switch and pop-out breakers.

Changing Belt

how do you change the belt

Some models have screws under the brush head. Other you have to push in the side of the headlight portion to lift it off and then get to the screws underneath.

Gallery Vacuum System


We are not affiliated with Gallery but offer upgrades and replacements. Thanks for contacting us.