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Are Replacement O-Rings Available?

Bill in Oak Point Texas. I have the Electravalve 120 volt inlets in my house, but one is missing an O-ring and leaks air. Can I get a pack of replacement o-rings where the cover connects to the backing plate? I have searched online extensively. I really like the central vac in my new home; it is great for my wife's allergies.

Unfortunately, o-rings are not sold separately. The inlet missing the o-ring will need to replaced.

Upgrade to Electric Vacuum Inlets?

I replaced my beam central Vac a couple of years ago. Is there a way to retrofit/convert my current central vac outlets to these 110v?

Yes, the conversion can be made without opening the wall and it is a whole lot easier to do if the backing plate has openings above and below the main 1-5/8" diameter intake hole. If there are not openings you'll have to create them or remove the backing plate and replace it with this one (which is not easy) The molded end of the romex in the rough in kit will go through the hole and into a new VacuValve faceplate. The faceplate has two screws, top and bottom, four inches apart, to fasten to the backing plate. The low voltage wire will go through the opposite opening on the backing plate and attach to the new faceplate just like the old faceplate. The non-molded end of the romex will have to terminate in a j-box or switch to get the two amps needed to power the electric power brush. When you make the conversion you can use any of our electric vacuum kits with direct connect hoses. Let us know if you have more questions.

Corded Hose Available?

Dan in Prescott, AZ. Hi, my home has "Beam" brand central vac face plates with only low volt wires attached to the back of the plates. I have a "Stealth" power head that requires 110V at the face plate. Whats the best way to convert and do they make a pigtail for the "Stealth" so I can plug into a standard 110V outlet? Thank you.

Hi, yes all our kits have a corded version to use with all low voltage only inlets. If you have a Stealth kit from MD that is not corded you can swap it out with this part here to make it corded

Nutone Version the Same?

Hello, I have an Electrolux Central Vac system purchased about 2000 (pre Aerus) with the ElectraValve outlets (#662HW). My wife broke one of the flip covers, so I need a replacement. Besides the Electrolux, I've also seen "Nutone" ElectraValve covers. Are these the same and/or will they work as an Electrolux replacement? Thanks.

Hi, yes the Nutone version is the same thing at the ElectraValve, same manufacturer for both.

Rough-In Wire

Erik in Virginia Beach. I am using your rough-in kit 12gauge 2-wire. The electrical guys say I need to have a wire so it can be grounded. What can be done?

Hello, Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information.

Convert Nutone Inlets?

I replaced my original NuTone system with an Aerus Electrolux system abut a year ago. My current otlets are 4w x 3 1/2h. I want to replace all of my current inlets with 110 volt inlets. Which kit would be used to retrofit the current inlets? Because of the shape of my current inlets, can I put the supervalve inlet sideways or will I need a trim ring?

Sorry, but without cutting the old backing plate out and gluing a new ElectraValve rough-in plate there is not a way to convert the Nutone Inlets that are wider than tall.

Adding Electric to Existing Kenmore

I own a sears system but I want to add a power connect to inlet. What do you recommend?

Hello, adding electric is possible for some existing installations but not for Sears Central Vacuums. Good news is you can buy a corded electric attachment kit and still have all the power to deep clean your home. You'll just have to plug in a pigtail cord after you plug in the hose into the wall port.

What Connector and Coverplate to Use - Romex Already Ran

I would like to know if the white plastic connector for the 110 volt line part, that goes into cover plate, is included with Part #526? I already have the 110 volt line up to the inlet so I do not have to purchase Part#526L. Thank you?

If you have 110 volt line already ran to the backing plate then you should get this connector and this cover plate,663CW. (Another way to do this is with the SuperValve while roughing in because is has a connection box on it for its prewired valve cover)

Adding an Inlet

I need to add an outlet in my basement near my Hoover Central Vac unit. I believe that I will need this rough in kit along with the valve kit, plus the fittings. Is there an add-on type kit available, or do I need to purchase everything seperately? Thank you.

This inlet in question has 110 volts going to it and the low voltage wire - FYI. Yes, we have kits that include the parts for 1 or 3 inlets - with both 110 volt and non-110 volt. See the Pipe and Fittings page towards the middle.