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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug) Q&A

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Nutone LR88617 Hose Part. ElectraValve Repair Kit.

Hello. I have a nutone direct connect hose that one of the prongs melted down because it wasn't making good contact. The part number is lr88617. Do you have that available. Also the female prong on my electravalve wall plate looks charred an may need replaced also. Thanks for your help.

We have a repair kit for the Electravalve and we have a new fuse prong end for certain hoses. Take a look at these products,352CP. The prong end is now a hole and a slat and comes with parts to change yours if the back side is presently two holes (which is no outdated).

Access Fuse

How do I access the fuse on a beam hose? I understand it is located somewhere in the portion of the hose that plugs into the wall.

The diode is embedded in the electrical outlet connection, the plastic behind the two metal prongs. To replace it you need to replace the cord or short plug.

Power Cord Replacement?

I have a Nutone system with a power brush beater. I had an open in the system and traced it to the wall plug at the end of the vacuum hose.i have the type that requires you to plug in the vacuum hose to the wall outlet as well as the power cord into a standard electrical outlet. I've removed the power cord and would like to find a drop in replacement without having to fabricate a home made cord. Sone of the numbers on the male power connector are ; e124233; lr88617; and sp-021pf.

We have two styles of cords for the wall end of pigtail corded hoses.,352CO

How to Remove Cuff

how do you remove the old cuff to replace on beam rugmaster. cuff model A.B. 27 LR82648

The cuff slides off when you depress the plastic "lock" and push the cuff off. Sometimes knocking the end of the hose down on the floor while holding the cuff will makes this easier. Also, the "lock" may be under a sticker on the cuff.

How to Get Cuff Off

Need to replace part number 352 CP (fuse plug for electric hose and two pins) for a Stealth system. How do I get the old cuff and pins off? Thank you. Lauri, Comfort, TX

Depress the plastic bulge on the cuff (may be under a sticker) while sliding it off. Or depress it while holding the cuff and hit the hose end pointing down on the floor. The cuff will slide off.

Electric Hose Conversion Kit

Hello. My current inlet has the female 110v connection but my new hose has the standard recepticle plug. Can I convert to this style from the standard wall recepticle?

If your hose looks like our Electric Hose (the handles are the same), then our conversion kit will work for you here,

Hose - Wall End

I bought this kit to convert an existing hose from pigtail to electric however the outer plastic cover of this kit is slightly larger and will not fit properly. This is a hose from around 2003 with a circle P. The hose plug is also slightly looser in the new wall recepticles as well. Is there a part the replace the entire wall end of a powered/switch hose without replacing the entire hose?

The wall-end of the hose is not replacable and cannot be converted. If your hose is the older style with the smaller diameter, then you will need to replace the hose with the modern one.

Hayden Hose Replacement Prongs

I have the hayden direct connect hose with the two brass plugs broken off. Will this assembly just go over and clmp onto my hose and work.

Hayden used thier own special parts for hoses. You can find the replacement direct connect plug here,,342mp

LR88617 Hayden Replacement?


That is a rare thing. Be sure to turn off the vacuum before unplugging it from the wall or the vacuum hose. Repeated small arching occurs when the vacuum is not off, but rarely does it melt the parts. The fuse prong for your Hayden hose is here The SuperValves (used in many brands) are available here If you have any questions please let us know.

Hose A.B.27 Parts?

I have a Beam RugMaster Plus-Model 045-322 with hose cuff A.B.27.LR82648 - 3.5 amp-120V. One prong is broken on the plug that fit's into wall vacuum outlet. The hose still good. Do you sell parts for repairing the existing cuff. If so, is replacing part difficult for a female novice?

This is the correct part. However, they changed the wire connection and it is a pain working with the tiny parts. That said, most can do it. Parts are included.

SilentMaster Hose Replacement?

Will this part replace Silent Master part #LR82648 Shirley-Geneva, NY

Hi, the plug for the wall end for your brand would use this replacement. It requires some delicate handling with small parts because it doesn't fit right in. The new one has internal connections that are one pin and one slat terminal, not two pins as it was on older versions. Instructions and parts are included. If you wanted to replace the entire hose look under the Electric Hoses.

Hayden Parts?

will this kit fit the Hayden 6000 super pack deluxe serial # LR 61865? If not where can I find a replacement pin/prong for the above model?

The parts for the Hayden vacuum are found here Thanks for asking.

Model A.B.27 Vacuum Hose Part?

Will this replace/repair a Model A.B.27 (LR82648)? I could not find a manufacturer on the hose. I have a Silent Master and one of the pins broke on the hose that plugs into the wall. I took it to a vacuum repair and they had no idea what I needed. thank you Patti

Hi, yes this is the replacement for the electric hose with two pins found in SilentMaster systems. The connections internal are different (other side of the two pins) but the parts are included.

B C F 27 BCE

My Beam vacume hose prongs broke off. The part number is: eries XY B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27 CE E56267 3.5a. 120v Please let me know. Charles

Hi, the manufacturer is not supporting older hoses and the cuff. All that is offered now is this Do you need a new hose? Well you will be able to make this work and use your old cuff.

Fit Hayden Inlet?

does this prong fir on Hayden wall - direct connect inlet?

Yes, the fit the Hayden direct connect vacuum inlets. Does your hose have a P with a circle on the wall end plastic cuff? It needs to for this part to fit your hose.

Fix Beam Vacuum Hose Pins?

I have a BEAM central vacuum and the two pins that plug into the wall jack have broken off. Will this kit give me the parts that I need to repair it? The numbers on the hose cover are model A.B.27 and LR82648. Russell Pittsburgh

Hi Russell, yes this will fix the Beam hose. Do note though that the connections under the plastic sleeve may be different. They changed them, but the kit includes the small brass contecter (sealed in a corner of the bag). (Note; they may not always be there in the furtre.)

Convert Nutone BN32DV Hose

Will this kit work with a Nutone BN32DV hose to convert it over to a direct connect hose? I'm looking for a way to get rid of that pig tail connection without having to replace the whole hose.

Hi, are there 110 volt holes above the main suction hole for the direct connection? If so then you can use this if your hose looks like the wall end of our electric hose. Nutone sells two types of hoses and one is the exact one as ours.

Fit Beam?

I have a Beam central vac and the pins on the plug in cuff look vulnerable. Will this kit work on my hose?

If you see the letters AB on your hose end then it will fit. Older ones have a different connection then what they are now so be prepared for a bit of work. The tiny new connectors come with the kit if you end up needing them.

MD Vacuum Compatible?

i have an MD vacuum that came with my new home. the two electrical prongs that plug into the wall are chewed off from the previous owners dog. can i replace it with this? it also came with no rug attachments. would i be able to buy an electric rug attachment with this part???

Hi, yes this is the part you need but be prepared for some delicate work on one wire since they changed the connection style. And yes, you can buy the Stealth, BlackHawk, or Hayden brush. All of these brushes will need wand #406ST. Start here for the nozzles

Use on Nutone Hose?

I have a NuTone 30' Deluxe Dual Function Vacuum Hose (model #CH620 Dircet Connection). The "male" plug is bad. This is the plug that fits into the "vacuum wall outlet". Will the "Fuse Plug for Electrical Hose" (cuff and 2-pin plug) take care of my problem? If not, can you offer any suggestions? Thanks, Bob Venters 1410 Canter Way

Hello Bob, the generic plug here may work. Nutone did use them for some of their hoses. Slide your cuff off and then compare the parts. Do note that all new ones connect differently within the cuff. There is now a spade and hole not two holes. The new one comes with the tiny little brass parts to convert yours but it is delicate. Also note that a new hose has 27% more suction and is made of better material. Thanks for asking.

Use on Older Hoses?

Ruth Richmond, VA I have a Vacumaid vacuum, approximately 11 years old, and the fuse plug broke off. It looks as if the 2 pin with cuff will convert the two male pins, and the question referring to replaced pronged end. Thanks!

Hello Ruth, if you see AB or a P in a circle then you can use this part. Beware though that they changed the internal connection and you will have to deal with tiny new connections you need to create (parts included). Also know that newer hoses are lighter and have more than 27% more suction!

Why New Electric Connections?

Why does the this kit come as a "do it yourself" crimp connector? They used to come with two female plugs that took two seconds to remove and replace! This new way is impossible!

We asked the same thing here at MD, but the manufacturer changed and stopped producing the the two prong version. Sorry, we are suffering with this one with you!

Replace Pronged End?

Does this mean that this is what I need to order to replace the original pronged end on my vacuum hose? (The end that plugs into the wall.)

Yes, that is what you need. It fits hoses that look like the light grey electric hoses sold here (they ahve a P in a circle on the wall end cuff).

Sell Only the Prong?

I have an existing direct connect vacuum hose. One prong is broken on the 120 volt plug that goes in the vacuum outlet. Do you sell just the 120 volt plug to repair my existing hose?

The pronged end comes in this kit only.