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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose Q&A

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How to Remove Fuse Plug

How do I remove the old fuse plug? I have a White Westinghouse Model 1410 unit. Janet - Green Bay, WI

The cuff on the wall end of the hose slips off the end of the hose. There are usually one or two numbs that need to be depressed first somewhere on the cuff and sometimes under a sticker. Hold the cuff in your hand and hit the end of the hose on the ground. The cuff will slip off. Lift the fuse plug out. The connections used to be two prongs but is now one prong and one spade. That means you'll need some needle nose pliers to make that happen.

Identify Compatible Hoses

I have a Honeywell model HL 102A is the fuse plug I need for that unit?

If there is a circle with a "P" in it on the wall end of the hose then this is the replacement. Note that the internal connections are different now but the product comes with the tiny parts to retrofit it.