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AB27 Hose Handle Replacement?

I have a hose pump handle grip that shows model number AB27, would the 352GH be the replacement for it as the one I have works but has many cracks in it and is coming apart and could you tell me the shipping costs for this to Kelowna, B.C. Canada V1Z 3Z3 Thanks

Yes, this is the correct replacement handle for vacuum hose AB27. Another way you can tell is to find a circle with a "P" in it on the cuff of the wall end of the hose. Shipping to Canada is calculated using your address. Please go through the Canada Checkout to see the options provided.

Beam 189 Hose Handle?

Hi, Will this handle fit a Beam 189 D model? The hose is fine, but the handle is cracked. Thank you

Hi, please see the detailed photo with a ruler in it on the bottom right of this page. If it has the indicated measurement then yes. Beam use this style and one with a shorter distance, which we don't have but you can call us to get information on.

Beam Compatible?

Joni, Carbondale, IL I have a Beam Central Vac Model BM1372 that was installed in our new home in 1998. The gas pump handle broke where the nozzle connects with the hose. (It is plastic) Would I be able to just replace the handle or would I absolutely have to replace the hose as well? Thanks.

Hello Joni, we don't have the correct handle for the Beam Electric Hose. The two pin connection is closer then the one we carry. We do recommend upgrading to a new hose and kit such as the Stealth though, it is worth every penny!

Beam Vacuum Hose Replacement Handle

I have a Beam central vac installed in 1994 and am tired of purchasing the entire electric hoses, three times now, just because the plastic handle keeps breaking. I'm currently using the last two hoses, one for upstairs and one for downstairs and wouldn't mind keeping the hoses which are just fine. Where can I obtain just the handle?

Hi, usually the Beam hose has a slightly difference design than this replacement. Where the prongs meet the hose handle the distance is further back on the replacement (see the picture with the ruler here Our replacements fit the Beam hose but will not mate with most Beam electric connections on the wand. Our replacement hose handles are stronger, so it is a shame they will not work. Also, if the pins on the nozzle's cord are three then that is mainly not supported any longer. If two prongs then they are. You have a couple options. Please call us for further advice.

Compatible Wands for Electric Brush

What upper and lower wands are compatible with this handle.

The wands you'd use with an electric vacuum head sold by MD would be these two or the third, single, telescopic one,406SL,406ST. You can use plastic wands and other telescopic wands as your secondary wands for other floor tools,406T,406TB

Drain Vac Compatible?

Will this handle replace a Drain Vac hose with an open handle (cracked)?

If your hose handle looks exactly like this one, then yes, this is the correct replacement. Note: this is for an electrical hose and not to be used with water. If you have any questions, please call us.

Fit Stealth to Hayden - Swap Handles?

Can I purchase just the metal stub tube from the Stealth Hose handle to change out with the stub tube from my Hayden SuperPack Hose. Then I think I could use my Hayden hose with a new Stealth Carpet Brush. Connie Lincoln, NE

Wow Connie, you have done some investigating on the website it appears! Unfortunately the stub tube from the Electric Hose will not fit into the Hayden handle. They are two different manufacturers. We have yet to find a way to fit the Stealth on a Hayden hose. Call us if you already have the Stealth and we will give you a great deal on a hose.

Frigidaire FGCV520SQ Central Vacuum

I have a Frigidaire central vacuum (model #FGCV520SQ)and I'd like to replace the handle. This handle looks just like mine, will it work?

Hi, it will work if the measurement is the same as the one in the photograph here at the bottom right (has a ruler in the picture).

Garage Hose Handle Replacement?

Scott, Buffalo NY- I have a Beam central vac, and bought the "garage" hose. It has no switch on the handle, just a metal ring where the hose plugs into the outlet. The plastic handle is broken, and I'd like to replace the handle. It looks like this will work, but how does the existing grey plastic hose connect to this handle? Am I correct in assuming this handle will work? Again, there is no wiring in the handle at all. Thank you!

There are two handle options for your basic hose without a switch here,315HB. The gas pump option is for hoses that have an on/off switch for suction and an electrical power head.

Gas Pump Handle Replacement

I have a Sebo ET-2 power brush floor head for a central vacuum. The handle has broken. I originally had several Hayden heads and I still some Hayden hoses; however, they will NOT fit the Sebo. The hose is still good and I would like to just replace the handle. However, if necessary, I will buy a new hose. You can e-mail me at or you can phone me at (702) 242-5696. The central vacuum I have is a SilentMaster and I ordered two new motors a few years ago from you. Everything worked out well and it is still running. P.S. I used to live in Bakersfied many years ago and I am one of those people who LIKES Bakersfield. Also, I need some vacuum bags for the SilentMaster. Thank You Ron Whitlatch 8113 Pacific Cove Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

If the handle looks exactly the same, this is most likely the right handle for your hose. Should you choose to uprgrade your hose, please contact our customer service at 800-997-2278 for assistance or visit our website for help in choosing the right hose for you.

Hayden Hose Compatible?

will this handle be able to fit the hose and attachments of a Hayden 2400 sup. whose switch is also broken? Do you sell the original Hayden part ?

Sorry, we only have the switch replacement not the handle. Please order the entire hose if the handle is broken. We are not able to get the handle replacement, sorry.

Hayden SuperHoses Compatible?

Hi, will the white plastic elbow which screws into the 4 wire hayden hose and also contains the metal end piece fit my superhose II gas pump handle? Is this piece available? What are my options? Thank You,Steve Wolcott,CT

Hi, Steve, this will not fit any of the SuperHoses and unfortunately we don't have replacement needed. You are the first to ask for it! Please give us and call and explain your situation and we'll see what we can do.

Hoover - Fits this Style

I have a Hoover central vac electric hose with a pig tail to plug in for power. One of your responses said the handle would not fit that hose. I have checked the dimensions and they all agree with those provided. The handles look the same as does the internal wiring. Why would it not work? Also do you stock quality metal extensions that fit this handle? The ones that came with the Hoover are cheap plastic as are the floor brushes. Sam

Hi Sam, there are some Hoover's that are not like this hose handle, they do not have the metal stub coming out. If your does then you have a match and you should use this wand for any of our electric vacuum brushes and any of these wands for whatever else you use such as a sturdy hard floor brush,406,406P.

Hoover Hose Replacement? Measurements

will this handle fit hoover central vac hose thanks craig mason city iowa

Hi, most likely not. See the measurement photo here to get a better idea of this hose handle

Hose Repair

I have a Vacuflo low voltage hose that split close to the handle. How do I remove the handle cut the hose back and re-install the 3" shorter hose into the handle? Murph

Your low voltage hose is not able to be repaired. Due to the wires and how the end is molded onto the hose, you cannot repair it. The split hose will need to be replaced.

Includes Plastic Internal Elbow?

There is an inner piece inside the gas handle. It is a plastic elbow that the short metal tube attaches to. Does this part come with this kit?

Yes, it includes the internal elbow.

Internal Swith and Long Cord?

I have the exact hose handle on my Royal Deluxe SC800. The electrical connection is poor. The socket is shot. Do you carry the switch and the wiring that goes into this handle? Also the three foot long cord that runs from the hand down to the power head?

Need New Switch Too

I have a Stealth. My current handle is cracked and the tube slides out - do I need to replace the switch too, or can the electronics be removed and transferred to a new handle?

Hi, we have the wiring harness and handle for both handle types. Please see the four products on this page starting with #352GH Your old wiring harness will work with the corresponding new handle. But if the switch is bad you'll need the entire harness.

Need Switch

I was wondering if you carry the switch assembly for this handle? Can you please provide me with instructions on how to obtain this switch assembly. Thank you. Serge from Denver, PA

Hi, the switch is here It always comes attached to the complete wiring and components in the handle. If yours is different then it is the wrong one.

Nutone CH510 Hose Handle?

Can this part replace the handle on a NuTone CH510 hose assembly? Howard The Villages, FL

Hi, if your hose is pliable, that is you can crush it down and it bounces back into shape then yes, this is the hose handle for the older Nutone Electric Hoses.

Nutone Replacement?

I have a Nutone model CV-353 central vac unit. The pistol/gas pump style handle on the hose has broken. Will this gas pump style hose work for me? Do I need the switch kit to go along with it, or will the switch in my existing handle work with this one? Thanks, Glenn from Northampton, PA.

Hi Glenn, if your electric hose looks like yours, is pliable, then you use the handle and wiring to replace yours.

Old Hose Handle?

My old 2 pronged rectangular outlet hose handle has worn out , vintage 1991. Will this handle replace that one and allow me to use my 2 pronged attachments as before ?

It may. Was your hose wire reinforced? Could you stand on it without it easily crushing? If so, no. It is our opinion that hoses 15 years old should be replaced. The new hoses are better and have 25+% more airflow do to less drag within the hose.

On - Off Issue, Pushing and Pulling

My Nutone has developed a connection problem. When you pull the vacuum back, the powerhead shuts off. When you push forward, the head comes on. I've replaced the wand--same problem. Should I replace the switch, or the whole gas pump handle with it?

Hi, keeping everyting still and running, manipulate each connection point to find the short. Push, pull, bend, twist, each place where the cord connects or the hose connects, or goes into the hose handle.

Pistol Grip Replacement?

Can I use this to replace the pistol grip handle on my Stealth kit?

Yes, it will replace the Pistol Grip and visa-versa. Buy the correct switch, but yours may work. You can return the switch if it doesn't fit.

Replace Electrical Connection?

Can I just replace the cords?? I know the short is in them as the male connection is covered in black and the female connection is semi-melted. I have a vaculflo powerhead HP500 and the hose has model #" bcf27bce on it. Thank you!!

There are a couple possibilities. The first is one they used which many others used so you will see the name Hayden. And depending on how old it is the cord went all the way down into the brush or into the lower wand that had a foot disconnect.,406HS,342MP,480CG.The other is was a combination of parts that may have included,352GS,49054 (the last product has a different end shape with the two pins).