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Vertical Limits?

How much vertical lift can I have? I found one response which was too technical, and had "a strange code" in the answer. I am installing in bsmt recroom and lifting to the ceiling- 8 ft.


Central vacuum systems can have vertical runs of 40+ feet. If the suction can lift something 2 inches in can lift it up many stories.

When to Change Bag, Empty Canister.

How often should you change the paper filter bag? How can you tell when it needs to be changed?


The bag should be changed when it is around 3/4 full. There really is no way of telling when that is and it could be over 6 months. We offer a reminder email to help you remember to check on it. If you have a bagless unit it should be emptied more often, even monthly.

Quieting a Central Vacuum Exhaust

My neighbor has complained about the noise our vacuum makes (the central vac exhaust is located on their side and there is not much distance between our buildings). I came across Part #260, a muffler for whole house vac systems such as mine. Should this part be installed inside or on the outside of the basement wall? Does it make any sense to install 2 of them in tandem, or is that a Bad idea? Thanks for any insight you can provide. Robert Edison, NJ

You can cut the noise down quite a bit by installing two mufflers, one after the other, on the inside of the basement. Your neighbors will thank you!

Dusty Smell in Garage

my garage smells dusty after I vacumn, is there a problem?

Depending on the brand and model of your central vacuum and how it is exhausted the "vacuum" smell may be expected to some degree. There are options to fix this but too many to list here for all the brands and models in the field. Please let us know yours and how it is exhausted and we'll be glad to guide you.

Scuff Baseboards?

will it scuff baseboards? Mark Brown

Hello Mark, it depends on the baseboard. We have white gloss and normal vacuuming with it does not scuff it.