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Handle for Low Voltage On-Off Hose Q&A

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Replacment Hose Handle

My Vacuflow is 7 yrs old. The hose ripped and became disconnected right at the place where it connects to the Turbogrip. Do I have to replace the entire hose and/or Turbogrip? Can this be repaired and if so, by whom? I live in Seattle, Washington. Thanks.

You can replace the hose handle, compare your current handle to our replacement to see if it is an exact match at For your local serviceman use our dealer locator at

Replace Turbogrip?

Will this handle replace the Turbogrip that is connected to the hose which plus into the Vacuflo low voltage central vacuum system I have in my home?

Hi, this handle replaces handles that look just like it only. There where other handles made for the low voltage hose that have a different shape but this one doesn't fit them.

Inner Part Broke

Today, I dropped the handle and the inner ring connecting the handle to the connecter for the attachments broke. (It looks like your picture only in two peices now) What is the replacement part(s) I need?

Hello if it looks like this handle then you need buy the complete handle. It includes your broken part. Thanks.

Old Style / Age Switch

I have the old style handle. The rocker switch is broke and I can't turn the hose off. Can I purchase the switch assembly?

Sorry, they are not available any more. You'll have to have no switch and insert the hose into the wall 90-degrees to the right or left to get suction or buy a new hose.

Old vs New Style

My handle looks like the picture but how can I tell if I also have the old style? It was purchased in 2000. It came with the Air Master vacuum system.

The old style had a much larger hole for the switch and plastic around it where the new one has only a hole from the switch itself.

Assembling Issues

I'm replacing my cracked hose handle with your product. What is the trick for assembling - is it necessary to unsolder the wires and remove the front assembly to get the back ring (the one shown in the centre of the above picture)onto the hose? Or do you expand the back ring with hot water to slip it over the assembly without taking the wires off? Thanks

Sounds like you have the old style which this will not fit onto and we can't get the old style any more.