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How to Take Head Apart Hayden HAY203

how to take the power head apart hayden hay203


Push light cover in at the sides and pop off the top cover. The screws are under it.

Check Power For Vac Head

I have a Hayden Superpack Deluxe and everything works except the power head. No lights on the power head when I turn the wand on as well. Just wondering what I need to replace. I checked the red switch on the head and the connection there seems to be OK. Any help would be great.

It may be that there is not 110 volts getting to the hose handle. There are low voltage and high voltage wires in the hose and the 110 volt has a fail safe diode that can blow out on the wall end of the hose. Do you have a way to test for 110 volt? Do you have direct connect 110 volt vacuum inlets you can plug the power head cord directly into to test without the hose?

Exhaust Dusty

I have a Hayden Central SuperVac 3600. The wall unit for the dirt/dust is in the garage. It is not containing the dirt and dust very well--the area around the container is quite dirty. My handy man says I need a part which he described as a removable plate and its retaining bolt. I do not have a manual and can't find what he says I need on line. Do you have any ideas as to what is needed? Thanks CA

Your Hayden has a filter and a retaining plate as seen here in the two products for sale http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=730HAY,730HAYR. That is all it takes to make it work properly. Some fine dust may escape the system and the best was to deal with that is a new filter and maybe porting the exhaust to the outdoors.

SuperPack Disassembly

I have a Hayden Superpack deluxe powered carpet sweeper in which the brush does not turn, possibly due to a broken belt. I have tried to remove the top cover, but the directions do not say where the "tabs" are or what they look like. I have pressed very hard at at sides, near the back, but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thank you, Nelson

The light cover comes off first to expose two screws that need to be removed. To remove the light cover press in on the left and right side and lift it off. After the screws are removed you can pull the halves apart from the back.

Solid Red Light

have solid red light on indicating service required. What is the service and can I do myself? Brian Roseville, CA

These are timed lights that do not relate to any real issue happening in the vacuum. Just use it as you have been and empty it on a regular basis. When the motor goes out it will just stop working and you can replace it yourself, if you'd like, at that time. To turn the light off you can unplug the vacuum then engage the tank switch 7 times.

How to Separate Power Brush to Get to Belt

I am attempting to change the belt on the Hayden SuperPack Deluxe Model 202 02. I have taken off the cover, exposed the two screws, removed the two screws and still have the question: How do I get at the belt. I can't seem to separate the remaining cover from the bottom of the unit to get access to the belt. Thanks.

After you squeeze the top section off and remove the two screws, forcefully pull the top from the bottom by pulling them apart from the back. To put it together again put the top front on first, at an angle, then lay the top down and snap into place.

Hayden 3600 No Power

My system Hayden 3600 does not turn on but has power. I tried to reset the button but its still not working. Does it have a fuse inside?

The reset button on the unit is the breaker, no fuses. Check the house breaker to see if the unit is recieving power. Follow our troubleshooting guide for more instruction at http://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Reset Red Light

I have a hayden central vac., the light on the front of the motor unit is a solid red and won't go off. What can I do to get it to go off and to go back to yellow.

Unplug the unit for a half minute. If not then let us know.

Airstream Model #AS334-110 Motor

What hayden motor replaces my Airstream Model#AS334-110 Rick Toronto,ON

No Suction?

Our Hayden is working only when the carpet attachment is on, although it does not seem to be at full suction. Without the carpet attachment on it does not power on at all. Any help?

Actually, the suction is probably never on, it just sounds like it and the brush action feels like a vacuum. Use this guide to troubleshoot the problem and find solutions www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Will Not Shut Off

Will not turn off. We have the Hayden Central Vac system, 4 years old, and unit will not turn off. I have to turn it off and on at the breaker box. Suction is fine and works fine but will not turn off. Checked wall inlets for loose wire and nothing, checked handle and everything looks fine, green light on canister is on when power is on. Greensboro, NC

Please follow this guide to find the issue and solution http://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Replace Belt - How To

How do you replace the belt on the Hayden SuperPack Deluxe Power Head? LaDawn, Slave Lake

Hi, you press the sides of the top cover inward to lift it off. The screws are under it. Unscrew and the brush comes apart.

Blinking Green

Recently bought a home that has Hayden Supervac 3600 installed 1) green light on vacuum housing was blinking so I emptied canister and cleaned filter but light still blinks. Does/How can it be reset to solid green? 2) Where can I get an instruction manual? Thanks, Dave, Rockland County, NY

Hi Dave, unplug the unit from the wall and plug it back in. If that doesn't do it then call us. But the light on the unit can be ignored without any issues, it is based on hours of usage when in fact it needs to based on how full it is.

Vacuum Head Not Spinning

we have two deluxe power vacuum heads for our central vac we keep one upstairs and one down stairs. The beater brush in both heads have recently stopped turning. There is suction but the bar on both does not turn. Seems odd they would both start doing this within a week or two of each other the reset button does not help. I believe we replaced the belt on one of the heads approximately two years ago. Is that what we need to do again? Thanks.

Yes, that is really strange to have happen in the same week. If you hear the motor spinning then replace the belt. If not spinning then it is not getting electricity and that can be for several reasons. You will have to trace the electrical current from the wall end of the hose all the way to the motor for find the break. Someone like an electrician can do that with instruments.

Replace Hose and Lower Wand

Hello There, I have a Hayden central vac, with a superhose II handle. I have to plug in the power cord to the wall and the hose end to get it to vacuum carpet. After replacing the floor brush last week, I now see a crack in the hose and a broken wand. The plastic piece on the wand is on the lower half of the metal wand. The hose is 32feet long, not including the wand. which is the most economical way to replace them? Do you recommend the lightweight stretchy hose? does it come in that length? Which length do I need, the 35 ft? thanks, Ami

Hi Ami, the best way to go is replace the electric Hayden hose and the lower wand. You have to go with the electric hose in order to have the wiring to use the powered carpet brush. The 30ft hose is actually more like 32ft, it varies, but you can get any size or color you want. Here are your options http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=342C,342GC,343C,343GC,406HS,406HSI.

Motor for Hayden 2400

I need to replace the motor in my Hayden 2400. Do I need to purchase brushes, gaskets or anything else to complete the installation?

Hello you don't need anything but the motor and the gasket. Click the link for your model on the Hayden motor page http://builtinvacuum.com/help/hayden.html#motors.

No Suction

I have a Hayden vac model 6000. I am getting low voltage and high voltage at the outlets but when i plug in the hose it will not turn on the unit or have anything happen I looked at your trouble shooting reference it seems like the brushes are the only thing that could be bad. any suggestions? sarkis, san jose ca.

Hello, if you are not getting suction, does the unit turn on at the unit? Do you here a click? If so then you need a new motor, or maybe new motor brushes.

Shuts On and Off

Ed from Vero Beach, Florida. I have a Hayden 3600 that is 4 years old. The unit has always worked fine. Today, the unit started to run but immediately turned off. This on and off again continues. When the on switch is turned on the unit starts strong but then shuts down immediately. The unit has a green light.

Hello Ed, this is the sign the motor is going bad and needs to be replaced. We have the motor and instructions here: http://builtinvacuum.com/help/hayden.html#motors.

Changed Filter, Lost Suction

I removed my filter from my Hayden Central Vac and cleaned and put back in. Now I have no suction. I am not sure if I lost any pieces when I removed filter. There was a handle to turn counter clockwise to take completely off, then filter comes down. Is there any other O-rings, ets.. pieces missing except for the nut that comes off and the filter itself? Marty

Hello Marty, you probably installed the filter upside down. The open part goes on top and closed end goes on the bottom.

Terrible Motor Sound

We bought out Hayden Preimier in 2000. The suction and everything else seems to be working fine but the motor recently is extremely loud. It makes a loud whining almost piercing sound. The cannister is in the garage and when my wife is vacuuming the sound is unbearable while I am in the garage. What could be the problem? Steve Winnipeg

Hello Steve, that is sign that motor is on its way out or has material in it that is putting it off balance maybe. We recommend using until it until it dies. Also, we have wonderful prices and shipping to Canada for the motors!

Replace Power Nozzle on Hayden

We just bought a home built in 2002. It is equipped with a central vac that uses Hayden SuperPack Deluxe power brush model Hay202. The height adjustment on the power brush has been broken off and is missing. I wish to replace the power brush and purchase a compatible stair/upholstery tool. I can't find a local dealer. I hope you can help me. Andy Stevens Point, WI

Hello Andy, we'd be glad to help. Here is a link for the brushes you need and that will fit your system. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=480,480I,473,470,404

Reset Button Popping

I have a Hayden Central vacuum, the suction and sound are fine but the unit keeps switching off intermittently. The unit comes back on if the black reset button is pressed on the side of the unit. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Dinesh

Hello Dinesh, that is a common sign of the motor needing to be replaced. That is something a homeowner can do. Look here for the motor and instructions www.builtinvacuum.com/help/hayden.html#motors

Motor Brushes or What?

Hayden 6000 + supervac 7 years old hardly ever used .No light on side of canister but power beater does work but no suction . Motor does not run at all ...maybe brushes and if so how do u replace ; I have the top off ...do u think it just brushes everything else looks O.K. ?! Thanks Kevin Vancouver Canada

Hello Kevin, do you hear a click when you try to start it? If not then the circuit board is bad or there is not electricity going to the unit. If so then the motor does need to be replaced. Usually replacing the brushes doesn't give the life span expected in a motor that has already used up its 800 or so hours of life.

Low Suction Power

Just purchased house, built 5 years ago, Haydon 6000 CV installed at that time. The green light beams brightly and the system sounds healthy when powered, I'm just underwhelmed by the suction power. This is my first time with a CV, are they just kind of "soft" on the suction compared to my Miele cannister?

Hello, you should be a bit more impressed. To test the Hayden in it's raw power do this. Remove bucket on bottom and remove filter and reattach the bucket. Disconnect the PVC pipe that leads to the pipe work in your home. Manually turn the vacuum on and then feel the power at that PVC connection. That is what your power should feel like. Now connect your hose to that connection to see if your hose is clogged. Let us know what you find.

Replace Hose and Vacuum If Burnt?

My name is Mary Lou Van Dyke, and I reside in Bozeman, MT. I have a Hayden Central Vacuum system that is eleven years old. I have in the past ordered replacement wands from you for my system. My problem is that when I push the vacuum unit forward and pull it back that the power head starts to loose power, ie the motor slows down but when I push forward it resumes full power. I am noticing a burning smell at the hose contact points. These were cleaned (they are blackened),but problem remains. I am thinking that the power brush unit is about to go out and needs replacement. My question(s) is that do I need to replace the power head/nozzle alone or do I need to get a new hose connection also? Please advise me and also what will work with my system. Thank You! Sincerely, Mary Lou

Hello Mary Lou, you need to replace both the corded lower wand and the female connector. Sounds like the connect is loose and shorting out. You may not need a new head and hose. Here are the parts http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=342FR,406HS

Issues with Carpet Brush

We have a Model HAY203 central vac system that has been installed about 7 years. We didn't live here full time the first 2 years, and I don't use it alot (since I find the little cordless vacs are great and easier for day-to-day cleanup). I have replaced the belt once several months ago. When cleaning yesterday, after cleaning one room, the carpet nozzle stopped. I took it apart (not a particularly easy task), cleaned out dust, hair etc. from inside cover, removed threads from the brush roller. It still only drives the brush roller a few turns with a "clacking" sound, then turns off. I have to push the reset button to try to start it again, but the same result. Any ideas? Thanks! Joanne Mensinger

Hello Joanne, that issue can be several things such as the belt or roller missing teeth. You can call us for us to service it if you'd like. We highly suggest upgrading to the Stealth Kit (Stealth head will not fit your hose) and a Quick Click hose which is really helpful because it is sectional - the base hose is 20ft and you can connect a 10ft or 15ft section as needed.

Sock Stuck in Vacuum

Question: I have a Hayden Central 3600. It's 8 years old and still going strong! Unfortunately, I vacuumed up a sock and now there is absolutely no suction from the hose. The motor is still running but there is no suction. Help!!! Marion Ottawa

Hello Marion, please test the head, hose, and piping system separately to find the sock location. If it is in the hose, all you need to do is put the hose directly to the Hayden suction unit but but the handle end in, not the wall end.

New to Central Vacuums.

We just purchased a 10 year old home with the Hayden central vac system and don't know much about it yet. The hoses are definitely need to be replaced and possibly more than that. what is the best way for us to evaluate what we need and how to make the most of this system? We live in Tulsa, OK - is there anyone here who sells Hayden products who could help us? Our house is probably half wood and tile and half carpet. Thank you for your help. Mary Teague

Hello Mary and congratulations on the home and central vac! We don't have a representative in your area at this time and we do understand the desire to get your hands on the product. Hopefully our website and testimonials can help you make a great decistion. With your floors we recommend an electric attachment kit. The Stealth II and Stealth I are the best selling and are completely compatible with your Hayden. We also sell Hayden hose and kit but are the same sets Hayden sold since the 80s. Things have progressed and have become better. Then we have the BlackHawk Kit which is entry level electric. Scroll to the bottom of this page for an overview and call us toll free if you have more questions. http://builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html There is a 30 day obligation test drive on all our products.

Air Stream Vacuum Attachments Needed

Need new tools for an Air Stream built in central vacuum cleaner, Model number AS 334-110. Don't know what year it was bought, as we just moved into the house. The machine works satisfactorily, but I want to replace the tools for it. How would I order these or is it still possible? Ellen, Saskatoon

Hello Ellen, you Air Stream is a standard one that can use any central vacuum attachment set. Please look at our attachment set that we offer on our site.

Hayden Unit on Last Legs

System is a Hayden Supervacuum premier approx 10 years old. When hose is plugged into outlet the motor starts and suction is good, after only a few seconds the motor will slow down and then alternate speeds. The problem started when I was cleaning up dust while replacing ceramic tiles, it also sucked up a small piece of duct tape. I found the tape in the cannister. Unit is clean, hose is clear. Ideas? Thanks Stephen - Cambridge

Hello Stephen, it is time to replace the motor or get a new vacuum. What you vacuumed had nothing, really, to do with the motor. These motors last for about 800-900 hours and need to be replaced.

Hayden Filter Clogging with Dog Hair

Hello, I put in a Hayden central vac system when I built my house 3,500sqft 3 years ago. The Hayden was a piece of garbage - been in for warranty work 3x, and just now burnt out completely. The problem I think is the filter and lots of dog hair. We have two big dogs, cleaned out the filter every other usage (real pain), but the motor still ate lots of hair. I want a system with no chance of hair getting to the motor, and something that lasts for many years. Cyclonic with seperate motor, paper filters? I do not want to have to clean it out so much, and have plenty of lift. Suggestions? Rod

Hello Rod, yes, that is a problem and we have the perfect solution. It is not a cyclonic. We have seen hair caked in the motor of cyclonics. The solution is a disposable bag system. In fact my golden has so much hair we vacuum several times a week but only have to change the bag every 3 months - $12 total - (holds nearly 12 gallons too) and there is never any hair that gets through. The suction is as good with a full bag and an empty one. The solution is the powerful and quiet Silentmaster S2 or S4. It is available through dealers. Here is the link http://builtinvacuum.com/silent_master/index.html. It will fit into and work with your existing system. Also, if you haven't heard about it, the Stealth Kit is the best for pet hair! I have never had to cut hair out of my roller brush and it gets all the hair in one pass. Unbelievable, and you have to try it. All our products have a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! www.builtinvacuum.com/stealth-kit/

Hayden Stretch Hose or Low Voltage Hose

We have a Hayden SuperVac Premier system with a lousy stretch hose. I spoke with Hayden and think their Hayden Air Pack (4404-02) is what I need: at least a 30'low voltage hose, handle w/on-off, et al. Do you have this? Is a longer hose available as well? I couldn't tell from your many options - I'm sorry!

Hello, we have a stretch hose and low voltage hose that will fit your Hayden system. The stretch hose only goes 22ft, the low voltage hose comes in 35, 40 and 50 foot sizes (and smaller ones too). If you need the hose handle to have a locking nipple on the metal tube, we only have that in 30 and 35 feet. Here are the low voltage hoses: http://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/lowvoltagehoses.html

Belt for Superpack?

Does the Hayden Superpack Deluxe have a replacement belt?

Hello, yes the belt is about 3/4's way down on this page of Hayden parts http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/hayden-parts.html

New Vacuum, New LOUD Noise

I have a Hayden 9000 premier unit mounted in my storage room. Brand new. The first week or so it was relatively quiet but now it has developed a very loud whine when running. It is very loud!!! Lights are good, suction is good, filter is clean, etc. Any ideas? Thanks Rod, Blairsville, GA

Hello Rod, sounds like you need to send the unit or just the motor back for warranty replacement. There's only one moving part in the vacuum and that's the motor. The noise doesn't sound like air moving, right? Then send it back to where you purchased it, or contact us for Hayden's phone number in Canada.

Red / Green Light on Hayden

I have a hayden superpack deluxe attachment kit. The upper wand when turned on lights red and used to show a green light. Should I be concerned? The vac appears to work.

If everything is working fine, then don't worry. Be sure you always clean your filter every couple months and you are good to go.

Hayden Brush Spitting Dirt

My Hayden vacuum spits out the dust and dirt when I push it forward. Why?

That usually means it is clogged in the brush itself. Turn it over and also disconnect the wands.

Changing the Belt

How do we change/replace the belt on the HAYDEN 6000 power head?

To access the two screws that take the head apart, first push the sides of the top most part of the brush inward and then lift up. This removes the headlight section on the top of the brush and reveals the screws.

Replace Hose Parts

Where the pigtail plugs into the vacuum hose, one of the wire connectors is broken. Is there a part that can be replaced here or do I have to buy a new hose? My system is only about a year old. I would really hate to have to replace the entire hose. Thanks. Sigyn Minier

We have male and female parts and cords toward the bottom of this page.

Blinking Lights

I have a Hayden Supervac 6000+ which is about 8 years old.There is a flashing redlight alternating with a flashing green light. The filter is clean and the dust catcher is empty. What should i do? Charline Husted.

You can ignore the lights. They are timed to go on based on hours of usage. If the machine turns off and will not start, that may also be the same issue.

Use for Budd System?

Hi: Can I replace a Budd System (with 2 pipes 1 exhust 1 for Vac) with a Hayden 6000? Will the Hayden hose work with my Budd outlets? Is there anything else I need to know? Thanks. Fred

You could use the Hayden unit. We recommend the SilentMaster for more money but better filtrationa and durability and higher CFM. The Hayden hose will only work if it has this adaptor put into the hose end.

Very Low Suction

System is Hayden Central vacuum 6000, about five years old. The motor runs, but we get very little suction from the vacuum. The hoses are clear. Filter is clean. The motor exhaust is very strong. There is no evidence that the filter on the bottom rotates but I don't know if it should. Any ideas what could be causing low air flow into the system?

Filter shouldn't rotate. Take the pipe from the home off the canister. Turn the canister on and see if you have good suction at that orifice. If so, connect your vacuum hose to it to see if the hose is clogged or has any holes.