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116 52513202 Compatible?

Will this fit the Kenmore Powermate Model #11652513202

Yes, this part will fit it.

116-44900 Power-Mate Replacement Wands and Vacuum

Will this fit a Kenmore Powermate beater brush Model # 116-44900 bought in 1978. I have the smaller opening on my hoses and wands. Any other suggestions on a total new head and wands (I just bought a new hose last year) also would help. I do not want to change my wall openings.

We have the wands and a complete vacuum replacement. This link has the two wands you need if you are keeping your vacuum and it has the vacuum replacement that comes with the wands that will work with your hose and the new vacuum. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406H,406HL,480. If you have any questions please let us know.

116.23512 Compatible?

Hi, Will this fit Kenmore model 116.23512? Thanks, Jeff, Greenville, SC

Hello Jeff, we don't have a cross reference for that part. If by the looks of it you think it will fit then it very well may be what you are looking for.

116.5418582 Compatible?

Does the lower wand fit the kenmore powermate model 116.5418582? Thanks Pat

Hello Pat, yes the upper and lower wand will fit just right into your vacuum model 116.5418582

11652512200 Replacements?

I have a powermate #11652512200 per the bottom, but the owners manual states 11622512 or 11622513, I am looking for a bottom wand, the plastic swivel is broken. First, will this part fit and do I need to buy the top wand also? Thank you for your help, LM

Yes, this lower wand is the correct replacement. Here is that wand and some other considerations http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406HS,406H,480,485. The Ace brush is the update to yours and fits right in place. It burns through a lot let belts and goes under more things.

11652513200 PowerMate Compatible?

Hi, Does this fit the Kenmore Powermate model 11652513200? Thanks. Mary, Catonsville, MD

Hello Mary, the wand fits in place of the lower wand on your PowerMate. It just has a different name but is made by the same manufacturer. Hopefully the wand looks just yours. If it doesn't please let us know by asking another question.

4369395 Replacement?

Does this lower wand fit a 116-2045080 kenmore canister vac wand setup which today at sears has part 4369395? Button of the wand on lower end must be on left side when standing behind the wand.

Yes, congratulations. You found the replacement lower wand. The button is on the left side as you stated. Our upper wands 406HI, 406H will work for you as well.

AirVent Compatible?

will this fit an airvent 425a button handle system? Will these wands also fit the 425a? Steve Princeton

Hello Steve, these are standard wands in the correct applications. If you need any measurements from this wand let us know. We don't have a cross reference for your model. Thanks.

Beam Compatible?

Will this fit the beam central vac ? Could I use this to replace the electrical cord and the topmost wand that has burned out?

Hello, it is most likely not going to fit Beam. But Beam at one point used the "Hayden" vacuum head so if your's looks like our "Hayden" then it will fit.

CT14DX Compatible? Cord Short?

The lower wand for my CT14DX is broken and needs to be replaced. We bought the entire system in late 2000. Is this the correct part for that system and will the cord be long enough (the specs on your website say something about the cord being shorter than original)? Amit, Naperville

Hello Amit, we suggest buying this lower wand, which will fit, AND a new upper wand so that the cord will fit perfectly. Part #406H, or 406I for ivory colored.

CT600 Compatible?

Will this fit a CT600

Can you send us a photograph of the CT600 and the wand? Our first impression is that it doesn't fit.

CT600 Compatible?

Will this fit a ct 600?

Most likely not.

Electrolux Wand Needed

I bought a centralux-electrolux central vacuum in 1998. The wand/pipe that attaches to the hose and the head on my central vac is broke. The wand has 2 parts and the top pipe is the one broken. The wands don't stay together now, some type of clip in the inside of the pipe broke off. Can I buy another wand to fit my vacuum and can I get it on line? Sandy - Bartelso,IL

Hello Sandy, please try calling Electrolux directly at 800-243-9078.

Galaxie Compatible?

I just received this lower wand for my Galaxie system (model CT14DX) and the cord is too short (about 5-6 inches too short) so it won't plug into the unit. Do you think this is a defect or should I be ordering something else and returning this one? On the previous page it says this wand fits the CT14DX. Could you let me know what I should do? Thank you in advance for your help. E.Krook. (order #264330)

Yeah, the Galaxie used a dual brand combination power brush and different hose than usually goes with it. You will need the 6-inch adaptor cord #480AC.

Hayden Model HAY20

The top plastic part on the lower wand on my Hayden model HAY203 cracked...can you confirm if this will work? Thanks! Dre from Seattle

Yes, this is the part you need for all Hayden models.

Kenmore 116.50813003 PowerMate Parts?

I'm looking for an upper and lower wand that will fit a Kenmore Canister 116.20813003 and Powermate 116.50813003. Will this fit, and if not do you have something that will? Mike from Fargo

Hi Mike, the roller brush we sell fits that model but we are not sure about the wands. Does yours telescope? Our replacements for Kenmore don't. The connections look like they'd fit the bottom and top if you used our lower and upper, but you'd have to study our photos a bit to make sure. We have a really excellent return policy if you want to try them.

Kenmore 4150835 Replacement?

I am looking for Kenmore Central Vac part #4150835 to fit a model 116.3489290C system. As I am in Canada, I cannot order directly from the Sears.com web site and Sears Canada says that this part is not available. Can you supply it and if so, what would be the cost to ship it to Canada, postal code L3Y 7X5?

Hi, yes we have them! They also sold under the name Hayden and are the exact same part. You will see the product here along with others you may need http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/hayden-parts.html. Look for #406HS about half way down.

Kenmore 4369399 Wand

Would this part replace Kenmore 11656312690? Sears no longer sells. Original part # in manual is listed as 4369399. Shelly - WI

Yes, this is the Kenmore 4369399 wand replacement.

Kenmore Lower Wand 4369370

Will it fit model # 116 2531290

Yes, this lower wand replaces Kenmore / Sears part number 4369370.

Kenmore Progressive ?

Will this wand fit a kenmore progressive vacuum model# 116 22612200? If not do you have one that will?

Sorry, that will not work. Type your number into www3.sears.com and you will find the part.

Kenmore Progressive Compatible?

Will this wand fit Kenmore Progressive model 116.20712 Patfrom Mendham

Hello Pat, probably not and we don't have a cross reference. Sears' website doesn't pull that model up either.

Kenmore Replacement Wands

I need the upper&lower wand for kenmore power mate model #116 3489890C. Can you help me? thanks, catherine

If your bottom electrical connection is in the back then yes we have the lower wand. The upper wand is the same no matter what. Here are the parts http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406HS,406H.

Kenmore Whispertone Powerhead

will this wand fit a kenmore whispertone model# 116. 50212001? it's exactly 4 inches from the end of the tube to the tip of the plug that goes into the power head. and it is 1-5/16" from the end of the tube to the locking/release button. thanks for the help

The Hayden Lower Wand will not fit this brush. The length of the tube from the end to the plug is 3 7/8". Because of this it will not fit properly into the powerhead and may lead to electrical issues.

M&S HAY Brush Compatible?

I have a M&S system model, HAY 120 volts Super Hose, serial DG2419382 I think the 406HSI generic lower wand may be what I need but want to be sure before ordering. Please confirm this for me. Thanks, Shirley, Sylva

Hi, if your nozzle looks anything like the one on this page then you have the correct wand http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/hayden-parts.html.

Model CT14DX

The cord on the wand of my Cana-Vac (model CT14DX) has gone bad and I need a replacement. It appears that the lower wand part # 406HS is the correct replacement. My upper wand is broken also and needs to be replaced as well, is the 406H the correct upper wand? Thank You, Jeff Denver, Colorado

Hello Jeff, you are correct on all the parts you need.

Nutone CT600 with MD Hose

I see that someone else is asking if this lower wand (Part#406HS) will fit a CT600. I also have a CT600. The CT600 is the model number of the Nutone Power Brush. This unit is 3 years old. I, like many have a short/bad connection between the power brush and the handle. The length of my wands power cord is ~39 inches. I was also looking to purchase the Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle Part#352GS. This appears to be from the web site picture to be the same switch as used in my NuTone handle which was manufactured by M.D.Mfg according to the imprint on the handle which also includes the word Stealth and CentralVacuum.com. That's how I found this site. Could you please verify for me that these are the 2 parts that I require? Thank you very much.

Hi, the Switch Assembly is correct but lower wand is this one http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406HSP.

Plastic Part Sold Separately?

I have a Kenmore vacuum model 116.4053280 that came with a power-mate attachment. My book doesn't show a part number for the power-mate however, the plastic piece that connects the upper and lower wand cracked and I was wondering if you have a part that I can use without ordering the entire thing. Thanks, Debbie, Northampton

Hi, hopefully what you need is just the lower wand here. If a part is broken on your power brush itself, please call in. Otherwise the lower wand comes with the permanently attached plastic parts as shown.

Power Mate 116.5017080 Compatible?

will this lower wand fit a kenmore 4.3 powermate model 116.5017080? Pattie San Jose, CA

Hello Pattie, good news, yes it will fit your model.

PowerMate 116.23312303 Wands?

Hello - Im looking to replace the upper and lower wands on my Powermate 116.23312303. The plugs seem to have worn out and the power head goes on and off as you push and pull the vacuum. Do you have a matching replacement wand set?

If the power connection on the bottom wand at the base is at the rear and not the side then you need these replacements http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406H,406HS. If yours is on the side then we do not have a replacement.

Replace 4170-L

Will this wand fit the Hayden Superpack deluxe Part number 4170-L?

Yes, it replaces that part number.

Replace Cord Connections

I have a CT-14DX the (Manual says VM454?). The unit keeps cutting off and on while in use. I believe the power cord needs to be replaced both the male end and the female end are burnt. Do you sell both the male and female replacement plugs. And if so please let me know which ones to order. Both plugs have the corners angle.

We have the parts you need. Scroll down to part #342FR and start there http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/hayden-parts.html. Call us for more detailed information, thanks.

Replace HAY203 and SuperHose 2 Wands

Hi - my entire wand assembly has broken and I need to replace it. I'm a bit confused to what I need. I have a Hayden Super Hose 2 system with a Hayden HAY203 power vacuum head. What upper/lower wand assemblies should I order? Thanks, Glen

Hello Glen, about half way down the page look at the four products starting with Generic Lower Wand, Super System, Ivory Part#406HSI http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/hayden-parts.html

Replace Wand in 116.23313303

Does the lower wand fit the kenmore powermate model 116.23313303? and is it the swivel wand? Helene Oxford

Hello Helene, yes it appears that this is the correct lower wand for your model. We don't have a replacement hose though. Yes, it swivels.

Upper Wand For My CT14DX

Do you sell the top peice of the lower wand only(ct14dx). Mine cracked, but everything else is still good.

Hello and thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing! You can find the Upper Wand you need for your CT14DX by clicking here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406H,406HI

Whisper Belt Wand Extension Replacement and Upgrade Now Available

I have Kenmore 116.3493590C Whisper Belt power head that came with the Kenmore S107 34431 Central Vac unit. I need to replace the electrical connections on the pump handle that connects to the lower wand and replace lower wand plug/cable. My lower wand pipe is gray 10? long 1.5? dia with a 29? cord part of it is coiled that fits into the upper wand which is adjustable from 20-30?. Will lower wand Part 406HSP work as the length dimensions 17.25 don?t match?. I see the replacement Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle Part#352GS that I need for my Series XY Model BCF 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE handle, Thanks, Rick (Pickering Ont. Canada).

There is a brand new wand out that mates the Whisper Belt Power Head, or Ace Power Head, to the hose you've described. The wand is single, telescopic and much better functioning and looking. Click here for Replacement Whisper Belt Power Head Wand Extension

WhisperBelt Compatible?

I have Kenmore 116.3493590C Whisperbelt power head with a Kenmore S107 34430 Central Vac unit. I need to replace the electrical cable. Is this lower wand (and it's matching upper piece) the correct replacement for this unit? I have already ordered the Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle Part#352GS, which is the female part of the electrical connection - does the male end of this wand mate with it? (The electrical parts are what I'm tyring to replace.) Thanks, Mike (Toronto, Canada).

Mike, please call us for help on this. Please not our hours. If the wands look like yours then yes it fits, there are no other versions of this type of wand.