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Hayden Super Vac Premier Filter

I need to replace a pleated cartridge filter for a Hayden Super Vac Premier central vacuum unit. The model number affixed to the unit is "PREMIER" not numbers. I want to make sure the cartridge filter replacement I get is the correct fit .Please advise. Thank you


Hayden used the same filter in all units. If you want to be sure, take the measurements of the existing filter and compare it to this filter's specifications. Hayden washable cartridge filter is 5-7/16 tall and 7 inches wide. Top side black gasket inner diameter is 4-11/16 , total diameter of black gasket is 5-3/8 .

Bad Motor or Control Board? Will Not Run Steady.

barry easton pa. my hayden 3600 unit keeps turning on and off when I go to start it it won*t stay running steady what can it be?


That is typically the sign of a bad motor. However, the control board is also a culprit on Hayden Vacs. A bad control board causes the motor is turn on and off repeatedly. A bad motor will turn off, stay off, but come back on when you try again (usually, or just remain dead). Here is a link back to the products for Hayden Vacuum.

Purchased New Switch And The Hose Still Does Not Work!

I have a Haden superhose ii. I purchased a switch from you and installed it I still have the same problem. The unit turns on as soon as I insert the hose into the wall outlet.The switch does not control the unit at all.I have a old hose that I use in another vac and that one works fine do I think the problem is in the hose. ANY suggestions as to what may be the problem?


When the hose is inserted into the wall, have you tried rotating it? It could be that the hose is not in proper alignment, which renders the switch useless. The hose needs to be aligned into the 6 o'clock or 12 o'clock position to function.

Retainer for Filter

We have a Hayden 6000 and the filter retainer is broken. It is a no thread retainer. Can we purchase.

We carry the proper OEM replacement filter retainer and we ship to Canada.

Missing Button Lock

Hi, I have a Hayden SuperPack Deluxe. The button lock which holds the top long silver pipe(Wand)to the handle is missing. Because of this missing nipple, I can not connect the long pipe to the wand. Do you know how I can fix this?

We offer a Replacement Button Lock "C" Clip - #300B, which may help to remedy this issue.

Hayden Hose Cord Replacement?

My name is Hazel. I have a Hayden built in vac. The owners manual shows everything except the part I need. That is is the short cord that plugs into the wall vac and the other end into the hose. The cord is braking where it goes into the vac hose that goes into the wall vac outlet. The motor will not work correctly without this attachment. Can I purchase this 4 foot cord?

We carry 6 foot versions of this cord in various color options. Please click on the following link to view these options: Hayden Hose Cord Replacements .

CT650 Parts

I need two wheels for my CT650 Model 93301050 power head. Where can I find them? I would like a new belt 1012 B and bulb 91236. Please help me.

We have the belt replacement, item #48045 for your CT650 model powerbrush. We also have the the bulb replacement, item #48012 for your powerbrush. You may view these items by following the link provided.,48045. Should we be of further assistance, you may also contact us at the number listed below. Thank you,

Male Prongs For Hayden Superhose?

do you have a MALE receptacle for the HAYDEN SUPERHOSE..I see that you have a Hayden superhose FEMALE receptacle PART # 342 FR but I need one with the two little prongs, NANCY SAINT JAMES CITY FL

Yes, we do carry this part, Please refer to item #342MP which can be viewed here:

Replacement Neck?

Why can't you put the part number from the owners manual into a search and find the part? I was looking for part #4217-02. All I could find was one generic part and I'm not sure that will fit.

Thank you for the tip. We will go back into the parts we have for that brush and include the OEM part number. The number you reference is the neck. We used to carry it but no longer do. We can offer you the upgrade to the entire power head. The head was made by Panasonic and sold under various names such are yours. The new, better Panasonic replacement that doesn't burn through belts is here and fits directly on your system and wands

Longer SuperHose Available? Compatible with Original?

We have a Hayden superhose direct connect system and we would like to get a longer hose (we have 30') and the electric power unit. We would also be interested in some attachments. Are the superhose II or III compatable and are there any other brands that would work with the system? Thank you for your help with this matter

The longest electric hose available for any system is 35 feet. Non-electric is available up to 50 feet. The reason is regulation approval. The new SuperHoses are all compatible with the prior SuperHoses.

Super Hose III Board and Switch Replacement

I need to replace the circuit board in my Super Hose III. Two of the brushes had a cold weld and wiggled loose. Do you sell a replacement board? Matt from Caldwell ID

We sell the replacement kit for components inside the hose. If the hose is not a year old and it was a manufacturing issue it may be under warranty. Please let us know, otherwise the part is here

Stealth on Hayden Hose?

Hi, I have a Hayden Superpack deluxe - Model HAY203 02. The unit is about 2 years old and broken. The hose (super hose III) is fine as are the other non-electric accessories. Can I purchase the Stealth unit without the hose and will it fit in place of the Hayden unit? Or do I have to buy the hose specific for the Stealth? Thanks Wes

We really wish the Stealth would fit the Hayden hose but the distance from the electric connection on the hose handle is off 1/2". That means you'll need the hose that comes with the Stealth, meaning you need a Stealth Kit to save money. The Ace has the same issue. Thank you for asking.

Hayden Supervac 2400 Filter

Part number for a Heyden Supervac 2400 filter Scott Fleetwood Buffalo, NY


Air-Stream A5334-110 Motor Replacement

Hi. I have an air stream fce manufacturing co model A5334-110. recently there was a burning smell and it stopped working. a friend says the motor has burnt out. can i buy a replacement one and if so what are the details i.e model number, cost. i live in toronto, ontario, canada

Yes, that is a burned out motor and you can replace it quite easily. Here is the replacement motor, gasket, and instructions for AirStream A5334-110. We have excellent shipping to Canada via UPS with all expenses paid up front or Postal and post fee payment. Note that Air-Stream was sold to Hayden MFG who changed the name of the appliance.

Burned Smell at Vacuum Unit

My Hayden Central Vacuum Premier model was very loud lately and today it stopped working in the middle of use. I went to see if the circuit breaker tripped and instead was met with a burning smell. The unit is under 7 years old. The unit light is green but the vacuum does not work. Burnt out motor? or is it something else.

That is a burnt out motor that needs to be replaced. Thank you for asking.

AirStream - Black Dust

Hi -- I bought a Condo with an Airstream Built-In Central Cleaning System. Model number SF-472A - the Power Head is SEBO 350e. It has worked well but this time when I removed the cannister and foam fiter to clean, the foam filter (after dust was removed) wss filled with black that took many washings to remove. It wasn't really oily andf I can't figure out where the black came from. Also the wall beside the hanging cannister was quite warm. Crystal, Penticton

Typically, as the motors are going bad, the carbon motor brushes will shed more than normal. You may be replacing the motor or unit soon, but you can wait until the motor just stops working before you decide.

Low Voltage Wall Plug-ins

I have a hayden premier super vac and I need the low voltage plug in that turns on the unit on when you attach the hose to the wall unit. bob Carmel, ca


Sounds like you need to replace the faceplate covers. We have them here

Bare Floor Tool

I have a hayden super pack deluxe model hay202-02 and I need the bare floors sweep tool,The one I need has no swivel and is at least 10" wide not less,can you help me find it please.

We have the original 4-piece set that came with Hayden systems. The floor tool is the only one on the market with the hole in the neck for the button lock to pop into. We also have other brushes that will fit right over the button lock. Here they all are,400G,402W,402D,402A

Motor Parts Available Separately?

I have a 5 yr old hayden premier that the motor is working fine but the center "impeller" is broken. Can these parts be bought separately or do I have to buy a whole new motor? Thanks, Conrad

Sorry, these parts are not available separately. Thank you for asking.

Hose Handle Short Wand Separately?

I have a steel 6 inch button lock wand that goes from my Broan central vac hose to my assessories. The button has gotten so it won't stay and pulls out of other wands. This is just a connecting wand 1.25" diameter and I can't seem to find a single item. On one website it was sold with a hose and had a part number of Nutone 32-1913-8 but my hose is fine, just need the extension Do you have one?

Sorry, we don't have something like this.

CT600 Hose Replacement Nutone

I have a Nutone built-in central cleaning system. Model CV750 power unit. The Deluxe motor-driven Power brush is Model CT600. I have no model number on the hose which needs to be replaced. There is no direct connection on the end that goes into the wall. It has an electric cord from the handle which connects to the brush. Can you advise about a replacement for this hose? Thanks

You will need the electric hose listed on this page. The cord from the handle that you mention is actually attached to the power head and disconnects from the handle, right? If so then choose the length and wall end plug type and you are good to go.

Telescopic Wand Available?

We just purchased a house with Hayden central vac and it doesn't have the telescopic wand that extends to allow me to vacuum the floor with the brush for hardwood floors. Can I order the wand separately?

We will have a very nice one piece telescopic wand for Hayden in the next couple months. However it may not fit all hoses. There needs to be a 2" measurement it the two electric connection holes to the button lock on the metal tube on the hose handle. Take a look at the photo on the left side to see a ruler showing the measurement You need two inches like this for the wand to work with your handle.

Pigtail, Wall End, Cord Needed

The pigtail that goes from the central vac connection to the outlet has a short in it. I need a new pigtail. Do you still have them available? I bought this Hayden in 1997 and it still works great. This pigtail is ~25" long, and the part that plugs into the hose portion has two openings that are D shaped. The frayed cord is just above it. The plug is a solid piece with "7A" on it.

Hayden Hose Compatibility

Hi, I need to replace a damaged Hayden super hose II. The hose is direct connect type. Is the Hayden super hose III with direct connect a compatible replacement? Thanks, Paul Waterford Wisconsin

The Superhose II and III are compatible and can be interchanged.

Hayden Inlets

Luis - Brasilia - Brasil I have a SV90 Hayden Premiere Super Vacuum 9000 central unit and I´d like to know what kind of Inlet Valve I have to buy for use this unit with a 4400-02 low-voltage Air Pack kit. Is this Air Pack kit compatible with VacPan II? Thanks. Luis

With a low-voltage air kit, you can use any basic valve found here, All vacuums are compatible with the VacPans, they hookup to the low voltage wires the same as an inlet.

Hose Connection

Luis, Brasilia - Brazil I´d like to know if the hose connector type of the 4400 low-voltage Air Pack kit for Hayden is direct connect, pigtail or other type of connector?

Hoses that say "Low Voltage" have no connections for high voltage. Direct connect and pigtail are the connections to supply the high voltage electricity for a powered carpet brush. An air kit has no electricity for carpet brushes, just uses the low voltage from your inlets to turn the suction on and off.

AirStream Central Vacuum Filter

Hi I have just moved in to a house that has a central vac called Airstream F.C.E. Manufacturing, Model AS-33410. The unit turns on, and if you put your hand to the hose there is lots of suction, but it hardly sucks anything up off the carpet. There is also not a lot of air flow out of the exhaust. We're looking for a manual or advice on how to proceed. Thanks. Nadine

AirStream was bought out and the new name for the same "old" units is called Hayden. Take the filter out and test the suction. It is probably the filter that needs to be replaced. Use the motor/filter page to find a replacement filter.

Prong Broken on Wall End

My name is Marilyn. We have a direct vacuum system and one of the prongs of the vacuum is stuck in the wall. Please advise on the best resolution... Thank you

First turn off the power to that area of your home. Use well-chewed gum to get the prong out. Replace the fuse prong plug with a new one. There are different ones for the two or three types of hoses. We carry these two,342MP

AirStream Accessories Needed

Hi I am Lei Feng, my system is an old central vac with the brand "Air stream" and "F.C.E manufacturing Co.". I heard it was taken over by Hayden, right? Do you have the compatible replacement of it? My rug and floor combo brush was broken. Thank you.

Hi, yes, AirStream became Hayden. You can use any of the accessories found online, they all fit your hose. We suggest a separate tool for the carpet such as the TT27 or TurboCat, then one for the hard floors such as 402D. Here is a link for you to look at,455,402D,402W

Compatible Replacement for Hayden Hose and Nozzle

I have a Hayden Deluxe Superpack. The vacuum power head has broken twice and I'd like to replace it with a different brand. Are there other brands that are compatible with the Hayden, that will use the same hose, or at least the same wall outlets? Thanks. Bill S Los Altos, CA

Hi Bill, we understand your frustration. The Hayden vacuum nozzle was the industry standard for many years but others have pasted it up. The nozzles in the Upgrade Electric Powered Brush Kits section here all shut down when jammed, saving the belt, and they have no neck breaking issues compared to the Hayden. All the complete hose and nozzle kits fit into your wall inlets. Your wall inlets are industry standard, all Hayden systems' are. Hope that helps, you have some great options now. If you wanted to only replace the Hayden nozzle that will not be possible because the wand to hose handle connection will not support any of the new brushes. You can use the Hayden set up you have as a back up or in the basement or garage.

Need Brush for Hose

Mike - Minneapolis - I need an electric power brush for a Hayen Supervac system. Which ones are compatible ? Also need a new wand. Any recommendations ?

Hi, assuming you have the Hayden Super Hose, we have the brush that fits it listed here If you don't have a hose that looks like the one pictured on that page then please let us know.

Alternative Replacements?

my cental vac system just died after 20 years. the service man said the motor burnt out, and will cost 250.00 to replace. he said the whole unit lasts 12 yrs on average, and tried to talk me into replacing the whole thing for 800.00. my question do i need to replace the unit, or just the motor, and what is the best unit to get. i have a very large house, and it gets lots of use. thank you. lulu

Hi, you can replace the motor and filter only, that is just fine and saves you money. However, with your usage you may want to get a different vacuum unit, a different brand. The SilentMaster Model S5 is made for heavy usage in large homes. But it needs a large 30 circuit and plug or a 240 volt plug. If you can get or have one of these then see the S5 here

Replace Brush Alone?

Hi, I am looking for a replacement powered carpet brush. The original unit was lost in a move but the rest of the system (right through the Superhose II) is in working order (according to the owner). Can I buy a replacement brush without buying an entire kit? Thanks, Bill Negaunee MI.

Hi Bill, you sure can buy the brush alone. We have it in grey and ivory color. The brush comes with extension wands and they all fit right into your SuperHose II. Here they are,480I.

Replace Belt - How To

How do you replace the belt on the Hayden SuperPack Deluxe Power Head? LaDawn, Slave Lake

Hi, you press the sides of the top cover inward to lift it off. The screws are under it. Unscrew and the brush comes apart.

Replace Hose and Lower Wand

Hello There, I have a Hayden central vac, with a superhose II handle. I have to plug in the power cord to the wall and the hose end to get it to vacuum carpet. After replacing the floor brush last week, I now see a crack in the hose and a broken wand. The plastic piece on the wand is on the lower half of the metal wand. The hose is 32feet long, not including the wand. which is the most economical way to replace them? Do you recommend the lightweight stretchy hose? does it come in that length? Which length do I need, the 35 ft? thanks, Ami

Hi Ami, the best way to go is replace the electric Hayden hose and the lower wand. You have to go with the electric hose in order to have the wiring to use the powered carpet brush. The 30ft hose is actually more like 32ft, it varies, but you can get any size or color you want. Here are your options,342GC,343C,343GC,406HS,406HSI.

Motor for Hayden 2400

I need to replace the motor in my Hayden 2400. Do I need to purchase brushes, gaskets or anything else to complete the installation?

Hello you don't need anything but the motor and the gasket. Click the link for your model on the Hayden motor page

Replace Power Nozzle on Hayden

We just bought a home built in 2002. It is equipped with a central vac that uses Hayden SuperPack Deluxe power brush model Hay202. The height adjustment on the power brush has been broken off and is missing. I wish to replace the power brush and purchase a compatible stair/upholstery tool. I can't find a local dealer. I hope you can help me. Andy Stevens Point, WI

Hello Andy, we'd be glad to help. Here is a link for the brushes you need and that will fit your system.,480I,473,470,404

Motor Brushes or What?

Hayden 6000 + supervac 7 years old hardly ever used .No light on side of canister but power beater does work but no suction . Motor does not run at all ...maybe brushes and if so how do u replace ; I have the top off u think it just brushes everything else looks O.K. ?! Thanks Kevin Vancouver Canada

Hello Kevin, do you hear a click when you try to start it? If not then the circuit board is bad or there is not electricity going to the unit. If so then the motor does need to be replaced. Usually replacing the brushes doesn't give the life span expected in a motor that has already used up its 800 or so hours of life.

Replace Hose and Vacuum If Burnt?

My name is Mary Lou Van Dyke, and I reside in Bozeman, MT. I have a Hayden Central Vacuum system that is eleven years old. I have in the past ordered replacement wands from you for my system. My problem is that when I push the vacuum unit forward and pull it back that the power head starts to loose power, ie the motor slows down but when I push forward it resumes full power. I am noticing a burning smell at the hose contact points. These were cleaned (they are blackened),but problem remains. I am thinking that the power brush unit is about to go out and needs replacement. My question(s) is that do I need to replace the power head/nozzle alone or do I need to get a new hose connection also? Please advise me and also what will work with my system. Thank You! Sincerely, Mary Lou

Hello Mary Lou, you need to replace both the corded lower wand and the female connector. Sounds like the connect is loose and shorting out. You may not need a new head and hose. Here are the parts,406HS

Hayden Unit on Last Legs

System is a Hayden Supervacuum premier approx 10 years old. When hose is plugged into outlet the motor starts and suction is good, after only a few seconds the motor will slow down and then alternate speeds. The problem started when I was cleaning up dust while replacing ceramic tiles, it also sucked up a small piece of duct tape. I found the tape in the cannister. Unit is clean, hose is clear. Ideas? Thanks Stephen - Cambridge

Hello Stephen, it is time to replace the motor or get a new vacuum. What you vacuumed had nothing, really, to do with the motor. These motors last for about 800-900 hours and need to be replaced.

Hayden Stretch Hose or Low Voltage Hose

We have a Hayden SuperVac Premier system with a lousy stretch hose. I spoke with Hayden and think their Hayden Air Pack (4404-02) is what I need: at least a 30'low voltage hose, handle w/on-off, et al. Do you have this? Is a longer hose available as well? I couldn't tell from your many options - I'm sorry!

Hello, we have a stretch hose and low voltage hose that will fit your Hayden system. The stretch hose only goes 22ft, the low voltage hose comes in 35, 40 and 50 foot sizes (and smaller ones too). If you need the hose handle to have a locking nipple on the metal tube, we only have that in 30 and 35 feet. Here are the low voltage hoses:

Belt for Superpack?

Does the Hayden Superpack Deluxe have a replacement belt?

Hello, yes the belt is about 3/4's way down on this page of Hayden parts

Replace Hose Parts

Where the pigtail plugs into the vacuum hose, one of the wire connectors is broken. Is there a part that can be replaced here or do I have to buy a new hose? My system is only about a year old. I would really hate to have to replace the entire hose. Thanks. Sigyn Minier

We have male and female parts and cords toward the bottom of this page.

Use for Budd System?

Hi: Can I replace a Budd System (with 2 pipes 1 exhust 1 for Vac) with a Hayden 6000? Will the Hayden hose work with my Budd outlets? Is there anything else I need to know? Thanks. Fred

You could use the Hayden unit. We recommend the SilentMaster for more money but better filtrationa and durability and higher CFM. The Hayden hose will only work if it has this adaptor put into the hose end.