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VacPan Kick Vacuum Pulsates Suction

Larry, Elko Hayden supervac premier, 2 story w/basement, post and beam construction, 6 hose connections, 5 vacpans, 4 low voltages lines with both hose and pans on each, 2 main vac lines. All hose outlets work great. All vacpans make the motor pulsate only. If I jump low voltage line at unit it pulsates. I have disconnected the 4 low voltage lines and connected them one at a time with the same results. Brushes in motor have plenty of life left. Circuit board is Alutron DM4 1.5 (20A/120v/60Hz 1/2 Hp) Sticker on unit is 12Amp.

Hayden systems seem to do this more than any other system and it isn't always the same reason; but it is always the same pulse. We and our customers have found our durable replacement circuit board solves the issue. You can find it here

Roller Brush End Available?

When our Hay203 stopped functioning, I disassembled and cleaned the brush assembly. It works okay after reassembly, but I need to replace the End Brush because it is badly damaged. Do you sell the End Brush part of the Brush Assembly? How much does it cost? What is the cost of a new brush assembly? A belt?

The version of the roller brush with replaceable ends is no longer made and the brush replacement has changed a lot since. The replacement roller brush and belt are here,48045

Replace 1750 Inlet Door?

I have a Hayden 1750 inlet where the small door has broken and needs to be replaced. What part do I need to do that?

Unfortunately you'll have to buy a new SuperValve assembly to replace the entire faceplate. The kit also comes with the backing plate that you will not need and can throw away (the door is the expensive part). We recommend replacing the small door version, or "square door" as we call it, with the "full-face" version for better durability. You can buy them here You can replace the one or all of them in the home. Your hose will work the same in either. If you have any questions please let us know.

Replacing Exhaust Vent Door

Need cover for exhaust outside #3030-E VC. Bonnie Apache Jct. AZ.

You may view/purchase an exhaust vent door replacement by clicking on the following link:

Hose Switch Bad? Low Voltage 24 or 12

hayden 3600. dust pans work just fine, the carpet head is working but no suction. is the switch bad? is the system low voltage 12 or 24 volt? can i check voltage at switch? how much? thanks jeff.

The system is 24 volts. The switch may be bad in the brush position, so try it without the brush and see if there is suction. If you only get suction one way and not the other then replace the switch.

HAY201 Power Head Parts, Cords

I have a Hayden power head 7500. On the bottom of the power head it has model Hay201. The plug is damaged is it possible to replace the plug and cord?

We have the cords and the lower wand with the cord attached (if you have that style). See the parts on this page and call us if you have questions.

Hayden Brush Cover Removal

Re changing the belt on the Hayden power nozzle: I have removed the 2 screws but the top does not separate from the base. Do you pry it open?

Yes, there are tabs at the sides and front. Pull the lip of the top cover out and then up.

Clog in the Pipes

I know there is a man's heavy sock in the wall. What do I do?

Hello. Since you know where the clog is at, you are already one step closer to getting it unclogged. Please follow Step #3 from our troubleshooting guide.

Belt Access

i need to change the belt. i opened the top cover which covers light i also remove the two screws but after that i am not sure how to access the belt.

After pushing in the sides to remove the top, and after removing the two screws, you will need to pull the top section from the bottom section. Do this from the back of the brush in the corner opposite of the height adjustment. Pull really hard and the halves will separate.

Power Is Surging.

I have the Hayden Premier. The unit is surging. I have disconnected the inlet pipe and turned on a vac pan and the unit still surges and green light flashes. Filter and canister are clean. Went through each outlet as unit was surging and suction is surging at each outlet

This could be a problem with the motor or an indication from the circuit board. The green light flashing is an indication that something is wrong. Consult your manufacturer documentation to decode the light indicator.

Vacuum Hose Intermittent Power.

I have a Hayden Super Vac Premier. I am unsure what type of power nozzle and hose I have. My question is that the central vacuum is intermittent. The power nozzle still functions. The power nozzle is direct connect. Is this more than likely a problem with the hose or the wall connections. I do not believe it is a problem with my vacuum as we have 2 dust collecter inlets that run continously when turned on. Is it time to update the hose and power nozzle? If so, what is your recommendation. Are power nozzles and hoses universal? One last question, is the Hayden Super Vac Premier powerful enough for a 3100 sq ft house. I have 4 inlets and 2 dust collectors. Thank you, Brandon

If there is no problem with the other dust collectors, then the issue is with the hose. This is most likely a short in the hose and you will need to replace it. For your Hayden system, you can replace with another Hayden hose or change to standard parts. Take a look at the options for standard hoses here,

Hayden Hose Cord

Rick from Bainbridge Island, WA. I have a Hayden 36 foot electric superhose. The electric power cord from a wall outlet plugs into a pigtail two prong connection on the end of the hose that plugs into the wall. One of the prongs has worked loose (broken off)from the hose. Can I get a replacement part that includes new prongs for the wall end of the hose? Thanks, Rick

You can find replacement hose cords for your Hayden hose here,

Surging, Shorting?

John from Titusville. I have a Hayden Super Vac Premeir about 5 or 6 years old. It just started surging for no appparent reason. The motor starts and sucks, then immediately shuts off and then starts again. I've tried different outlets, but get the same problem. I've checked 110 electrical and lov voltage conections and all seems to be good. Green light goes on and off with the motor stat-up or surging. Any help in trouble shooting this problem.

Most likely there is a short in the nozzle or hose. Hold everything still and with the vacuum on, twist, pull and rotate each area section and joint to see if you can find the short.

Hayden Brush Repair


For the Hayden brush, you'll need to remove the small top that covers the light first. Lightly squeeze the front and back and the clips will release. Remove the two screws beneath then pull up on the top housing of the brush. The brush roller is held in place with two screws, remove them and you can access the belt for replacment. If you have any trouble with this, feel free to give us a call and speak with our technician who can walk you through the process.

Some Inlets Not Working

I just bought a house with a Hayden 600. Some of the inlets turn on the vacuum, but do not suction. Do I need to replace the inlet? Maria, Lake Wylie

You need to test the low voltage wire behind the inlet. When the wire is touched together the vacuum should start. If it doesn't you have a larger problem. The wire is broken somewhere. If you can't find where then you may have to use our remote controller for those inlets.

Low Voltage Connection

I had a company install a replacement vacuum for my original Sears model -Hayden 6000. The installer said he had to put a toggle switch for us to turn the cannister vac on & off - incredibally annoying -up & down to basement everytime you have to turn on & off - We have wall openings for hoses that have gold metal tapes taht turned unit on & off- he said they can't be replaced - can they so be have the vac as before ?? Thank you Maureen Dugan

Strange. The ports in your walls have a small wire. That small wire connects to a main wire that ran to your old unit. This same wire is used for all central vacuums to control the suction. You should be able to hook it right into the low voltage leads on the unit and be functioning as normal. See what you can find.

How to Access Belt

How do I change the belt on Hayden model HAY202? Wayne, Petoskey, MI

Hi, to access the screws that allow you to take the nozzle apart and get the belt off you first need to lift off the top cover. The cover with the light on it comes off when you press on the sides and lift it off. Under it are two screws.

Reset Popping

The central motor/vac continues to shut off and I have to push the reset button. Runs a few minutes and shuts off again. I disconnected it from piping and does the same thing. Do I need a new motor its only 4 or 6 yrs old? Ray Landers from Byfield, MA

Hi Ray, it sounds like you need a new motor. Rarely is it the minibreaker/reset that is bad. Does the motor smell cooked? Do you see blue sparks in the motor that are wrapping around the internal shaft? Then replace the motor for sure.

Replace Hayden 7500

I need to replace my Hayden Power head 7500 and hose. Please advise me what to replace it with and where to buy it. Thanks pam

Hi, Hayden only have one power nozzle. See what it looks like here and the replacements are here as well Even it it doesn't look like that one you can replace it with any of our Electric Kits here because it is a direct replacement. The hose fits your inlets.

Intermittent Hose Function

Our Hayden hose is occasionally acts up. THe switch sometimes does not turn off the suction and or the suction /powerhead. UNLESS I wiggle the end of the hose at the handle. I think the switch may need to be eplaced, but an also cncerned about the wire connection between the handle and the hose. Any thoughts?

Hi, remove the screws that hold the handle together. You will see, inside, the rings that make the contact from the hose to the electronics. Bend the metal fingers so they have more tension. Also, if the metal rings rotate really easy then pull them off and tweak the metal connection under them so there is better friction. If that doesn't work then the wires in the hose may have a break.

Vacuum Head Not Spinning

we have two deluxe power vacuum heads for our central vac we keep one upstairs and one down stairs. The beater brush in both heads have recently stopped turning. There is suction but the bar on both does not turn. Seems odd they would both start doing this within a week or two of each other the reset button does not help. I believe we replaced the belt on one of the heads approximately two years ago. Is that what we need to do again? Thanks.

Yes, that is really strange to have happen in the same week. If you hear the motor spinning then replace the belt. If not spinning then it is not getting electricity and that can be for several reasons. You will have to trace the electrical current from the wall end of the hose all the way to the motor for find the break. Someone like an electrician can do that with instruments.

Issues with Carpet Brush

We have a Model HAY203 central vac system that has been installed about 7 years. We didn't live here full time the first 2 years, and I don't use it alot (since I find the little cordless vacs are great and easier for day-to-day cleanup). I have replaced the belt once several months ago. When cleaning yesterday, after cleaning one room, the carpet nozzle stopped. I took it apart (not a particularly easy task), cleaned out dust, hair etc. from inside cover, removed threads from the brush roller. It still only drives the brush roller a few turns with a "clacking" sound, then turns off. I have to push the reset button to try to start it again, but the same result. Any ideas? Thanks! Joanne Mensinger

Hello Joanne, that issue can be several things such as the belt or roller missing teeth. You can call us for us to service it if you'd like. We highly suggest upgrading to the Stealth Kit (Stealth head will not fit your hose) and a Quick Click hose which is really helpful because it is sectional - the base hose is 20ft and you can connect a 10ft or 15ft section as needed.

Sock Stuck in Vacuum

Question: I have a Hayden Central 3600. It's 8 years old and still going strong! Unfortunately, I vacuumed up a sock and now there is absolutely no suction from the hose. The motor is still running but there is no suction. Help!!! Marion Ottawa

Hello Marion, please test the head, hose, and piping system separately to find the sock location. If it is in the hose, all you need to do is put the hose directly to the Hayden suction unit but but the handle end in, not the wall end.

Hayden Brush Spitting Dirt

My Hayden vacuum spits out the dust and dirt when I push it forward. Why?

That usually means it is clogged in the brush itself. Turn it over and also disconnect the wands.

Changing the Belt

How do we change/replace the belt on the HAYDEN 6000 power head?

To access the two screws that take the head apart, first push the sides of the top most part of the brush inward and then lift up. This removes the headlight section on the top of the brush and reveals the screws.