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Hayden Super Hoses & Kenmore Electric Hoses Q&A

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Questions & Answers

116.40532 Compatible?

Will this hose fit my old Sears Kenmore Power Mate #116.40532?

We are not coming up with a cross reference for it, but our vast experience says yes.

116.4462281 Kenmore Hose

I need a replacemet hose for Kenmore Built-In vacuum system model # 116.4462281. It also requires a fuse. Help. Pat, Columbus OH

Hi Pat, we have a in depth web page just for Kenmore Hoses here Also click on our video page for more help. You have options and we want to help you understand them. If you have any questions please give us a call, noting our days of operation.

1164053280 Hose Replacement?

Do you have a replacement hose for Kenmore central vac model #1164053280? Sears has discontinued this part. Thanks, Dave Covington, LA

Hello Dave, we do have the replacement hose for the Sears PowerMate Central System. The hose options are here and option #2 is your direct replacement

1164053491 Hose Replacement?

I have a Sears built in model # 1164053491 corded, will this model work for me. Thanks for your help

Sorry, we are not seeing that cross referenced. Is it a built-in vacuum in the walls? Is your vacuum for the carpet attached to a 30-foot long hose and called PowerMate? If yes to both then this hose will work but you may also need this stub tube to put into the hose wall end if the vacuum wall ports are 1-1/4 , not 1-1/2 diameter.

20-4465 Hose Replacement? Accessories?

Sears-Kenmore Built-In Vac. Model# 116.4053289 Need Power- Mate,no # dusting brush, sears# 20-5264. Electric Hose(longest) # 20-4465.

Hello, you need the second hose listed on this page There are 35ft hoses there as well that you can use as a replacement. And you can use any of the accessories on the website, they all fit your system. Here is an accessory category that has dusting brushes

30ft Corded Hose that Plugs Directly into Separate Electric Wall Plug

I have a Kenmore Power-Mate 4.1 Canister vacuum, and I need to replace the Electric Hose w/direct connect 6ft. Other than pictures I looked and looked and only found items over 30ft long- Do you sell Electric Hose w/direct connect 6ft? for the ?Hayden?

Yes, and the six foot cord on the wall end is usually called a corded hose, not direct connect, though the cord does plug directly into an electrical wall socket. Here are the two hoses we have that match what you need:,342GC

Available in Complete Kit?

Is the Electric Hose OPTION 2 being sold with the brush or is it just the hose. Thank you.

Hello, yes this hose is available in a kit. It is called a Hayden, but it is from the same manufacturer that Kenmore uses. Here are the kits and parts we have. Don't forget if you suction starts when you lift the vacuum port lid then you also need this adaptor to push into the end of the hose.

Change Belt

How do you change belt, and replace handle release bar, also how can I get a manual, ours is lost. Can I get one on line

To get to the screws you have to squeeze the sides of the headlight top and pull up. Sorry, don't have a manual.

Difference Between Products with/without a cord

What is the difference between a 30ft Hayden Superhose Ivory Part#342 and Part #342C? I want to replace a Hayden SuperHose II. Ivory color, 30ft long, but I'm not sure which replacement hose to purchase. Thanks for your help!

The "C" stands for corded. The other is a direct 110 volt connection. When you plug your hose into the wall do you also have to plug a cord into a nearby electrical outlet? If so then you need a corded hose, one with a "C" in the part number.

Direct Replacement? Corded?

I have a Kenmore Central Vacuum System model 116.4053481, Power-Mate 20-44622. Is electric hose Option 2 (part 342GC) the correct replacement hose for this model. Also I do not know what is ment by "available in corded and 2-pin direct connect." Thank you. Gilbert Rodriguez

Hello Gilbert, yes option number two and the part number you give is the direct replacement for your Kenmore Central Vac. The hose is corded on the wall end. We offer direct connect for other brands that have the electrical connection at the inlet port. Those hoses do not have a C (for corded) in the part number.

Electrolux SuperHose Replacement?

Does this Hayden Superhose II work with an Electrolux Central Vacuum? The hose I'm replacing has "Electrolux" on the handle, a three-way switch (controls beater and whole vacuum), and has the following written on the handle: 125 volt, 60 hz., 3.5 amps, Hayden valves 1750 and 2050, E113782, LR 61865, Superhose II RD Canada. Thanks for your help.

Hello, that is an interesting combination but companies have and can combine items for their own packaging. It sounds like the same hose we sell, it will fit into your wall connection, just study the photograph of it to make sure it looks like your hose handle end and you will be good to go.

Hayden SuperHose II?

I need to replace a hayden superhose II. Is this the same hose? Thank you.

Yes this is the replacement hose. Find the color, length and wall connection type you need (corded or direct connect pins).

Kenmore 116 5418981C Hose?

We have a Kenmore system. Model number on the Power mate head is 116 5418981C. The hose is broken and we require a new one. The number on the hose is LR8487 Class BIH-1. Scott - Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

Hello, as long as you have a central built-in vacuum, the hose you need is this one and is found under option 2 here as well Note that you may need the reducer adapter for the 1-1/4" diameter wall valve, if you have the smaller type.

Kenmore 116.5717180 Hose Needed

I have a kenmore built-in vac system, Model No. 116.4053481. I need an electric hose that would connect to a Kenmore power head, Model No. 116.5717180. The wand on the power head has a two-prong receptacle where the hose wire plugs in. Do you have a replacement hose that will work with my system ? Robert in Silver City, New Mexico

Hi, the dark grey hose on this page is the exact replacement. Just choose the length you want and the WALL end plug-in style (cord or pins).

Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Hose

replacement hose for kenmore built-in vacuum model no. 34806 serial no. 940323162. will the 35' one fit my machine?? P.J.

Hi, yes we have the hose for your Kenmore Built-in System, though that is hard to believe after trying so hard as many have. Read the two options on this page to understand what we have for your system. Call us if you have any questions

Kenmore Electrical Hose Replacement?

I need a replacement electrical hose for the Sears/Kenmore model # 116.5716180. Please tell me which hose and/or other parts I need to make it work. I believe I have a 1.25" diameter central vac system. Traci, Mesa, AZ

Hello Traci, the best solution apart from a new Stealth Kit is to get this hose for your PowerMate Central Vacuum Nozzle. It is the adaptor and anyone of the hoses in this link,342GC,343GC,342C,343C.

Kenmore Hose 20-4465 Replacement

I have a Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Cleaner, Model No. 116.4053280 for which I need a new hose. Mine shows as a Electric hose Sears No. 20-4465 witn on & off switch. Do you have one that is compatable with my system. My name is Debbie and I live in Northampton, Pa. Thank You

Yes, we have a direct replacement for you! We also have other options. Take a look at option 2 here then option 1 and let us know if you have any questions

Kenmore Hose Replacement?

I have Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Model 116.40523 and need to replace the corded hose. Inlet is 1 1/2 inches. Is this the hose I need?

Yes, this is exactly the correct replacement as is.

Kenmore Replacements

I have an S107 34623 Kenmore Power Mate Built in Vacuum that uses standard outlet valves. The hose is shot, the nozzle is shot and the floor vacuum head with light is shot. I have ordered a catalog and am hoping that I can replace the whole shebang. I have the cord that attaches into an electrical outlet to use it. I noticed that you have lots of accessory kits. Tell me you take Visa so when the catalog comes I can order some of the accessory kits you advertise. Do you also sell the bags for the canister part. That I didn't see anywhere in the videos? Absolutely great website! Sears should be ashamed. Their sales repair people couldn't even tell me the correct names of the parts.

We do accept VISA whenever you are ready. Most of the Kenmore systems were all cyclonic, non-bag systems. We only know of one bag that Kenmore used, not that there weren't others. You can view the one we know of here, We also offer other sizes of bags, compare your existing to the dimensions in the descriptions to see if it matches yours at

Kenmore System Compatible?

We have a Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Cleaner model number 116.4053280. We are trying to locate a new electric hose for the system. Our old cracked hose if 24 feet long with a pigtail electric cord that is 9 feet long. The 9 foot electric cord is longer than we need. The metal tube that goes into the power mate is about 1.25 inches and the plastic tube that goes into wall for suction is about 1 and 1/8 inches, but looks longer than the one shown above. Can you tell me if the Hayden 30ft Electric Corded Hose part 342C will work with our system? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Yes, it will fit but you also need the adaptor to put into the wall end of the hose.,342C

LR 61865 Compatible Hose and Vacuum

I need to replace the hose/powerhead on my central vac system. The wall value is a direct connect (power and low voltage in the value). The part number on the wall unit is LR 61865. The central vac unit is a vacuflo and the original hose / powerhead is a Eureka cv1373. Steve - Stanwood

Any of the following central vacuum attachment kits will work with your wall inlets and main power unit. We recommend the electric ones for homes with wall-to-wall carpet and air ones for homes with little to no carpet.

Metal End Measurement

What is the length of the metal hose end and how far out is the clipping button lock?

The metal tube on the hose end is around 2-1/8" long and the button lock is about 3/4" on center from the plastic handle.

Power-Mate Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

Will this hose work with Power-mate Model # 116.5419083. I need a new electic hose, my present hose has an adaptor on the wall valve end now. Jack, Rainbow City, AL

Hello Jack, yes, if you have a built into the wall vacuum cleaner then this house fits the 116.5419083. Or you can buy a whole new kit. If your inlets in the walls start BEFORE you plug in the hose be sure you also get the reducer here If you don't need it then just order this hose.

PowerMate Canisters

will this work on an old powermate model #116 2645082? Thank you

Sorry the connection to the portable canister vacuum will not fit. Plus, this hose is 30ft long.

Replacement Options For LR61865 Valves?

I need to replace an electric inlet valve for my central vacuum. The spring assembly that keeps the door shut has failed (plastic piece broke off). The part number is LR61865. What is the correct replacement part for this? It looks like part Part #662HA. Is that correct? Bruce - Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

You may select from our Hayden Supervalve Square Door Inlet #662HA or our Hayden Supervalve Full Face Inlet #663HA as a suitable replacement for your LR61865 valve. Please note that both options are available in the following colors: almond, ivory, and white.

Sears - Ivory Colored? 6ft or 8ft Cord?

I need to replace the original electric hose for my Kenmore Power-Mate (model number 116.5718180) purchased about 1980. The wall outlet openings appear to be slightly bigger than 1.5 inches. The current hose has a 6 foot electric cord & is about 24 feet long. The hose handle has a two position electric switch. At the handle end, the tube button is 1.5 inches from the end and 5/8 inches from the raised plastic into which the sweeper attachment handle inserts. Which hose options replace this? Only parts 342GC and 343GC mention Sears in the name of the part. Do parts 342C & 343C fit even though Sears is not included in the part name -- is only the color different? Also, the electric cord is described as BOTH 6 feet long and 8 feet long for the same part numbers. Tom, Cincinnati

Hello Tom, thanks for your indepth research and questions. The ivory hose is the same as the gray one except for the color only. So you have the right hose in mind for the PowerMate system and it will fit into your wall ports just fine. The cord on 342 hoses is six feet long.

Sears / Kenmore Replacement?

I am looking for a replacement hose for a Sears, central vacuum, model 116.4053380. Please advise if you have one that will work.

Yes, if your carpet nozzle attachment has an electric cord on it and is called PowerMate then this is the replacement hose (be sure to buy a corded one). If your nozzle doesn't have a cord on it then you need the basic hose as described on the Kenmore help page.

Sears Kenmore 5 amp Fuse for Hose

model 116.5717180 sears power mate. i need the 5 amp fuse that goes in the ekectric cord

Hi, that fuse is no longer available. Replace it and the cord with this fused cord here It fits and works fine.

Sears Kenmore Model 116.40521 Nozzle, Hose Replacements

I see similar model numbers in these questions but not exact matches. I have a Sears Kenmore Model 116.40521 i am looking for a power head for my vacuum. My vacuum turns on when the outlet on the wall is opened, but i do not see any electrical contacts for a hose that does not need to be plugged in seperately. Do i need a corded hose? What power head options do i have. Thanks in advance for your help Henry Lievre Dix Hills, NY

Hi Henry, we are familar with your Kenmore Central Vac set up and a powered nozzle would make a huge difference. You will need a new electric vacuum kit. The hose you want in the kit is corded. When you plug the end into the wall valve you plug a 8ft pigtailed cord into a nearby electrical outlet. It is worth the effort since the vacuum nozzle will spin and groom the carpets extremely well. For a greater understanding of what is available and what you need for your model please watch some of our Kenmore videos or just give us a call. You will need the wall end adapter for the hose for the smaller diameter inlets you have. You only need one, it stays in the hose.

Sears Replacement Hose

I am searching for a hose replacement for my sears power mate. The model number is: 116 5718180. Please help me select the right hose. Thanks

For the PowerMate, you will need an electric hose. You can view your compatible options here, Be sure to measure the opening in your wall inlet. If it is 1.25" diameter, you will need to choose the option that says "for 1.25 inlets."

Tight Fit

I recently purchased the Hayden Superhose Ivory Part#342, but it barely fits the wall inlets I have installed in my house. The hose seats well enough to get an electrical connection, but since it only partially inserts, it forms a poor vacuum seal, and it easily falls out if slightly jiggled. At this point I guess I have to replace the wall inlets. Can you tell me which wall inlet (white) I need to properly mate with the Hayden Superhose Ivory Part#342?

If the vacuum hose is too tight a fit we recommend scrapping some plastic off the hose end. Between the two metal plates are two plastic ridges you an widdle down a bit. Otherwise, if you wanted to replace the inlets you would most likely use the SuperValves found here but they too are just under 1.5 inches diameter.

Upgrade to Electric

I'm looking to up grade my air flow to electric my model is kenmore and # is S 107 34220 Would this be the right hose to up grade with? Suzanne

Hello Suzanne, you have a built-in central vacuum right? You will need a hose and vacuum head to upgrade to electric. The Kenmore page has options, the Stealth Kit being the best and highest rated from customers.

VacuMaid CT14DX Hose?

We need a replacement hose for a VacuMaid and it has a CT14DX power unit. Will this be compatible? We have a power unit from Vacu Maid model CT14DX will this 343G be compatible? Our current hose is a direct connect. Will this hose, if it is compatible, switch on anf off the power brush? Thanks

Hi, if the hose handle shape looks like yours then it is a direct replacement. We have the direct connect version and the 8ft cord version. Yes, the handle has an on/off switch on it for the suction and power brush.

Wiring Right?

I decided to open the power head side of the hose. It looks to me as if the hose has been wired in correctly. Currently the white wire from the PCB goes to the powerhead, but the spring metal connector connects to the low voltage line. From what I can understand what the switch has to accomplish the black and white wires should be connected to the PCB on 110V connectors whilst the red and blue wires should be connected to the low voltage connectors. If you have an internal wiring diagram that would be most helpful if not any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hardave Sahota

Hi, here is a photo of the switch with wires in the opened handle, hope that helps!

Zenex Hose Replacement?

We have a Zenex Central Vac. system. The model number on the power unit is 950ZF, Type D. We need a new hose. Is the Hayden Superhose, Part #343 or 342, the proper replacement hose?

It may be, they used several types of hoses. If yours is wire reinforced, not crushable, then this is the replacment.