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Hayden Upper Wand Q&A

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4370473 Wand Replacement?

Part for KENMORE, Model # 1162481290 Wand and cord mount assembly Part # 4370473 Will one of the Hayden Upper Wands you sell fit my Kenmore canister vac?

Hi, yes, this will replace your wand.

5718180C Replacement?

Hi - Do you carry the upper wand for the powermate model 5718180c. the plastic on the wand is flush to the end of the wand.

We do not see a cross reference for that. The plastic on ours doesn't go past the metal top and the wand is used for many Kenmore Powermates.

747264 Replacement for Kenmore?

Harold/Ottawa, ON, Canada - do you carry the upper wand (part no. 747264) for a Kenmore Canister Vacuum cleaner, model no, 116.32817690C. thanks.

Hi Harold, yes this is the exact replacement for the part number you need.

Beam Rugmaster Plus Wand

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus vacuum head and a new electric hose, but want to know if it would be better to use the upper wand Part #406HI or simply the adaptor? Thank you.

It will depend on the style of hose you have. If the handle of the hose fits your current wand and the plug, then continue to use it. If there are issues with the handle or the vacuum head cord fitting into the wand, then you can use the 406HI.

Complete Wand for Hayden HAY203

Hi, I need a complete wand (upper and lower) and would like to know if this "Generic Upper Wand" will work with my model# Hay203! If not then please tell me which upper and lower wands would i need to buy! Thank you!!!

Hello, Hayden had a quick disconnect lower wand and a version without it. Both take different lower wands but the same upper wands. Here they are,406HS,406HL. Also available in ivory color here

Electrolux Part?

I have an electrolux central vaccuum with a model #1693 powerhead and where the wand connects onto the power hose is broken. Can you buy a replacement electric plastic sheath that goes over the upper wand? Thank you. P. Holland

Hi, usually this Electrolux Hose is proprietary. Please contact them directly for that unique part.

Fit CT14DX?

We have a vacumaid Central vacuum system with a CT14DX Head system that has a broken top wand plastic piece that looks similar but not exactly like we see in your ad. Will your universal wand fit our hose head or do you have one that will? Also considering purchase of a complete head system. Power hose system is fine and I do not want to replace it. It's plug in is two pin fram a rectangular plug with 45 degree cutouts that go through the broken plastic piece at ther top of the upper wand. Jon from Medford Oregon

Hi, you are correct that it may be different. That vacuum nozzle has been used with several different hoses. That means the connect to the wand is a little different. Please send us photos so we can if you your replacement and upgrade options. Please email cleanfreaks(at symbol)

Kenmore Replacement Wand Cord

I have a Kenmore Sears Canada serial 10403211324 model # S107 34430 with the ace power head now. The electrical connection at the top of the wand has shorted out (and burnt!) I can find the switch replacement on your site but not the lower electrical cord. ?? Hilary

The cord is part of the wand and can be found here,,406HSI

M&S with HAY202 Hayden Vacuum

Will this generic want fit the HAY202 unit from M&S Systems? Please advise. THANKS!

Hi, it does fit into the lower wand but the key is the upper part of this wand. There are several versions of it depending on the type os hose used. Take a look at the placement of the plastic at the top of this wand and compare it to yours. It very well may be a match. Thanks for asking.

Plug Shorting Out at Handle

I need an upper wand for a Model HAY200 Power head. Not sure if your generic upper will work? Mine is shorting out, at the plug. Thanks for your help. Vicki S. Prescott Arizona

Hello Vicki, sounds like you need an new electric connection not a new upper wand. For your Hayden you'd need a new lower wand with the cord attached and a new hose handle female connection. They are all here,406HSI,342FR

Stealth Upper Wand Replacement?

I have a Lindhaus Stealth central vac Model PB 14 electronic. The plastic on the upper portion of the wand has broken and I guess I need to replace the entire upper wand. I notice there are two models of Hayden upper wands is either of them compatible with my Stealth model? If so which model is the right one? Thanks, Doug

Actually, you need this upper wand or the complete telescopic wand which replaces both top and bottom wands,406ST

SuperVac Compatible?

I have a hose for a Hayden Supervac 6000. Is this part compatible with that hose? Thanks Bob Mountainside, NJ

Yes, all our Hayden goods are compatible with your Hayden hose.

Upper Wand For CT20 Brush

This doesn't look the same as the one I have. Im looking to replace my model # S107 34430 Kenmore wand that has had electrical shorting problems. I will also be ordering 352GS to replace the switch in the handle that looks like your Electric Vacuum Hose OPTION 1 for Kenmore Central Vacuums. which wand with cord do I need to join this handle and an ace powerhead?


You can use the standard upper wand found here,

VM454 Upper Wand?

I have an Air Vac Central Cleaning System with an M&S Power Head model # is VM454. The Upper Wand has a plastic piece which is rivited to the metal wand. This piece of plastic has cracked and I would like to replace the upper wand. Can you tell me if the models you show on your web site will fit my model. The picture you show looks alot like what I have. Thanks Sharon, Collinsville, Illinois

Sharon, it may be the right one. The hole is square for the cord and the cord end is not flared but a straight rectangle. Take another look at the photo by clicking on it from here

Wand Parts Available?

I am needing parts for my Kenmore model #116-26212604 including this wand unit. I also need (I think) part numbers 8191628 (release) and KS725419 (lock spring) to go with this wand unit. Do you carry replacements that will work for those too? Djuna from Taos

We don't sell parts to the wands but our replacement wands and vacuum nozzles are usually all you need. We also have the hoses, but not all the parts for them since they are all not available.

Which Hayden Wand do I Need?

I ordered this part and it was the wrong one. What part of the wand am I supposed to measure? Please let me know so that I can send this back and reorder the correct part. And I also don't see that there is any difference in the two styles offered. Thanks Louise Bernard

There are three wands associated with Hayden/Kenmore/Panasonic. Usually a visual check will help you know which one. Please take a look at these three.