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Power Head for Newer Style Plush Carpeting

We have had new carpet installed and our Hayden Supervac 3600 power head seems to get bogged down. (I have to open the air to push the power head through the thicker pile) I was told that the new carpeting is denser and some vacuums need new power heads to clean efficiently. Any recommendations? Barb Sechelt BC

First ensure that your new carpeting is approved by the manufacturer to have carpet tools with roller bars to clean and maintain it. Some types of carpet will void any warranty if these types of cleaning tools are used on it. We offer a "Soft Clean" Power Head that offers an additional bleeder valve type functionality, but it wouldn't be a huge improvement from your current situation. If you would like additional information on the "Soft Clean" Power Head, please let us know and we would be happy to provide you this information via email.

Hayden CT-14 Issues and Parts

Hi. I have a Hayden ct 14. The overload protector switch was tripped and won't reset. The power brush sounds as if it wants to start and then quits. I checked and the belt is not broken. How do I fix this? I'd appreciate any help you can offer. When is your next sale just in case I need new equipment? Many thanks, Chris (Chicago)

It sounds like the motor is dead. Motors may run for a bit but stop when they are at the end of their life. We have the motor here and a new replacement head,480

Motor Head Shorting Out

Beater head motor goes off and on. It is a new hose & a new Hayden head. The suction continues but the motor on the head stops

With the motor head running hold everything still. Play with each connection, wiggling, twisting, and pulling to see where it is shorting, even the switch on the handle and the hose going into the handle. Once we know where the short is we can get that resolved for you or with you quickly.

Hayden Too Loud

Hi, I have a Hayden Supervac 6000 and its about 8 years old. Its mounted in our garage and never pay a lot attention to it. Recently while visiting a friends home they needed to use their central vac. I noticed it was much quieter than my Hayden. I figured it's probably just getting old. While looking on line for a replacement, I notice all Hayden systems create about a 84dB noise level, while most other manufacturers have better suction & only 55dB. Why are Hayden systems so loud?

The Hayden is based on a older style configuration and has never really been updated. We suggest replacing it with one of the quiet vacuum units, particularly the FloMaster C650. You get more power and much less noise.

Cycling On and Off

I have a Hayden Super Vac 6000 the motor is cycling on and off continuously not letting the motor come to full power the light at the motor blinks green and at the wand a red light blinks. I hard wired across the low voltage connectors green light blinks but motor will not come on. The unit is 10 years old and was working fine with good vacuum until today when the problem started I cleaned out the unit first it was clogged up pretty well but cleaned now. Also there has always seem to be a problem at the wand handle the on and off switch having trouble bring the motor on it seems that we would have to shake or smack the side of the handle to turn it on but not always mostly it worked fine. Motor or circuit ??? Dave Mahala

This is most always the need for a new circuit board. If it was the motor it was 100% work and 100% not work intermittently. You don't need the lights on the board as they don't really tell you anything. We recommend this robust replacement board

Airstream SF467A Motor

Welcome back from your dustfree holiday. We weren't quite so lucky - our central vacuum died. The motor puts on a light show, emits a strong burning smell, then the breaker opens. I need a cross reference for the motor: my vacuum is an Airstream model SF467A, made by FCE Manufacturing.

AirStream was bought by Hayden (all Canadian) and so one of the motors you see here will match your motor. Use the description and photo to match it.

Blinking Red Green Amber

the light on the main supervac unit flashes alternating red green amber

The lights are "idiot" lights and have nothing to do with any real issue in the vacuum. They simply turn on after so many hours. Unplug the unit and plug it back in and then turn the on/off switch on the tank on and off seven times. That should reset it.

Unit Will Not Turn Off Or On With The Hose

I have a hayden central vac. The hose will not turn the unit off or on.I have to go to the cannister to turn the unit on and off... how can I fix this.

Try your hose with all the inlets in your home. If only one, or only some, are not working with the hose, then there may be a short in the wiring inside the wall. If the hose does not work at any inlet, it's most likely a hose. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the problem at

Hayden Hose LED Light

Hi I have a superpack II and the light on the handle is sometimes green and on different plugs it is red but works fine on both?? Patrick Gastineau

Contact Hayden at for information on the light meanings.

Clogged Hose

I have a Hayden Central Vacuum System that came installed in the house when we purchased about 10 years ago. Worked like a dream until now. I think something is clogged in the hose, low suction, motor sounds like it's laboring. How would I go about checking and fixing this, and if it's not a clogged hose, what would be my next course of action? Thanks, Faye, Birlington, Ontario

Try taking a pole of some type, with the ends taped to cover any edges, and push down the hose. This can loosen any clog and allow it to be removed. You can also connect the two small metal bumps inside the wall inlet to activate the suction. If it is low there, the clog is in the line and will need a vacuum repairman to clear it.

Hayden Premier Intermittent Power

I have a Hayden Premier Central Vacuum and the unit will turn on and run great for about 5 mins and then shut off. The unit will then continue to flutter going back on to working and off completely. I have had the unit replaced via the manufaturer once already for this issue. My unit is less than a year old. What is happening? Any help much appreciated!

Your unit could be running with a restricted airflow that is increasing the heat and tripping the safety. Check the filters for any buildup. With your unit less than a year old, it should still be covered under warranty.

Repeat Board Failures

hi, I have a Hayden Supervac bought and installed in 2006, it has been working fine until a year ago, with in the last year I have had to replace the circuit board 4 times ! I have had an electrician check all the wires, breakers and everything else in the house and he states there is absolutely no problems= not sure what to do ? is this just a defective unit, should I just buy a new one ? is this a common problem ?

Is it the board in the main dirt tank? Are you sure it is not an aging motor causing the failure of the board? If you have not replaced the motor, that should be the next move. If it is the carpet brush that is failing then there is a short in the electric cord or hose that is shorting the board in the brush.

Turning On By Itself

I have had a Hayden Supervac Premiere model for 10 years in our home. Recently, it has started to turn ON randomly i.e. no vacuum in sight, no hoses plugged in. It then continues to go on/off unless I turn off the central unit. Any ideas on where I can look for the issue? Thanks. Varinder, Calgary AB

Unplug the low voltage wire from the main unit and see if that continues. If so replace the circuit board. If not then you have a short in the home somewhere. Remove each inlet and reinstall. If not fixed consider bypassing the low voltage wires with this remote

Pine Needle Clog?

I have a Hayden SuperVac 6000+ 10 years old. I understand the basics very well. Recently my wife vacuumed pine needles after we removed the xmas tree (ill-advised per the manual). Now the motor reduces power 1-2 seconds after startup. I'm thinking this is a fail-safe to keep from burning out the motor if there is a clog. The pipe used for the needles is a straight shot to the unit so I ran a spring snake down it and it does not seem clogged. It is not the hose. The next step is to disconnect the unit at the intake but that will be a pain due to the location. Do you think we ruined the motor?

It is not the motor. It is a clog. The motor has a filter and the needles can't penetrate it or clog it. Are you sure the hose is not clogged, or the extension pipes? Also, you do need to check the pipes where they come close and into the unit. One of the places a clog happens is right at the unit connection.

Hayden Supervac Will Not Stay On

My Hayden SuperVac also cycles on and off without fully starting up. I removed the low voltage connectors from the main unit and then shorted accross the two contacts and it still cycles on and off. To me this implies the problem is with teh unit itself as it has been completely isolated from teh house wiring. On rare occasions if left to cycle for a long period it may start up. It seems to start up once there is a certain amount of negative pressure within the system. Is this a control board issue, or perhaps is there sensor installed to prevent the system from operating without the cannistor in place that is malfunctioning.

This would be a problem with the relay on the circuit board going bad. You'll need to replace the board before the issue damages the motors.

SuperValve PVC Fitting Direction Options

Installing new Hayden outlet. When installed upstairs pipe was under outlet and worked very well. now I am replacing old outlet in basement and pipe is now downward towards outlet. My question is when outlet is installed as upstairs it is now upside down as well as the cover, meaning hose is also upside down. The outlet is designed for 90 degree elbow to go one way, as compartment above houses electrical wires. Is this how the outlet was designed? Ron

You can unscrew the backing plate from the back end of the backing plate and put it back on 180 degrees. Now you can install on the other stud in the stud bay and have the angle you want from the tight ninety.

Cycling On and Off, Not Dead

Hi, we have Hayden Supervac premier that is about 7 years old. The motor cycles on and off cycling and never completely goes on. The work around was to pull up on the hose at the wall socket which seemed to make it run. However, this is not working anymore.

Does the carpet brush cycle or the main suction unit in the garage or basement? If the vacuum head is the issue then you have a short most likely in the plug at the wall end of the hose (replaceable If the vacuum main unit doesn't turn on then use this guide

Relay Replacement for Carpet Brush

I need to replace the overload/reset button switch. Info on switch is: MelRain Littelfuse 742332 11-200000-04 Hold 2.0.A 125 VDC/AC 60HZ 834-9210. I do not want to replace the motor. Where can I find this part? Kathleen from Shoreview


Search the internet for Kenmore or Panasonic 742332. That is the same part you are looking for. The vacuum is made by one company but sold under many brand names so that is why it is the same part. Remember to visit us for a complete replacement brush or swap out for the CT20 upgrade. It is the next generation of the same brush and available here,480.

Lights, No Suction

My Hayden 6000 would not turn on and had a flashing green light. I emptied the canister and cleaned the filter, plugged it back in and it is now flashing green - red - amber alternating and still won't work. Any ideas? Pete

Please give us a call for help on this.

Hayden 6000 Board?

Do you have a replacemnt board for a hayden 6000

We have a generic board made by the same component manufacturer. That is our part #235S. The "idiot" light on the unit is really no necessary so many customers simply use this generic board to save money. You may have a little retrofitting to do using this board. Print out the large photo of the board for wiring instructions.

AirStream Motor?

Airstream Built-in Central Cleaning system. Model SF465A Just wondering if a replacement motor is available for this vacuum? Thank you! Bernita

Bernita, thank you for your question. Air-Stream was sold to Hayden decades ago. The motors in the Hayden are the motors in AirStream. Please see the motors here and take a look at their details and photos to compare to your motor. It will be easy to spot the right one. The colored plastic on either side of some motors may be a different color now so don't mind that.

6000 Model Not Turning On

Hayden 6000 not turning on Our Hayden 6000 is not turning on. Unit light is green. Handle light glows dimly when turned on. My husband measures 3 volts coming into the handle. Is there a fuse in the Hayden 6000 or something else which needs to be reset? Thank you, Patty Pearland, TX

There is a minibreaker at the unit that may have popped out. Check it or start with this guide to find the issue

240 Volt Motor for Hayden 3600?

Hi! I have a Supervac 3600 with broken motor. Its a 3600 Eur 240 volt frequency 50-60. Where can i find a new motor? Best regards Michael

Michael, we have the new motor for your vacuum here,207X. Please visually check the top shape of the motor to see which motor is your vacuum.

Vac Not Turning On

I have a Hayden Central vac 6000, about 5 years old. I rock the 3 way switch either way a get a very weak red light and the vac does not turn on. I plugged the hose into 3 separate outlets and get the same symptoms. I have check the voltage all the way to the switch and have 120VAC. I have emptied and cleaned the filter. I have also checked the breaker to unit.

Hi, do you hear a click at the unit when activating the switch? Please use this guide to find the issue and solution

Green Light on Hayden

questions about Hayden super vac green light flashing unit after replacing filter and cleaning out the cannister

Hi, you can ignore the light. It is an "idiot" light that goes off after so many hours. You should regularly dump your debris bucket about 4 times a year or more and then clean off the pleated filter twice a year. After 400 or 500 hours of use you can have the motor brushes checked. Sometimes you can reset the green light by unplugging the unit or pressing the button there seven times.

Low Suction from Hose

I have a Hayden Deluxe Superpack that is about two years old. The house came with this package, but the owners installed a Dirt Devil 1099e as the central unit. There has been little suction from the hose. I have cleaned the canister and filter, but the problem still exist with the hose. What could be causing this problem, and what are possible solutions?

Hi, you need to run a couple tests to find the exact issue. Use the step-by-step guide here Let us know if you need any more help.

Hayden Unit Starting Delay

We have a Hayden Tallboy Supervac Premier. Installed 2005. The main unit will not turn on right away. Delayed from several seconds to a few minutes. When it is on it runs just fine. It does not matter what outlet we use. I have checked the connections and switches and they all seem to be just fine. What is the problem? I went thru your trouble chart and there is nothing that applies. If it is the "PC Board" do you have a replacement? Is it covered under warranty?

Hi, we suggest replacing the circuit board which will bypass the unneeded idiot lights on the unit. You can use this new board,236S (110 and 220 volt - choose one). Hayden was recently sold to Canplas (all in Canada). We can get you their phone number but our experience is poor for support on the units. Sorry.

Blinking Green

Recently bought a home that has Hayden Supervac 3600 installed 1) green light on vacuum housing was blinking so I emptied canister and cleaned filter but light still blinks. Does/How can it be reset to solid green? 2) Where can I get an instruction manual? Thanks, Dave, Rockland County, NY

Hi Dave, unplug the unit from the wall and plug it back in. If that doesn't do it then call us. But the light on the unit can be ignored without any issues, it is based on hours of usage when in fact it needs to based on how full it is.

No Suction

I have a Hayden vac model 6000. I am getting low voltage and high voltage at the outlets but when i plug in the hose it will not turn on the unit or have anything happen I looked at your trouble shooting reference it seems like the brushes are the only thing that could be bad. any suggestions? sarkis, san jose ca.

Hello, if you are not getting suction, does the unit turn on at the unit? Do you here a click? If so then you need a new motor, or maybe new motor brushes.

Shuts On and Off

Ed from Vero Beach, Florida. I have a Hayden 3600 that is 4 years old. The unit has always worked fine. Today, the unit started to run but immediately turned off. This on and off again continues. When the on switch is turned on the unit starts strong but then shuts down immediately. The unit has a green light.

Hello Ed, this is the sign the motor is going bad and needs to be replaced. We have the motor and instructions here:

Changed Filter, Lost Suction

I removed my filter from my Hayden Central Vac and cleaned and put back in. Now I have no suction. I am not sure if I lost any pieces when I removed filter. There was a handle to turn counter clockwise to take completely off, then filter comes down. Is there any other O-rings, ets.. pieces missing except for the nut that comes off and the filter itself? Marty

Hello Marty, you probably installed the filter upside down. The open part goes on top and closed end goes on the bottom.

Terrible Motor Sound

We bought out Hayden Preimier in 2000. The suction and everything else seems to be working fine but the motor recently is extremely loud. It makes a loud whining almost piercing sound. The cannister is in the garage and when my wife is vacuuming the sound is unbearable while I am in the garage. What could be the problem? Steve Winnipeg

Hello Steve, that is sign that motor is on its way out or has material in it that is putting it off balance maybe. We recommend using until it until it dies. Also, we have wonderful prices and shipping to Canada for the motors!

Reset Button Popping

I have a Hayden Central vacuum, the suction and sound are fine but the unit keeps switching off intermittently. The unit comes back on if the black reset button is pressed on the side of the unit. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Dinesh

Hello Dinesh, that is a common sign of the motor needing to be replaced. That is something a homeowner can do. Look here for the motor and instructions

Low Suction Power

Just purchased house, built 5 years ago, Haydon 6000 CV installed at that time. The green light beams brightly and the system sounds healthy when powered, I'm just underwhelmed by the suction power. This is my first time with a CV, are they just kind of "soft" on the suction compared to my Miele cannister?

Hello, you should be a bit more impressed. To test the Hayden in it's raw power do this. Remove bucket on bottom and remove filter and reattach the bucket. Disconnect the PVC pipe that leads to the pipe work in your home. Manually turn the vacuum on and then feel the power at that PVC connection. That is what your power should feel like. Now connect your hose to that connection to see if your hose is clogged. Let us know what you find.

New to Central Vacuums.

We just purchased a 10 year old home with the Hayden central vac system and don't know much about it yet. The hoses are definitely need to be replaced and possibly more than that. what is the best way for us to evaluate what we need and how to make the most of this system? We live in Tulsa, OK - is there anyone here who sells Hayden products who could help us? Our house is probably half wood and tile and half carpet. Thank you for your help. Mary Teague

Hello Mary and congratulations on the home and central vac! We don't have a representative in your area at this time and we do understand the desire to get your hands on the product. Hopefully our website and testimonials can help you make a great decistion. With your floors we recommend an electric attachment kit. The Stealth II and Stealth I are the best selling and are completely compatible with your Hayden. We also sell Hayden hose and kit but are the same sets Hayden sold since the 80s. Things have progressed and have become better. Then we have the BlackHawk Kit which is entry level electric. Scroll to the bottom of this page for an overview and call us toll free if you have more questions. There is a 30 day obligation test drive on all our products.

Hayden Filter Clogging with Dog Hair

Hello, I put in a Hayden central vac system when I built my house 3,500sqft 3 years ago. The Hayden was a piece of garbage - been in for warranty work 3x, and just now burnt out completely. The problem I think is the filter and lots of dog hair. We have two big dogs, cleaned out the filter every other usage (real pain), but the motor still ate lots of hair. I want a system with no chance of hair getting to the motor, and something that lasts for many years. Cyclonic with seperate motor, paper filters? I do not want to have to clean it out so much, and have plenty of lift. Suggestions? Rod

Hello Rod, yes, that is a problem and we have the perfect solution. It is not a cyclonic. We have seen hair caked in the motor of cyclonics. The solution is a disposable bag system. In fact my golden has so much hair we vacuum several times a week but only have to change the bag every 3 months - $12 total - (holds nearly 12 gallons too) and there is never any hair that gets through. The suction is as good with a full bag and an empty one. The solution is the powerful and quiet Silentmaster S2 or S4. It is available through dealers. Here is the link It will fit into and work with your existing system. Also, if you haven't heard about it, the Stealth Kit is the best for pet hair! I have never had to cut hair out of my roller brush and it gets all the hair in one pass. Unbelievable, and you have to try it. All our products have a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

New Vacuum, New LOUD Noise

I have a Hayden 9000 premier unit mounted in my storage room. Brand new. The first week or so it was relatively quiet but now it has developed a very loud whine when running. It is very loud!!! Lights are good, suction is good, filter is clean, etc. Any ideas? Thanks Rod, Blairsville, GA

Hello Rod, sounds like you need to send the unit or just the motor back for warranty replacement. There's only one moving part in the vacuum and that's the motor. The noise doesn't sound like air moving, right? Then send it back to where you purchased it, or contact us for Hayden's phone number in Canada.

Red / Green Light on Hayden

I have a hayden superpack deluxe attachment kit. The upper wand when turned on lights red and used to show a green light. Should I be concerned? The vac appears to work.

If everything is working fine, then don't worry. Be sure you always clean your filter every couple months and you are good to go.

Blinking Lights

I have a Hayden Supervac 6000+ which is about 8 years old.There is a flashing redlight alternating with a flashing green light. The filter is clean and the dust catcher is empty. What should i do? Charline Husted.

You can ignore the lights. They are timed to go on based on hours of usage. If the machine turns off and will not start, that may also be the same issue.

Very Low Suction

System is Hayden Central vacuum 6000, about five years old. The motor runs, but we get very little suction from the vacuum. The hoses are clear. Filter is clean. The motor exhaust is very strong. There is no evidence that the filter on the bottom rotates but I don't know if it should. Any ideas what could be causing low air flow into the system?

Filter shouldn't rotate. Take the pipe from the home off the canister. Turn the canister on and see if you have good suction at that orifice. If so, connect your vacuum hose to it to see if the hose is clogged or has any holes.