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TurboCat Belt Options

Looking for belts for my turbocat floor head

We carry replacement belts for both the Original TurboCat and the TurboCat Zoom. You may view both options by clicking of the following link: Belt Option #45519 and #45615.

Yellow Light

The yellow light on my Honeywell H750 came on so I emptied the basket and cleaned the filter. The light is still on. How do I reset the light? Thank you. Paul from Sanford, NC

Please try to flip the vacuum tank's on/off switch 10 times. Also unplug the electrical cord and plug it back in. The yellow light is only coming on based on hours of use and will not affect the vacuum in any way.

HEPA Removal in H703A

Is the removal and cleaning of the HEPA filter in an H703A similar to what you described above with the H902? William, Middletown, NY

Yes, if the bag is cloth and center-weighted then you use the same technique to remove it. Grap up on the side of the cloth and pull straight in with strength. The outer rim flexes in and and the clother filter and rim fall out.

Remove Center Weighted Cloth Filter

Hans, Miami: How can I take out the cloth bag from the Honeywell H902 and shake it out or wash it?

To remove the filter grap up on one a side of the cloth and pull directly inward. The stiff outer rim will flex in and the filter will drop out.

Circuit Board Needed

model h703a. unit was hit by lightning and unit started running ....would not shut off at switch. Looks like curcuit board may be damaged. where can I purchase replacement electrical part?? Please advise. jerry caldwell covington ga.

The unit was made by Electrolux whose main CVAC brand is Beam. You can reach them for help or you can do what many have done and order the generic replacement (made by same supplier for Electrolux), save money, and make it work. It is available here

Hose Cleaning

What should I clean the electrical contacts in my honeywell vacuum switchhandle with? The unit stopped working (wouldn't turn on) - I disassembled the handle and cleaned a little bit of dust out, and that seemed to fix it but only for a couple of days. I noticed some grease on the contact rings - what kind is that? Thanks in advance for any info you can share on this. Jay in Carnation WA

The grease is special grease for the hose that is conductive, have a dealer apply more. If too much is applied, the contacts can connected directly and may short your hose. Use standard cleaner for electrical components such as rubbing alcohol.