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S8093 Power Head Replacement

We just bought a home with Hoover vacuum system, but need to replace the electric power head, since the belt slips off every time we use it. Could you please tell me what item would work in place of the S8093?

Most likely the generic Eureka power head will fit and work great. Take a look https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=482 It is sold under many different names and was often used by other large brands.

S5684 Hoover Replacement

I have a S5684 hoover central vac system. I need a new power head. Do you have one that is compatible? Thanks!

We are sure we have something for you but don't have a cross reference for that head. Please reply with a photo of the nozzle and we can get started on this for you. Thank you.

S5613 GIII Central Vac Filter and Parts

H. Severson, Volcano, CA Have Central Hoover Vac S5613 Power Head and GIII Vac Container. Need replacement filter, belt and new power head. What is the Head replacement model # and Filter and belt replacement numbers?

Hoover has stopped supporting a lot of their central vacuum units. The round pleated filter is not available and no others fit it. Thankfully the pipe and wall inlets are all standard so you can use any brand of unit and any brand of hose and power head. If you send us a photo of the power head, wand, and hose we will let you know which ones will work with your hose.

Hoover Kit S5703 Replacement

I have a Hoover Centra Vac Model S5673 built-in with the S5703 accessory kit. My Quadraflex powermatic Bare floor and carpet Power Head finally gave out. What do you recommend for a replacement? Gerry Fudge Middleton NS Canada

That is a unique vacuum connection compared to what is available now. It is like the Electrolux style but may not be the same these days. The only thing we can offer you is a complete new hose and tool set. New complete kits fit your wall valves and work with your system. See them all here https://builtinvacuum.com/help/hoover/kits.html. Let us know if you need help.

Muffler for Sound, Using as Garage Vac

I was given a new Hoover G III whole house vacuum about 20 years ago. We never had it installed. We have moved and I want to use it in the garage. I see that there is a large hole on one side, where it is supposed to attach to the whole house pipes/plumbing. Is there a cap or piece available to block that hole so I can use it as a wall mounted vacuum? Also, is there a way to dampen or muffle the exhaust sound?

There should be a way to cover the intake. Typically a central vacuum fitting and pipe attach to it and they go into the home. In your case you want that opening covered. If the opening is 2 inch outer diameter then you can use the pipe cap. Regarding the sound there is a muffler that often cuts down the noise. Both products are here builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=260,514

Hoover S5569 Filter Bag

I have a Hoover S5569 Gen111 central vacuum and need a replacement filter. What is the replacement filter number?

Currently Hoover is not producing the filter bags for the S5569 and we do not stock them. You can try local vacuum shops to inquire about a replacment that may be in stock with them. You may need to consider replacing the vacuum with a modern one. We offer a large range of sizes and power levels, all with a filter bags that will never go out of production. Units MD Manufacturing produced in 1961 still have bags and motors available! Take a look at our selection here, https://builtinvacuum.com/products.html

Vacuum Running, But No Suction

We just bought a house that has a Hoover 400 Airpower Central Cleaning System. When we plug the hose into any of the receptacles the vacuum turns on but there is no suction. The house was built in 1979 and it was most likely installed then. It was last cleaned in 2006 but the canister is empty. Any suggestions? Thanks, Frank Boston,MA

If the power unit is turning on but there is no airflow, then you have a clog. Contact your local dealer for repair at https://builtinvacuum.com/dealers.html

Hose Genie Parts?

I installed a Hose Magic retractable unit by Hoover. Any chance you can make or have a new hose for it. If yes I need about 60'. Thanks Steve

The Hose Magic Genie is a self contained vacuum system that has the longest electric hose available. There is not another electric hose that long. We don't sell parts or replacements for it but you can find someone else online. Thanks for asking.

Hose for QuadraFlex

We just moved to a house with a hoover central vac... but it has no hose! The beater bar part is called quadraflex powermatic and we have an electroflux accessory kit. What hose should we get? I was looking at the Low voltage because it looks like it would fit into out wall outlet (with the 2 dots) but the fitting is different, it has a smooth handle and a little metal piece that sticks out that seems to need a clasp that will go over it (or it can go through)to secure it... I didn't think this was a button lock, but the friction fit doesn't seem right either... Any ideas?

Usually it takes an Electrolux style hose. See them here https://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/hoses.html.

Hoover Replacement Hose

I have an S5673 Hoover central vacuum. I need a replacement hose. Can you make a recommendation please? My tools slip inside of the hose end. The other end of the hose fits into a wall opening, and the vacuum is activated by that contact.

You have the proprietary hose that was sold under a couple names includes Electrolux. See if one of these hoses are what you need. https://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/hoses.html

Replacement Kit Recommendations

I have a Hoover Central Vac system and the hose is bent and kinked so I need a new one and the power head attachment broke within 2 years so I had been using the one from my old canister vac and that also broke recently so I basically need everything new except the canister that is in the basement. What would you recommend for the central vac S5673?

The electric kits listed here are completely compatible with your Hoover System. The first recommendation is the Stealth Kit. The vacuum head is really second to none in quality. Next is the Ace, an all around good buy and good work horse. Last, the BlackHawk, if your budget is the main concern. Please check them out here in our comparison chart. https://builtinvacuum.com/comparison.html

Hose Needed

I have a Hoover 550 central vacuum system, and are looking for a hose replacement. Would you be able to tell me which ones are compatible with that system? Thank you.

The hoses used in Hoover installations depended on what the dealer or installer what to include. The options are many. The best thing to do is call us when you are with the hose and tools so we can ask the questions that reveal the hose you have. We look forward to your call.

Hoover Electric Power Brush?

Beth, Westland MI. I have a Hoover central vac system. Does Hoover make an electric power head? Thanks.

Hi, yes, they do and we offer electric brushes and hoses as well that work perfectly with Hoover, in fact the same manufacturer makes the hose. The Stealth original and II head is made in Italy and is the best quality you can find. We suggest our products which will cost around the same and be more effective.

Replace Extention Wand

Hoover Central Vac S5620 - I need to replace the extention wand (Telescopic which attaches to the floor brush) and was wondering 1)If you have a metal one to replace the PVC one and 2) if available which part # it is so that I can order it. Thanks, Cielo Beltran

Hi Cielo, please take a look at the enlarged photo of this wand here https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406T. Notice that it is made to go OVER the stub tube hose handle connection but INTO the floor brush neck.

Replace PowerMatic Vacuum Brush?

I need to replace the Powermatic electric power brush. Will the BlackHawk fit the wand that I was using with Powermatic? How long is the power cord that you are supplying with the BlackHawk? It is 4.5' in Powermatic and this is what I will need to use the BlackHawk. Best Rgds Konstanty Auburn, NY.

Yes, you can replace the PowerMatic if you also use TWO new extension wand tubes #406SL. Then your hose handle with the metal end and nipple lock will attach and the 38 BlackHawk cord pins will fit into the hoses's female receptacle. If you need another 6-inches then use the #480AC. All the parts are here: https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=466,406SL,480AC. Remember you can always get a new complete hose and tool kit and get more suction with a new technology! The kit works with your existing system as is.

Hoover Quadratic Powermatic Replacement

I currently have a brand new Hoover Quadratic Powermatic Power nozzle for my Beam system, but I know that the power nozzle itself is outdated but it still does a decent job, anyway I was wondering what power nozzle would be the best replacement for it?

Hello, the cord coming from the power nozzle ends in two pins, right? You have to manually plug those into your hose after putting the hose into the metal tube right? Then our Stealth or Blackhawk will work. Call us for more clarification.

Accessory Clips Keep Breaking

Can I replace the plastic wands with the metal ones? The little plastic things used to lock the tools and wands together keep breaking off when someone uses my system and I have two sets, one for downstairs, one for upstairs. Naturally, they hide the tools and wands so I don't know about it until either my husband or I take it out to use.

The Hoover locking system is proprietary and not industry standard. Our wands will not work with it. The vacuum ports in your walls are standard though so we highly recommend replacing all your hose and tools with a new tool set such as the Stealth Kit. www.builtinvacuum.com/stealth-kit/. Otherwise please try hoover.com for more replacement wands.

Better Suction Head

I've got a Generation III model S5639. It's power head was replaced about 4 years ago with a Hoover Powermax (2.2 Amp) powerhead. This powerhead sucks. The original one worked way better. Unfortunately, I did not keep the old unit and gave it to Hoover. Now I wished that I kept the old unit and had it repaired. Any suggestions for a replacement head or retreiving the original equipment powerhead?

We suggest buying the Lindhaus vacuum head for central vacuums. Call around in Canada for it. In the States it is called the Stealth.

Hoover 400 Motor

Good morning, I have a Hoover 400 Airpower Cental Vac system 1984 and need a new motor and fan. The repair man lost the old motor so I do not have #s off it. However I do know it was 120 Volts at 9.0 amp about 5" dia and 6.5" tall. What motor do you recommend. It looks like your 119413 PART# 202G will work, do I need some thing more.? I am pretty handy and can modify mounts so that is not a problem... Help please.

That motor is not strong enough. I think the motor you need had an exhaust horn on it as well. Take a look at 116472. It may be the one you need.

Hoover Filter and Attachment Set

I have a Hoover CEMP1001 system installed and I need the a replacement filter cartridge and I don't seem to find it in your store. Can you tell me if you have one that may fit? I also need a new hose and accessories, does any brand would work with my system? Thanks

Yes, any system will fit. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Unless your inlets say 110 volt you will need the 'corded' kit. Does our Hoover filter match the size that you need? Check it out here.

Hoover S5567-011 Motor

I have a Hoover model #S5567-011 installed in 1994. Will the 116765 motor work as a replacement motor? From the picture it looks almost identical to the old motor.

Yes, if the height and width are the same then this is your motor.

Hoover Generation III S5571 Motor

I have a Hoover Generation III Central Vac system Model S5571. Nobody seems to have that model listed. I need a new motor and the old one does not have a model number on it. From pictures I have seen, the 6765 seems to be very similar. Can you tell me for sure if this is the motor I need?

You are right we don't have a direct cross reference. Good news is it has an Ametek motor and it can only be one of them based on size, height, voltage and if it has an exhaust horn. Match those and you have your motor. It can very well be the 116765.